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Since i told you I was done in the game...I got bord of it..So started using some cheats..and I found that the cheat UNLOCKALLTHINGS..unlocks Level 4 Packages..So that was pretty exciting so I tuned up all my cars...and the difference there was..was a good way..:)..And it unlocked some more sweet rides to the game..Like the RS4..if im not mistaken...that yellow Pontiac..Lexus..and some others..But wheres the Bugatti at :(


Well..I wanted to get more into DJing...So i got to softwares Virtual DJ latest and FruityLoops..the latest too...So far its going great..But I havent really goten around finishing a complete song i did myself with FruityLoops..But i'll get there..That software is too hecticly complicated..its like learning a new sobject..its really hard..Way harder than I thought..Im learning step by step..witht the tutorials that it comes that keeps me pretty busy....Virtual DJ..just your average Djing software..when DJing for a party etc..I have quite alot of fun with it..recorded some mixes...Its pretty cool:)

NFS PS..Oh ye 'bout that

O ye...I had forgotten..I had promised that I was going to write a review after I had clocked the game..and now its been about two months since I clocked the game and ever since..I have kept quiet about the whole thing...but i've remembered now...Well ProStreet was a pretty cool game...lots of exciting things to do...and expect..that there wasnt in the others..and they really did change alot in the game...but im on the fence...because some changes are pathetic..and some i really digg..but its cool..Well the cars are great and getting the collectors edition makes it even better to have...I really hate it that theres no free roam...but it wouldn't really suit free roam..because its not a street kind of racing game...The graphics are great...especially with a high end graphics card...for me and lots of gamers out there..if the graphics are tend to enjoy the game a bit more..well alot more...The sound is cool...But theres one thing that also bothers me...there is no storyline to it:(..Just a whole bunch of race days...bring your car race...quite fun..but not enough..tell you the wasnt exactly what I expected it to be like...and also at the start..where the game hadnt been released yet..they were going on about the main girl..the australian chick..and she was going to be the main character...but i didnt see her much in the game..and no cut scenes..that sucks:(...So after all of that..I would rate this game a 6.8 or so..sorry kind of dissappointed me on this I would prefer Most Wanted and Carbon better than this....Well only the next NFS can tell if they'll get back on track..and dont worry guys..I'll always be your number 1 fan..NFS man!!...They'll be back..I just know learn from your mistakes

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Damn..Im impressed by this game its awesome..the action is way too wicked..the gameplay stunning...the movement are great..and everything in it fits into its place perfectly..and that the type of game I like...pumping action..the guns are cool..and the graphics are real cool on my pc...I thought it wasnt going to do too good on my pc..but it all ran so smoothly..Im telling you man..Im really the question I keep asking myself now it actually..why they got such bad reviews and ratings..oh well..people have their opinion as far as the demo goes..its sweet...I cant wait to see what the full game is like and what its got to offer....:D:D


I am actually getting really bord of my games right soon i might be getting a whole bundle...of new and exciting that should be something...hopefully i get 'em..its not so certain yet...But keeping my fingers crossed though hey...Because im really getting tired of playing the same games over and over...need some challenge...Excitement!...If you know what i mean!..Peace!8)

Been a long time

I havent been on lately...well im on now...just that i am pretty busy with all the parties etc...well im back...just want to keep you updated on ProStreet...its really giving me a hard time right now because I am stuck on 91%..i beat the show down king etc and all the other kings except for the Speed King.... I have 1 more race day before I can challenge him and I am really pissed right now because I cant pass it...I have had to change my car for like the fifth time...well we have to see how that goes... but the swuk thing is that I keep totaling my car and just the little damages you make on your car can cost you a really great sum...but hey other than that I have been gr8..having a gr8 time..chilling hey... Whenever PS gets too challenging I move over to FIFA 08 or PES08 to take a break thats Cool...and btw I still havent gotten Crysis or better yet COD4 we going to see how that goes too...G2G for now man....Cheerz

A Lil Something!!

Well I am sure you guys wanted to see some of my cars right so here they are...if you want to see some of my cars I've got then check this out

Go check 'em out I'll update it from time to time

PS Cars

Well moving back to ProStreet i just thought you guys might be interested in what cars I have so far....i love 'em they can kick a** man....well I am on 34% completion of the game....and these are the cars I far I have ten

Dodge Challenger R/T DRAG

Chevrolet Camaro Concept GRIP

Chevrolet Cobalt SS GRIP

Dodge Viper SRT10 SPEED

Nissan 350z z33 SPEED

Nissan GTR Proto GRIP

Toyota Supra SPEED

Mitsubishi Evo..the latest one SPEED

Ford Mustang GT500 DRAG


I am not so happy with the performance of my Pontiac I might come 1st place etc and dont get me wrong it does the job right and its got pretty good performance...but when I am playing with it I can see that if I play with a lighter car I would be able to get better soon I might have to change to something else....My drag cars are kicking it ma....but this morning I blew my engine on the gt500 and you should have see what I had to that gave me a wake up call that I have to be pretty careful in the mistakes i do...i have to step up my game...well thats it all my other cars and stuff are performing have no problems there....I hate it that you cant tune up the body and visuals of the Nissan Proto...thats swuk

Well thats it... will post some pics later...the cars I have spent the most on would be my 2 drag cars and my Grip car the Cobalt thats why those are the cars that can really step it up:D