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Hey everybody hunter627 here im finally back its been about a good year since i posted in a forum 2 for blogs. well jsut setting it out there. also send me a friend request on xbox live?hgp627 thanks :)

My new Xbox 360!!!!

I finally got my 360!!! yeah!!

i got only a few gamesthey are: Assassin's creed, Bioshock(which creeps the h### out of me), Saints row (well my bro. got it),Call Of Duty 4, Than yesterday I bought halo 3.

i love My new 360 it kicks a** seriously i like it better than the ps3 my friend luissays has i think it has something better than its ps3and wii counter parts


I got the flu

its sucks so bad

and i just did a project on how to avoid the flu too

im so mad

i aint getting the shot for it cause i already got it a year ago and now i cant get one

oh yeah and i watched the patriot in class today it was awesome


YaY i might get a PS3 for christmas even though i got alot of XboX 360 games on my wishlist :D

Even though its a month away i cant wait

I might get Assassins creed for it

new Movies?

What movies are you going to see?

im going to see saw IV, beowulf, I am legend, and and 30 days of night.

in the comments tell me what movies your gonna see

madara uchiha

I am so retarded I just found out that tobi isnt madara uchiha

tobi would be over a hundred years old because he and the first hokage fought in the valleyof the End

Years later naruto and sasuke fight there


i think naruto is the best show on television besides bleach, FMA,

DeathNote(oct.20&oct.27 this week & next)sasori is the best!!! even though he dies because of chiyo.