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Saw: The Video Game; Oz; Retribution

While I'm waiting for the now pretty crappy Sunday night Animation Domination to start I decided to post a blog about some stuff. Oh and I say AD is kinda bad now becuase King of the Hill is gone so I only watch Simpsons and American Dad.

First thing is I rented the game Saw based off the never ending movie series. Seriousally their already writing a 7th and planning an 8th. It's never going to end.

So overall the game is sort of a let down, but it's not. I didn't expect much to begin with and it didn't deliver much, but overall is was OK. The comat system is really the only very very bad thing, prouble the worst combat system ever. Basically the plot is you playing Detective Tapp (the black guy from the 1st movie who got his throat slashed) and walk around an abandoned asylum saving these people that hurt you in some way, kinda like the 3rd film (or mabye the 5th I cant remember). Along the way you run into minions, crazy dudes who want to rip you open to get a key inside you to escape. The puzzles in the game are pretty fun and you have to think at some points, and use certain perspectives. That part I enjoyed. But the few glitches in the game also made it semi-hard such as not being able to use your health packs super easy. I beat the game in 3 days and I didn't even play it much on the 2nd day due to being stuck on a hard part, but the other two games I did play alot so I can say the length isn't half bad. Overall the game is just a attempt to try and make the movies look better, which it doesn't because the movies aren't great, despite me seeing them all and planning to see the 6th in two weeks. Deffiently don't buy the game but if you're bored and feel like spending $7 or whatever then rent it. 6/10.

So ten years ago a show called Oz about a prison appeared on HBO. I never saw it or knew about it until last year when I saw Christopher Meloni from SVU was in it. But for a few months it's aired on that 101 channel on Direct Tv. When the first episode aired I gave it a shot and wasn't to impressed but kept watching. By the fourth episode or so I saw it had potenital. By the end of the 1st season (only has 7 episodes per season except Season 4) it was great. Now 101 has aired all of Season 2 and the third episode of Season 3 is tonight. The show, while explicit, shows the truth about prison life (which I don't know firsthand) and the writing and acting is great. It shows all the groups such as the Aryain Brotherhood, and those others ones I can't remember and how they don't get along but are sometimes forced to. But the show is deffiently well written and I'm going to keep watching the rest of the seasons. I dont really know if anyone should check it out now since there's alot of characters and its about 17 episodes in, but if you can rent the dvds (I checked their on Netflix) or buy a episode or two off iTunes, see if you like it.

Last thing is the Shadows Fall album Retribution came out not to long ago. I have enjoyed the band for awhile but they've never shown their full potential. But this album is just 100% kick ***. Every song is great and there's a perfect mix of heavyness, softness, and the pure sweet sound of metalcore. If you listen to any song, listen to Embrace Annihilation. My Demise, War, and King of Nothing are the other best ones, but like I said the whole album is great. One of my favorite albums this year, 10/10

I'm Back From Prison

No I'm just joking, I just havent been on here for awhile so I felt I should prove I'm still alvie, and not in prison. Not really much to talk about, but I can tell you don't buy the new Saw game (based off the movie) I'll post a review soon once I beat it. And no it's not the worst game ever, but it sure as hell isn't worth $60. Hope everyone is doing well.

Digital Copy Help/ FOX Hurts "King" / Supernatural's Sad Guest Star/ O

"Sad Supernatural Guest Star"

First thing I have to say is that my favorite show (next to Simpsons of course), Supernatural has pulled one of the ballsiest moves I've ever seen.


Im not sure if the link works, but in case it didnt, they have got Paris Hilton, worst person in the world, to appear on a episode this coming season. Bad? Very Bad? Mabye not.

