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Ah dont u just love the holidays? Its a gamers heaven...the best of the best companys realiesing there special project that they ben working on just to try and blow you is deffinently a good time to start saving for those holiday titles and or xbox 360 if ur not already doing so...well hasta luaga hutch


Yea starting to make some game stuff for FSP's or RPG's so if any1 has a good idea they'd like to share it would be much appriciated.(ex. gun idea for fsp, or character idea for Rpg)

America's Army

who is seriously ready for America's Army to come out? finally a game made by the experts. The guys that know what war is like. That have ben there. It'll be interesting to see which one wins out in this case though...SOCOM: navy seals 3 or America's Army:...i know my money is going for Army...nothing against the navy but ya know.