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ModNation Racers

What version of the game should i get? i would like to play it everywhere but i dont know if i want a scaled back version. What do i do?

Crash team racing on playstation network?

Hey i have been recently looking at ps1 games on the playstation network for psp and I was thinking since my first ps1 game and definetly one of my favourite ps1 games was CTR:Crash Team Racing, which is an amazing game should be on the playstation network, but the probablem is, I don't know their e-mail, so if you think it is a good idea or you know what their e-mail is plz comment :) thnx

new psp game?

Hey you. Yeah you the one lookin at my blog. I'm looking for a new psp game to buy on boxing day and I was wondering if you think I should get kenka bancho. It looks really cool so gimme ur opinion and if you have a good idea of a sweet game for the ppsp I should get tell me plz :D peice out