Trust me, I hate Paris as much as everyone, her acting, her attitude, that stupid ******* dog of hers, and even that new MTV special. But, getting her to appear on Supernatural might be a good thing. Now, sorry if I happen to affend any fans of hers, but I dont really think there are many on here. As horrible and stupid as she is, shes very famous. Supernatural only averages 3 million viewers, which isnt bad for The CW but still isnt good. I remember they got Tricia Helfer back in Season 2 and that helped the ratings alot, for that episode, but the episode wasnt the best so not many new viewers stayed. But mabye Hilton will bring in some new viewers who will stay, and that can bring a better possibility of a Seasoon 6. Not to mention the plotline for the episode isn't really that bad. Sam and Dean discover a demonic thing a ma jig is pocessing Paris Hilton (so yeah, shes playing an evil version of herself), and that seems funny. Plus, being a horror show, there's a possibility of her dying, which, along with Jared Padalecki and Elisha Cuthbert, made House of Wax watchable. So before Supernatural fans freak out, I think they should think of the long run. But I would still rather her just not be on the show, they should get some good famous person, like Seth Rogen! The episode is American Idol and airs Oct. 8. On a lighter note of the show, the episdoe that airs before it Oct. 1 has the 2nd best title of the show ever "The Douchebag of Oz" which is 2nd only to last Seasons "Chris Angel is a Douchebag" He really, really is.

"Digital Copy Help"

Speaking of Supernatural, just curious to any US residents who have the Season 3 dvd, how do i use my digital copy? It didnt come with a paper thing like Harold and Kumar did, and I dont see anything about it on the box, but the season should have it. I can just burn the show onto my computer but Im guessing the digital copy would have a smaller video size, so just asking. Im apparently just not very good with digital copies or something, the only dvd I've gotten with it was Harold and Kumar 2 and at the time the computer I had's dvd drive was messed up so I couldnt use it, so I stupidly thought if someone put it on their computer I could transfer it with a flashdrive, but of course due to copywright laws it can only go to one computer. Go figure. So I just burned both Harold and Kumar movies onto my new laptop in revenge! No one call the government on me! Its just for private use haha!

"Memories of Monk, Part 1?"

So over the next few blogs, I might mention more of Monk here and there, simply because I have warning that its ending, so unlike most shows which you dont find out until later, I can actually write a few things about it. So today I just happened to find this article, which basically suggests that Monk made USA (channel) what it is today. Since I've only really watched the channel for a few years (by the way, Monk and Psych are how I found the channel) I guess I cant say thats true because I dont know, but if it is, I really, really owe Monk, because USA is actually my favorite channel with Monk, Psych, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Intent, and all their great movies. Not only that, their actually good to their shows, which most cable networks are, but that matters to, because their not just having them because they want ratings and money, FOX! Here's the article:


"Dirge Within"

I also want to mention a new metal band I happened to find. A label website had a free download of the song "Force Fed Lies" by a band Dirge Within, from their upcoming debut album "Force Fed Lies." So basically their a band that isnt going to be well known, at least right away but the song was great, similar to brutal Lamb of God. Their debut album comes out Sept. 1 but I found the whole album leaked so I got it. I gotta say that aside from the title track, so far the 8/12 songs I've heard arent super heavy, more like metalcore with singing and slow parts, but Im really enjoying the album. Deffiently gonna try to buy it if I can find it when tis released.

"FOX Hurts the "King" (of the Hill)"

Another thing I want to say is, as you know, or will in two seconds, FOX cancelled King of the Hill so they can bring more Seth MacFarlene piece of crap comedy, but there has been six episodes produced that would have been part of Season 14, that FOX was going to air, to give the show a proper send off, even though thats not really a send off, but its more than most shows get. But now, FOX decided it rather have reruns of stupid **** so they wont be airing, them, instead they will air a 1 hour episode thingy on Sept. 13. The other four episodes will supposedly air in syndication, but I doubt it, but theres also a possibility that Adult Swim will air them. But the descriptions of the last two episodes FOX will air are here, and neither seem like a proper series finale. So I guess 12 years dont mean **** to FOX, I cant wait to see how they end The Simpsons, mabye they'll put together some great 10 minute clip show and air 4 new episodes in one night, cause their so loyal. Once again, **** you FOX.

Episode 254: The Boy Can't Help It

Bobby becomes quite the ladies' man when several girls in his class consider him a potential date for the Homecoming dance. When he realizes the girls are just playing with his emotions and are not really that interested, he asks his pal Connie to the dance.

