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Ipod Touch versus Second Gen Sony PSP

Ipod Touch versus Second Gen Sony PSP.

As you may or may not know, both units are due out this month. Each with there pluses and minuses. Here are the factors playing into my decision now.

PSP has been a let down with games so far. There hasn't been a great emphasis really on games with it. Battlefront Renegade is the only thing interesting coming out soon.

Ipod Touch; Issues with video (Solarizing of dark color), potential undiscovered bugs, cost, sound quality?!?!?!

As technologicaly savvy people, what would you do?

Guitar Hero on Wii

Glitch on Gamespot. Check out my Now Playing section. I wanted to see if I could add it and you can.

Cool trick.

This game on Wii shall be sweet!

Eighteen: So far so GREAT! Super Bowl Preictions too!

On January 31st at 12 AM I celebarated my 18th birthday with..... text messages. For an hour straight there was enough text messages from my friends to fill the memory on my phone. I sat up responding then resumed my broken sleep.

8 A.M., I'm UP! Ready for school unfotrunately. but lets talk about gifts! I got the final 3 James Bond Ultimate DVD Collection boxsets ( they are amazing), The Mr. Bean Box set, and $500 CDN.

School, I wasn't to focused... I got slammed by a buddy into some lockers for my birthday. Nice. Shoulder is still sore. Anyways, it was quite a satisfactory school day.

Next I got to spend time with friends at my extra ciricular activities. Then moved onto the Oilers/ Blue Jackets game where the Oil played a great game and came out on top in a 5-2 victory. ( I did buy some beverages at the game yet... man they aren't cheap).

Now to all of my peers across the CNET communities, I thank the 326 of you who have accpeted me as your friends. I definately enjoy reading your blogs regularly. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! Now if that level 20 would start moving. Seems to be really slow.

I will be in the communities abit less than average just because of work and my AP classes at school  (Advanced Placement). They tie me down like you would not believe.

SUPERBOWL: The commercials, the parties, THE GAME!

Who do you think is going to take the bowl home this year.

Should be a dandy! What do you have on your mind? Leave a comment!

January: Month of Hell Month of Joy!

     January is the the most emotional month of the year for me. The first two weeks are what I call "HELL WEEKS". Being in Gr. 12, teachers are trying to cram in as much as possible and stuffing tests and homework down your throat. Now just over half way through there are 2 MAJOR tests worth 50% of your final mark. They are insainly tough and time consuming.

The last half of the month for me is a true joy. You start a new semester....not as much pressure. I am all up for that now.

The last day of January 2007 shall be the most fun day of my life, for I turn 18. HAAAZZZAAA.

But yeah, 18 is awesome for me. Now I can view PPV games at the bar.

Thats a deal for walking the surface of the planet for 18 years...LOL.

The Boxing Day Report: My Gifts and James Brown...

Snowy Winter   

    Well, I must say it was a very Merry Christmas. Surrounded by family and friends in the most festive day of the year was super fun. All in all the meal was awesome and we had alot of fun with some of our new gifts. I am proud to report that my Wii was largely used the whole time. My uncle really enjoyed Wii sports and Even my grandma started to enjoy it too. Now you maybe wondering what I recieved for Christmas 2006!  How does a Foosball table sound! So much fun! Everyone likes Fooooooooosssssbaaaaaaaalllllllll (Insert a Homer fury scream here!). I also recieved the first volume of The James Bond DVD collection, The Pacifier (Vin Diesel), and Walk the Line (Phoenix and Witherspoon), To top it off I got 2 really nice collector coin and sets. The first is a proof (purest silver available anywhere) silver piece and a Snowbird collector set with a coin and some pretty sweet stamps. Christmas was awesome this year!



James Brown passed away today at 1 AM after heart failure which was caused by a bout of Pneumonia. The King of Soul had reportedly won his battle with alcohol and drugs and had just completed his counsiling. Brown was scheduled to have a concert on January 10th of 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta which I really was looking forward to attending. James Brown made his mark in the entertainment industry in a big way and his memory will never be forgotten. Brown was 73.

May God Rest Your Soul.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess- Completed!

Link Warrior and Beast

After seeing Jeff's review of Twilight Princess, I was inspired to scrutinze this game inch by inch and see how a highly anticipated title got only an 8.8!

Now, I've played over 60 hours (and still playing), and I have most of everything you can get. I'm maxed on Rupees, Bombs, and Arrows in capacity. Yes I did collect all the golden bugs. As far as heart containers I am only missing four.  I am sure I have all the items you can possibly get to.

