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Unless they're rare

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Also, when selling big players or teams, it might be worth while to wait for a tournament to be released which would use those players. For example the most recent tournament needed Brazilian/Uruguayan players, and you had a Brazilian team which you were thinking about selling. When you put them on auction they sold extremely fast, and you might get 1.5-2x the price you paid just a few weeks ago for them.This money making method is no secret Yeah, it's the bronze pack method, but you should learn how to do this correctly.A normal bronze pack costs 400 coins. It contains 12 items, usually 3-4 of which are consumables, which are sold for WOW Gold 150/200.

Unless they're rare, contracts won't be bid up to 200, but it's actually fairly likely someone will buy it now for 200. You're already making your money back off this alone, and there's often more to find. Fitness cards you should sell for 300/350. If you are lucky and get a rare fitness card, you just found 2000+ coins for free. These are the sellable cards you'll find in your packs: -contacts and rare contracts-fitness and rare fitness-rare staff-rare stadiums-rare healing -rare training-funny coloured ball And of course, certain players:-80+ pace-players from the BPL-players from highly supported clubs - Manchester, Barcelona, Juventus.

Bayern, Dortmund, ect-really bad players 41 rated goes for most, you should sell anything rated 43 or 44 or under good players good pace with 60+ in their important stats to their position, especially with nationality matching league Italian in Serie A/B and also especially when rare. English and Brazilians go for the most. Also pay attention to their formation to judge pricesHaving your trade pile completely filled, auctioned every hour, adds up very quickly, and it only takes a couple minute once you've gotten a hang of it. Most cards, with particular regard to consumables, only usually sell in the last couple minutes of the auction, so if you have the dedication you should set your auctions to more than an hour unless you're not going to be able to check back in a while.