Episode 255: The Honeymooners

Hank is shocked when his mother announces she is marrying a man she has only known for a few weeks. Soon after, the newlyweds celebrate by purchasing an RV and heading to Hank's. When Hank's mom and new stepfather have a heated argument, she takes off with the RV and Hank is left to rescue his mother once again.

"My Most Watched Movies (By Guessing)"

Since I dont really keep track of the number of times I've watched videos, I dont have a set amount, but I got a pretty good guess of my most watched movies, in no particular order.

The Butterfly Effect: Watched it almost every week for a few months back in 2006 when I got the DVD, and numerous times on FX cause tv sucks alot.

Shrek: Used to watch it alot when it first came out for some reason, havent watched it in years but Im sure its somewhere near the top.

Stephen King's "IT": When I had a VHS copy of it (yes VHS) I watched it a good bit, and its been on TV a good amount of times. Plus I've watched it for years since its so old, I really need to get a DVD version.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: Not only numerous times on Comedy Central and TBS, but the DVD alot in the past two years.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay: Just a mere week after the DVD release I had it memorized, still pretty much do by the way. Oh and Im watching it now on my laptop. Kumar: "**** you, donuts are awesome!" Harold: "Their delicious!" At that part right now.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Mostly on tv cause for some reason I still dont have the DVD but I have memorized the tv version and seen the dvd a good bit also. At the top of my favorite movies list.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut: Not to much on tv cause its hardly on and when it is its in the middle of the night, but I had the DVD are watched it every week, then bought it off iTunes so I gave the DVD away, then deleted it off my computer cause I needed room (old laptop, new ones just fine by the way) so now I dont have it at all and havent seen it in a good while, but I prouble still remember it.

Also watched The Simpsons Movie, Futurama: Bender's Big Score, The Amityville Horror (remake), and Red Dragon alot.

I'll post more sometime soon if theres anything interesting.

Mayehm Festival/ Funny People/ Prototype

Ok so alot's happened in the past week, I know I said I'd be on around Wednesday and I wasn't so I decided to type this at 10 at night tonight (Friday). Ill get to everyone else's blogs over the weekend cause I have nothing to do this weekend. But I can tell you about my past week, or the parts of it I havent blocked out!

Last Friday I went to Mayhem Festival. Bands that were there were Slayer, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, God Forbid, and All That Remains, that I liked. Bullet for My Valentine had to miss a few days, so Mushroomhead filled in, rather have seen Bullet but the others were great. Have to say Killswitch and Trivium put on the best shows, and Im not just saying it because their awesome my favorites that were there. Triviums set list wasnt the best, but only because they only got a 30 minute set, but they still rocked. Killswitch had a fairly long one, and of course played My Curse and their cover of Holy Diver. Overall its the best concert I've been to, would have been even better if some of the bad bands were replace with Disturbed and Lamb of God, but it was still great.

Monday night I went with some friends and saw Funny People. First I have to say that the movie is very long, 10 mins shy of 2 1/2 hours, and of course I had to pee most of it, but I stayed. And I stayed because, like his other movies, it rocked. Im not going to list any major spoilers or anything, just give a rough description and my opinion about it.

It was easily the most dramatic of all Seth Rogens comedy films. I knew it was more dramatic than the others, but the amount was more than I thought. But dont get me wrong, drama films are good, and it still had alot of comedy and funny jokes. Plots basically simple, Seth Rogens character Ira is an unknown comedian who lives with Jonah Hills character Leo and Mark, played by Jason Schwartzman. Adam Sandler's character George is a very successful comedian/actor and learns he is dying. He discovers Ira and hires him to write jokes. With the help of Ira his life gets better and he starts to like life more. He starts to make contact with his ex-grilfriend Laura, played by the awesome director of most Seth Rogen movies (Judd Apatow) wife Leslie Mann, but she is married and has a family. George learns that he most likely will not die, so he has to decide how to use his second chance. While that all sounds dramatic, like I said there's plenty of comedy through the whole movie, starting with the old Adam Sandler prank calls to the last scene. It also doesnt end super happy like alot of movie do, with is good to see sometimes because its different. I dont really Adam Sandler movies very much, but I enjoyed it. The reviews for it are also pretty high by the way. Overall so I dont give much away, its great, but really long, so pee before you see it.