I was extremely impressed by this game. Graphically there is a tonne of good spot. Iff you are searching for something bad, there is the extremely rare spot that might make you say "Eww" or "WTF!". But I must stress you must be searching attentitively to find these.

Soundtrack was great, it really played into the different moods of the game. Sound effects were good. The ones that come through the remote are meant to be a sort of add on so you really can't grade the game on these. Howeever these SFX ranged from good to average.

Gameplay was pretty solid. No major bugs to report.

Very intrigueing story line for sure. Cinematics are good.

Where you get an 8.8 for? I couldn't tell you. This game is a series GotY contender!

I'll give this game a 9.8 for sure.

How about that Wii! (Code and other stuff)

Well I got my Wii at 10:00 AM on launch day at my local EB. I came home with my 4 games and other accesories and got to it setting it all up! I got to go in the store an hour before non-preorder people. They were out of Classic Controllers because they only got 1!

Wii, games, and accesories

My take from Launch day!

My reaction after spending under $600 CDN!

Realizing I spent less than one 60 GB PS3!

So far I have played mostly Wii Sports and the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Both games have exceeded my expectations.

I have played a few hours of Call of Duty 3. So far so good I really am likeing the intuitive controls and gameplay.

I have played a couple of hours of Red Steel. I have had to adjust to this game abit by honing and adjusting the controls. I think I have them set pretty good now. I believe this game is worth a bit more than the 5.5 GS rated it at.

I am deciding which game to download from the VC first. So many enticing titles.

The Mii system is there. Its very comical when you run WiiConnect 24 and see which Wii's venture into your system!

So far I have nothing bad to say. I have played countless hours all ready and both remotes retain full charge.

If you would like to become a Wii Friend my code is as following:

Name: adrenaline

Code: 2863 1222 8607 1503

Please leave your name and Wii Friend code in a comment or PM so we are mutual!

Movie Review: Casino Royale

Daniel Craig as the New James Bond


Well, last night (November 17th) I got to see the movie I have been anticipating the most this year came out. And I have to say I was very impressed. This movie has its high paced action section aswell as the typical Bond moments you would expect.

The first thing you may ask about is the opening graphic sequence? I am quite confident to say that of all the James Bond movie to be released the opening graphic sequence for Casino Royale is probably one of the best.

Next, you will ask about is the theme for Casino Royale that plays during the iconic opening graphics? For this installment of 007, Chris Cornell (Lead of Audioslave) lends his vocals to a very suiting song entitled " You Know My Name ". I found it suiting for this movie.

Take a peak here: Opening Graphic sequence from T.V. Spot 5 (Note this is not the full opening sequence as it is only the T.V. Spot.)

Next you might ask about, is the Bond girl! I have to say Eva Green did an extemely good job of being 007's kryptonite. Not to mention she is very easy to look at. One of the better Bond girls out of the whole series is safe to say.

Eva Green on the Bond Girl

If there is one disappointment to the movie it is the lack of driving action. Sure there is a fancy 2007 Aston Martin DBS supplied to Bond, but it is utilized for maybe 2 minutes. There is also a return of the original 1964 Aston Martin used in original Bond films. That was a nice touch.

The Tribute! 1964 Aston!

Aston Martin DBS. The Real Deal!

But anyways, enough from me! Here is a synopsis provided by! (Possible Spoilers!)


Daniel Craig stars as "007" James Bond, the smoothest, sexiest, most lethal agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service in Casino Royale. Based on the first Bond book written by Ian Fleming, the story, which has never been told on film until now, recounts the making of the world's greatest secret agent.

James Bond's first "007" mission leads him to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the world's terrorists. In order to stop him, and bring down the terrorist network, Bond must beat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale. Bond is initially annoyed when a beautiful British Treasury official, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), is assigned to deliver his stake for the game and watch over the government's money. But, as Bond and Vesper survive a series of lethal attacks by Le Chiffre and his henchmen, a mutual attraction develops leading them both into further danger and events that will shape Bond's life forever.


Overall, if you are going to see this movie it is best to have abit of knowledge on the James Bond series. I went with a few friends. Some of them got totally lost, while others followed completely. Being a Bond fan I found it easy to follow.But in order to give a full score it has to be easy for everyone to follow.

I am giving the 21st Bond movie, Casino Royale , 4 and 1/2.

This movie is totally worth it! Feel free to ask questions or share your opinion!

This is where it began!

( I have to say Casino Royale set up the Gun Barrel sequence very well!)