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The Good The Bad The Maybe

Welcome to the Good the Bad and the Maybe. becuase I am bored this week I decideed to make a list starting this week that will continue every so often. will be a list of what gaming and other companies can do, not do and maybe get away with. So this week on the Good the Bad and the Maybe I will cover DLC. Now one of the things that is contraveral in gaming is dlc. this is how I feel about what compainies can charge for and not.

The Good

Story based dlc: Harley Quinns Revenge, Cididal


Now I feel that this type of DLC is ok for compainies to charge us gamers because it usually involves vioce acting, sometimes new maps, and every now and again they have to make new character models. And that requires alot of work. Hours, weeks, and sometimes months go by just to make one story based dlc. So I feel that if any dlc is worth a price tag it would be the story based dlc.


New Characters: Nightwing, Dampierre, Matian Manhunter

Now this one fallows very close to the stroy based dlc it takes alot of time to program the a characters attacks, costumes, and sometimes hire a man to do the voice of the new character. Even in the case of Nightwing from Arkham City they had a voice actor for him and Nightwing doesn't even talk in the game.


The Bad

Now I feel that these dlc that companies have no real right to charge for these dlc

Skins: Halo 4 champions bundle (steel pack, and Infinity Armer Set)

The biggest offenders of this are the FPS shooters. Now it doesn't take a long time to make skins for already made characters and guns. I have a basic mode, it's basic but I can mod my computer shooters with different gun skins in under 30 min. If I was an employe I haven't even earned a hours pay yet. And the fact is this in FPS you never se yourself. it is to waste money on something you never even see, to me anyway its like paying money for air. Now its ok to use skins that are provided with the game put to pay extra for skins just doesn't make any sense.


The Maybe: Ops 2 Vengeance, Crimsion


These are related to the characters, now it about the same as characters it take time to make maps that look both good and funtion. But a game that has multi player should have a decent number of maps to play on. and that is where the maybe comes in there are four factors that for me ultimatly decide if a map is worth the price. 1.Number of maps built in game. to me it is a ripe off to put about 3 or 4 maps into a game and then expect others to pay just to make the map choices decent (for me its about 6). 2. map size - not a real problem but I don't want to pay for a map that can only hold about 6 people. 3. Price - Now this one anyone can get behind, if it cost to much for a map then I don't get it. 4. Features- now does the map come with bonuse things, for example halo 4 crimsion comes with new playlist. If the map comes with bonuses then I will definatly usually get them.


Well that is all untill I can come up with another TheGood,TheBad,TheMaybe

Wii U preditions

A thought since it is coming out soon I would give my opinion on the Wii U system. Just remember this is an opinion so don't take it to heart.

Ok as for how the system will sell I think that by the time the Wii U gets through it 6 or so life spain that most systems have. I predict that the Wii U will sell just short of the Wii by a million or two. For the games I think with the new screen on the controller the nintendo and third party games will be more indepth then ever before. Manly through things like the Batman Arkham City demo ( they used the controller screen to guild the batrang).

As for the controller I can see the whole ideo of being able to switch back and forth between the tv and controller screen coming in handy but mainly for families of four or more. But sadly like the Wii before it, this whole idea of the controller screen adding more depth to the game will not be used to its full potential intead we will get a few games that will show up what could be; much like how The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword should me how good motions controll could have been. One can expect something like this for the Wii U.

Again I will go back to sell the reason I predicted the Wii U selling just under the Wii sells is this. The Wii U at first will sell bad the first year since it is a $350 dollor system and the fact that most of the games coming out this year are old games that most people have on either their x-boxs or ps3 but on the second year we should see newer games and maybe even a price cut and that is when the Wii U will catch up to the Wii. But again sadly around the fourth year the other compains will or should have their ps4 and x-box 720 out by then. And either two thing will happen. One since the system has been out for a while the cheaper price will give it an adventage or. Two people will ignore the three year old system and go buy the newest, sleckess, and greatest thing. Causing the Wii U sells to stay where they are basicly selling around the same number of units each year.

And that is my predition for the Wii U. Tell me what you thing in the comments but remember this is just an opinion so don't take it seriously ok.


I just finished watching the Metal Gear Solid marathon and it is amazing I really enjoyed it it is a must for any metal gear fan but be warned they don't play very well:D

also next week they are doing a zelda marathon so check that out if you have time

the gamer tag

I just wanted to let you know though I don't really think you care. This is not my gamer tag this is my friends tag. But I play on his x-box all the time. My Tag is WHITETWIZZLER and if by some chance you want to be one of my friends I only accept friend request of people with a sence of humor.

Going out of busniss

A rental store in my town is going out of busness and I love it since I manage to get ps2 games for 2 dollers each and 2 wii games for 10 dollers each. And each game is almost in mint condition here are the games

The legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, Metroid Prim Trilogy, WarioWorld Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, TimeSplitters Future Perfect, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Final Fantasy X-2, The Simpsons Game, Kirby Airride, Tekken 5, MegaMan X Command Mission, Burnout 3 Takedown, and The Prince of Persia movie for wait for it............. about $40 you can't even get all that at gamestop for that price. It is just pure epicness and I love every min. of it!

New Psp

Hay everybody I havent posted in a while so here is what is new. I got a new psp model 3000 for only $40 buck of a friend at my cul. class and I got to say psp's are awsome the only down side is now they are coming out with the psp2 it is always the same as soon as I get a new modern day gaming system the succer is just a year from being released oh well at least sony keeps there old systems alive for like 4 years after the next system comes out that is just great of them for doing that.

Chilling and reading

Hi how have you all been? I been reading a new book I got from the library called Jeff Dunham All By My Selves it is his autobiograph and so far it is a good read. I highly recomend it to any Jeff Dunham fan out there. He even has the puppets making very funny commonts every now and again. Check it out the book looks likes this.


Christmas is almost here! For me my christmas break just started today and I'm going to love it. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also here is a Kingdom Hearts picture for all of you.

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