I also bought the fairly new game Prototype for the 360, kinda on a spur of the moment because I usually dont buy very many games. But this game is great and I'm enjoying it. I'm close to the end, I only have a few missions left but Im gonna wait until my next blog to fully review it. But the game is great. Just to briefly review it, your character is a shapeshifting monster bad***. The game style is similar to Assassian's Creed, where you can run up walls, and have a blade, plus your character wears a hood. But as you'll see in my proper review, this games better.

So as I'm typing this I watched the season premire of the final season of Monk. First I have to say, I only started watching Monk exactually two years ago with the Season 6 premire, now its on 8. So for me the show is still fresh and new so I'm not ready for it to end, but it will end, since it only has 15 episodes left with no breaks. So in a short time I'll simply be left with a show I think ended to early (though I know it didnt because it is old) and I'll have the repeats I've seen so much in the past two years. But the premire was pretty good, I think the episodes around Seasons 4-6 were the best, and I actually didn't really like Season 7 last year but during the marathon of it today I really enjoyed them so now I like it. But so far Season 8's off to a good start, I tried guessing the criminal and got it wrong, so I guess that means they still have good plotlines. But now Im off to watching Pscyh which is starting its 4th season, and like Monk I started two years ago with the premire of Season 2, so I'm also not ready for it to end, but I'd say it'll have another season or two at least.

Like I said, I'll get to everyone elses blogs this weekend, so I hope everyones doing well. Im just kinda sick right now, dont know whats wrong just had a headache all day and it wont go away, so Im just gonna watch Psych and go to sleep. Might see Orphan tomorrow but I dont know, prouble wont be very good.

Time For An Update/ Im Going to Mayhem Festival

I havent posted anything since the beginning of the month. I actually meant two a week ago or so and I typed some of this and other crap on the blog, then it messed up and I lost everything. So now I'm smart and Im typing this on Word Pad before so I wont loose it. At least all the blogs are back.

The thing about Mayhem is at the end by the way.

So as you prouble know I've had to replay all my 360 games since mine broke so now Im doing some re-reviews on games you've prouble already played.

Call of Duty: World at War: The 5th installment takes the game back into the past into WWII where you play as America and Russia. The gameplay is like all the others, which is different from some games. But I've been playing it on Veterain and it is hard as ****. It took me a good long time to beat it, just one part of a level I got stuck on for two days, then played it and beat it. But the difficulty of Veterain mode makes up for the length of the game, which is short played on a easier mode. If you dont play multiplayer or have Xbox Live, the games not really a buy since after playing through Veterian you get most of the non-live achievements but it is fun and worth at least a rent.

Grand Theft Auto: IV: Really I dont want to write much about it due to me playing it for 25 hours in three days to get an achievement. The plot is very long, not to mention everything else after that. With or without Xbox Live, its worth the money due to the funness and length.

Turok: Basically your average shooter that mixes dinosaurs and some weird people that are bad. Length of the game is fairly long, and difficulty like CoD is actually hard on high levels. I still dont think its really a buy unless you like the Turok series.

Clive Barker's Jericho: Another shooter game, where you are the leader of a team sent to investigate some supernatural thing a ma jig. Then you die and get to pocess your teammates. While the length is pretty good, the game itself is very easy. The hardest mode (Hard) isn't very challenging not to mention all you have to do for all the achievements (no live ones) is beat the game on hard, then kill a certain amount of enemies with certain guns/melee which is easy, I had them all on my old Xbox. Make things easier, you can get them all in one simple playthrough if you follow this guide: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/clive-barkers-jericho/guide/ I'm playing through the game again for the 1000 gamerscore, I'm about 1/4 to where I was (about 3000 now, had about 12,000) Either way, just rent it and get it out of the way.

So I'll have more soon.

Next I'm gonna review a few movies that I've recentlly watched/downloaded off the internet/ got from a friend who downloaded off the internet.

First off isn't really a movie, its Prison Break - The Final Break and its really just two un-aired episodes (aired in the UK, but of course not the US) put together for a film. I'll keep this next part simple, it takes place after the series finale but before the last scene of the series finale, where it jumps ahead 4 years. The "film" revolves around Michael's girlfriend/wife who gets put in prison for killing Michael's mom. A hit is put out on her by the General, who's some **** from the final season. So of course, Michael has to stage a prison break. Which brings me to a point where I have to mention in 4 seasons, that show has 3 prison breaks, makes the prison system look kinda bad. But the film resolves the questions that p*ssed me off at the end of the series, so I'm glad for that. I'm deffiently gonna buy it when it comes out next week. Final Rating: B+

I rented Knowing, with that one guy from those National Treasure movies and didn't expect much from the commericals, but of course commericals are really false advertising. The movie rocks. Basically a man's son receives a strange letter from a time capsel that is a bunch of number, and they (at the time, predicted cause it was made 50 years ago) ever "major disaster" on Earth. But as it turns out, its more than that, with it predicting Earth's demise. The film takes a thriller/sci/fi turn mid-way when strange people start following his son, and its hard to say much about the plot without ruining it, but it has a really good ending that I dont get to say much. Im suprised in myself but I saw the end coming, and I just mean the major part of it, about the ****** taking **** to ******* ****** to save **** and start ********** a *** *****. There you go! Final Rating: A-

Star Trek, by that guy who made Lost which I've never bothered to watch. I'd also never bothered to watch Star Trek, Stargate, or Star Wars, but my point is that I watched the new one and like promised, I was able to follow it with no knowledge of the tv series or past movies. The plot is what you'd expect from a futuristic sci/fi movie with spaceships and time travel and all that stuff but I didn't find the movie, um what's the word, cheesy and un-predictable. I actually enjoyed it. Thats really all I can say. Its not the best movie I've seen this year, but I'll watch the sequel. B-

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters: Believe it or not, I never watched the show until a month or two ago, but the shows really funny. So I rented the movie and its very clear its hard to stretch an 11 min show into a 88 min movie, the 1st half is literally just them trying to find a missing piece to a workout machine, and the second half is them trying to destroy the machine which turns into a monster, and them discovering where they were from. Other than the jokes, which were funny, and the randomness of the show, the plot is pretty weak. The beginning with Mastodon is really funny though. C

Now, staying on the topics of movies, I have to post a review of a awesome actor, Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen!

Something about that guy is just awesome. Every movie I have seen with him in it, kids movie or whatever all his other movies are, are great. He started in some tv show called Freaks and Geeks that I've never seen, but I'll watch it if I ever remember to find it. But he got famous with The 40-Year Old Virgin, one of my favorite movies, and my favorite with him. Then he was in Knocked Up, which is great for people who dont even like comedies, because its also romantic and gets kinda dramatic part way through. Then there was a supporting role in Superbad, which also has Jonah Hill like the previous two (only a cameo in 40-Year Old Virgin) which was also a great funny movie about kids just wanting to have ***. After this he did alot of voice acting in kids movies I havent seen like Kung Fu Panda, Horton Hears a Who! and Monsters vs Aliens. But the next movies I say him in Pineapple Express, was one I didn't have much faith in but it proved me all his R rated movies, are great. Then Zack and Miri Make a Porno came out and its really not as dirty as it sounds. I mean of course it's dirty, but all his are, and it wasn't a let down either. The latest "adult" movie he's been in is Observe and Report, which made the least amount of money. Havent got a chance to see it yet, but I might just torrent it since the DVD wait is annoying. So next for him, he's in another comedy movie Funny People, which looks great, and it has Jonah Hill. But it also has Adam Sandler, and while I dont dislike him, there's not many movies I like with him, but the previews for this seem promising so I'll have to see it. He also has the lead role in The Green Hornet, who's apparently some superhero. And by recent footage of him, he's loosing weight, which kinda sucks. While its good for him, he just wont be the same. He also teamed up with Evan Goldberg and wrote an episode of The Simpsons, which should air in this new season. There's also a comedy trailer for a movie call Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse, which looks funny but I dont think it'll be a real movie. But yet Wikipedia says 2010, so who knows? But I gotta say, his adult movies, are great. He's a very funny person and does a great job.

Movies with him you have to watch:

The 40-Year Old Virgin

Knocked Up


Pineapple Express

Zack and Miri

Monsters vs Aliens, kid movie but a kick *** cast, him Stephen Colbert, Kiefer Sutherland, Paul Rudd and Hugh Laurie.

Observe and Report (Im guessing it'll rock)

Funny People (All the previews, and the special of Comedy Central have been funny, gonna see it soon, cant this weekend)

On a different note, I decided to make a Twitter! So you can follow me at twitter.com/satan. I wanted something different, so thats why its that.

Haha, just kidding thats a pointless website, as Im typing this to find if twitter.com/satan was real (which it is) I noticed a "trending topic" of Joe Jonas, and that just proves twitter is g*y. Thank you.

It appears as if September will be good for music, at least metal. There's Dethklok's "The Dethalbum II", Five Finger Death Punch's "War is the Answer", Bullet for My Valentine "Here Comes the Storm", 3 Inches of Blood's album (cant remember the title), and Megadeth's "Endgame." I think there's one or two more, but I'm not sure. And Slayer has a new one coming soon also, they posted a new song today "Hate Worldwide" which is just typical Slayer, found it on YouTube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPSutpPzsPA

Ill try to post more stuff soon.

Some awesome songs:

Hatredcopter - Dethklok

Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife - Mastodon

New Shadows Fall song King of Nothing

New Five Finger Death Punch Song(s) Bulletproof, Burn it Down, and Hard to See

Oh and did I mention yet Im going to Mayhem Festival this Friday. The bands I cant wait to see are, Killswitch Engage, Slayer, Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium, All That Remains, and God Forbid. But of course with my luck Bullet isn't there on the 31, or the two days after that so we get Mushroom Head instead, but at least all the others are there.

Video Game Addiction; Michael Jackson; No Clever Titles Right Now

So first I gotta say I borrowed GTA:4 to play since as you may know my 360 crashed and my warrinty wore off so I had to get a new one and start my gamerscore over which was almost 13,000. But when I played GTA4 last time I didnt do the mission, this time I am. And I believe there's an achievement if you beat them all in 30 hours or less so I'm trying. I've currently played it 14 hours in four days doing nothing but missions and my guess is I'm just over 2/3 done, but its getting really annoying. I've done most of the missions, killed Playboy X instead of Dwayne and now I've got some Packie missions and those with the guy after your "girlfriend" is undercove, what a b*tch. So I can only assume I'll get done in the next 5 hours or so. Right now I'm doing a hard mission where you rob a bank kill a hundred cops go into the subway and come out with only 3 stars instead of 5, but I keep dying near the end, mabye A Light in a Darkened World by Killswitch will help, even though there's irony in that. I'm also replaying Turok and Far Cry 2.

Anyone know if the Ghostbusters game is good? It looks ok, but I only saw the 2nd movie. And I can swear Tom Hanks is in the game but I dont think he was in the movie.

SO before I talk about Michael Jackson I want everyone who reads this to know I mean no disrespect to anyone, him, his family, his friends, fans, or anyone. But I'm really tired about hearing him already. I get he was a big celebrity and the news is gonna cover him, and his record sells are going to go up alot, and people will talk but I'm p*ssed so many people are acting upset. I know for a fact that all these people cannt truly care he's dead. I know he had to have been popular with 50 upcoming sold out concerts, but really! He's not special. He's not a god. He did nothing great except make music. Im sure his music influenced many and that helped with his stardom 95% but who cares. How anyone can lie and say this miss a man who thinks he can do anything, r*pe kids, dangle his kid out a window, and other stuff because he made music and grabbed his nuts is plain out stupid. I respect anyone who misses him and I dont want to make anyone mad, cause like I said I know people miss him. My hate is coming from the people saying they miss him that don't. Ill come right out and say it: it's affected me none, I dont care, I'm not happy of course, but I'm not sad, but I'm also only 18 so I've only heard the negative things about him. Three weeks ago thousands had nothing good to say about him and now people are crying for days and commiting suicide over it. Truly, I'm missing Billy Mays alot more, he's the only salesman I could stand, espically not the Sham Wow guy who punched a h**ker in the face. But about Michael Jackson, weather you care or not, dont lie. If your going to not care in a week, then why lie and say you care now when you know you dont?

For his real fans, I am very soory for your loss, I know you will miss him like I would miss Howard Jones (Killswitch's singer) or Matt Heafy (Trivium.)

Theres other stuff I wanted to talk about but I didnt have any "clever titles" not that the others are really clever.

There is one death I am very, very torn up about. Jeff Goldblum! Apparently people of Twitter (which I really need to make fun of sometme) reported Jeff was in New Zeland shooting a unknown movie, where he feel off a cliff to his death. Well I guess this tv.com news story can explain it, and it was a funny skit on Colbert Report.


And dont forget to watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent Sundays at 9 on USA!

I Have Been Choke Slammed Into Greatness

And that greatness would be Killswitch Engage's new album, "Killswitch Engage." I pre-ordered the special edition which is due on June 30, but thanks to their listening party Friday it was leaked and I have heard it all.


So basically to start things off if you don't know Killswitch their a kick *** metalcore (basically just have singing half screaming) band that has released 4 albums. The first two "Killswitch Engage" and "Alive or Just Breathing" had vocalist Jesse Leach, but he left and Howard Jones replace him (the black dude on my banner) for the next two albums "The End of Hearache" and "As Daylight Dies" along with their new 2nd titled album "Killswitch Engage"

Not a secret that while I enjoyed Leach, I deffiently prefer Howard as vocalist. This album makes no exception with his great screaming and even more improved singing.

This album they hired a producer instead of producing it themselves, which at first worried me because face it, producers sometimes suck and want the album to be a certain way. And this producer never really worked with screaming.

So while the album is greatly awesome, I did notice less screaming and more singing, which isn't a bad thing but I'd prefer more screaming. While some songs such as "Never Again" feature almost all screamed, "The Return" (which is one of my favorites) and "Take Me Away" feature little to none, rare for a KSE song. So here's a quick track by track breakdown.

1. Never Again - Hardcore loud beginning song, which almost all screamed. 4/5

2. Starting Over - Pretty much my favorite from the album, just basically hard to describe but its just a normal Killswitch song with a good chorus. 5/5

3. The Forgotten - Nothing special, but like most of their songs I like the chorus. 4/5

4. Reckoning - First one I heard of the album, starts out pretty loud with the screaming, still breaks down into singing, but rough singing. 5/5

5. The Return - Basically if your a KSE fan, its like The Arms of Sorrow, a nice slow song up until the end that I really enjoy. 5/5

6. A Light In a Darkened World - Another great, the only one they have played live from the album, but its good and has a great meaning, like most of their songs. 5/5

7. Take Me Away - Another one with basically no screaming, but its still heavier than just soft singing. Still makes a good song. 5/5

8. I Would Do Anything - Hard to explain, I guess I'll say its a normal song of theirs but I like it more than 4 stars. 5/5

9. Save Me - Not really special here, I guess it just doesn't appeal as much as others. 4/5

10. Lost - Along with The Return and Starting Over, my favorite from the album. Not super heavy and not super soft, literally does the singing/screaming at the same time thing. 5/5

11. This is Goodbye - Good song to end the album with, pretty heavy compaired to some songs from the album. 5/5

Haven't heard the bonus track "In a Dead World" but I can wait until June 30. But overall the albums a solid 9/10 which is good, its just a little different from the vocal and drum wise.

The End of Heartache ranks a great 9.5/10

As Daylight Dies has a 8.5/10 (has some of their best songs but overall not as good as the others)

Then for their first two albums I dont want to judge because I rarely listen to them.

5 Favorite Albums of 2009 so far:

1. Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage

2. Wrath - Lamb of God

3. Carver City - CKY

4. DevilDriver - Pray for Villains (also leaked, comes out July 14, I pre-ordered also)

5. Chimaira - The Infection

Also good is Mastodon's Crack the Skye, God Forbid's Earthsblood, and Hatebreed's cover album For the Lions.

And Im still waiting for Bullet for My Valentines new album, Slayer's new album, Godsmack's new album (mabye 2010), Five Finger Death Punch "War is the Answer", and 3 Inches of Blood "Here Waits thy Doom"

My New Guitar/ Give Up Guitar Hero

So basically I was looking for a new guitar, I was trying to find Disturbed's guitarist Dan Donegan's guitar, but I need a 7-string guitar to play certain Trivium and Slayer songs, and it gets annoying borrowing my friends. So I found this one:


But of course I dont have $2000, so I went with this one, but I want it in white so I have to wait about 3 weeks just to order it, but whatever:


Next I'm going to try to buy Trivium's bass player Paolo Gregoletto's 5-string bass. Not sure about the price his 4-string is $550. The 5-string is just like it so my guess is no more than $600 so I'll try to get it in a few months or so, but its no rush cause I dont play bass to much and I already have a 5-string one. This is his 4-string one:


So now, Friday the 13th came out on DVD, Im just curious to anyone who's seen it if they liked it like I did when I saw it in theaters. And My Bloody Valentine is good also.

Well I've noticed that Guitar Hero/ Rock Band are really making alot of games, and all the new ones have completelly turned me off.

First, the setlist of Guitar Hero 5 has about 1 song I really like, and mabye 2 others that are ok. The features seem cool but forget the game, the setlist is worst than World Tour, if possible. There's some hope for it cause they haven't released the whole setlist

Then there's Lego Rock Band and Drum Hero, both will be aimed at kids so forget those.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen will be a minus to me, cause I never got into them. But it is prouble a smart move cause I'd say they are popular, but I dont know I dont listen to them.

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits might be a rent, its basically their idea to take their best songs from GH 1-3 and make them into a band version, except they forgot most of their good songs such as Disturbed, Slipknot, Killswitch, and others. They kept Laid to Rest by Lamb of God so I may rent it.

Finally The Beatles: Rock Band, just like Van Halen doesnt appeal to me or anyone I know.

Basically if the game is Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you'd think of good Rock songs, but instead they have Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, and then pop crap. So give up or make better setlists.

Also thanks to lyokophantom for the new banner.

Starting Over

Well basically I got my new laptop finally so Im gonna post some updates.

Killswitch has released two new singles, Reckoning and Starting Over, both are pure awesome, except Reckoning is pretty short. Both singles are on iTunes, but I got Reckoning from Roadrunner and Starting Over from a bit torrent, but I pre-ordered the special edition of the album which was an evil $20 so I dont feel bad.


Starting over is also a good way to sum up a few things, I have to start over my iTunes play count cause I transfered my songs, I have to start over everything on my 360 cause the hard drive messed up, I dont know what was wrong, warrenty wore out so I bought a new one. FYI, Lego Indiana Jones = horrible, Kung Fu Pana = 5/10. Also I lost about 2/3 of the songs I'd made on Tux Guitar (kinda like Guitar Pro which just lets you tabs songs) so I get to re-make those, but they weren't very good anyways.

My bands looking for a new singer, well actual just to do the screaming. I dont really want to do it anymore, so Im gonna stick with singing. In the meantime Im still doing it.

Im sure there's more I want to talk about but I dont want to leave Gears 2 paused right now so Ill be back in a few days.

The Boardwalk Body

Well its been almost 3 weeks since I was on, so Ill give an update on stuff. T

he reason its been so long is my laptop messed up so I have to wait for a new one, and I hate the desktop computer so I havent really used it.

I graduated on May 8, so woo hoo (again) for that. Would I seem more excited if that was in CAPS?

Got DevilDriver's new single today "Pray for Villains" from their upcoming album. I deffiently like it, more melody than previous stuff but still heavy as hell.

I am recommending CKY's new album "Carver City" as a buy. Its a great rock (yes, rock not metal) album that I really enjoyed. I enjoy their older stuff also by the way. One of the songs on it is "The Boardwalk Body" so thats where it came from.

Still waiting on a new Killswitch Engage song.

There's a bunch of songs I want to talk about, House, Supernatural, Prison Break, but Im gonna hold off for a week or so until my new laptop comes in. Be back then.

Oh, and yeah Im going to go to college, dont know where, gonna wait a year. Dont really care if its a stupid move or not. Rather concentrate on music for awhile before I get to give it up for something.