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Pit's Uprising's judgemental factor: Adapting

Its been a while since i posted a blog, and i hope my watchers/friends see this, its VERY important.

With Kid Icarus:Uprising only a few days around the horizon, the anticipation is deep, and Pit's Return will be known after a very long absense, and so far, its been soaring and kicking ass, which is definitly good, especially since we've been waiting since 2010 for this. If you've been following the game, you should know that there's a bit of a flick to it though, and thats its awkward Controls, which is something that will be a HUGE part to how you will experience Kid Icarus Uprising.

The Controls are as follow, you move pit with the circle pad, and you use the touch screen to aim/move the camera. In Pen and Paper, it seems simple, and it is on the beginning parts of stages which are on the air following games like Star fox, however the major flaw is that these controls transfer to ground gameplay as well. You will need to move pit with the circle pad and control the camera through the touch screen, this is surely something that is, for the decent part, a bit dissapointing, but as the major point suggests, its how well you adapt to the controls that will result in your experience. However, do note that these controls are AWKWARD, NOT BROKEN, there's a difference between the 2, god forbid you get those mixed up.

If you have good memory, you would recall a certain other game, that has a similar problem, one that starred the famous bounty hunter:

Meroid Prime Hunter's had some very awkward controls, however when gotten used to, this game's gameplay was very fluid, the same can almost apply to Kid Icarus Uprising as it has a similar control scheme.

Some Reviews are out, and of course, they all speak of the awkward Controls, but most of them, had stated how after getting used to them, the game feels much better. The visuals, the story, the gameplay, the awesomely huge content, have been praised to be superb, as IGN states "More than 300 achievements, endless weapon variations, scalable difficulty… you can't ask for more." with a well gotten 8.5, 1up gave it a B+, many sites gave 9's especially with Famitsu giving a perfect 40/40, thats 10 for all 4 reviewers. As all states, the game definitly kicks ass and is an outstanding game on the 3DS, but the controls arnt perfect and how well you adapt to them will decide how well you enjoy this game.

Im definitly not gonna leave this out, but Destructoid's Jim Sterling,aka the "Rush Limbaugh" of gaming known by some, had apparently failed to even try to get used to the controls, which resulted in him giving it a hugely Negative review which made it seem that the controls are broken and the game's garbage. Think whatever you want with this, but this is technically a path that could happen.

So which path will you take?

-Give it a chance to get used to, resulting in enjoying the amazing kick ass experience it truly is.

-Or Fail/Refuse to get used to controls because they arnt what you want them to be, Resulting in a hugely negative experience.

Kid Icarus Awaits my friends, i myself has had experience with Hunter's and is rather fond of its control scheme so getting used to Uprising should be a piece a cake for me, what path will you find yourself into?

P.S(This will also affect ALL Reviews/Sites/Gamers, including Gamespot and all users, how well you adapt to the controls, Try for yourself instead of relying on 1 person who will either Win or Fail)

P.S.S(God forbid Tom Mcshea fails to get used to it cause he'll bash the living crap outta things he doesnt like/want to get used to) Just Kidding, but seriously though.

Resident Evil Revelations Demo up tommorow for UK and US 3DS users

Just want to let it be known to my trackers that FINALLY the 3DS starts to get Demo's, and what other game would be more perfect then a game coming next month. All you users get can download the Resident Evil Revelations Demo Tommorow, and enjoy what the game has to offer. My biggest hype for this game is that its going back to its scary roots, which i hope it delivers, Resident Evil 5 was a great game, but REALLY lowered the scary Factor.

Also, Resident Evil ISNT the ONLY Demo, there's another Demo(to my knowledge) that will be up. Its nothing you'll actually hype(unless your a fan of the series per say), its the 3DS debut of a franchise whose been around for suprisingly allot of installments but has gone back to its original roots of which it lost: Cooking Mama 4: Cooking Magic

Hey, atleast you get to play Another game to look forward too, and is it just me or did Cooking Mama get OLDER!? Thats rather Interesting...

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword,My First Impressions

Finally, after finding some personal time from my usually exhausting schedule, I managed to play Zelda Skyward Sword, and i got a deep First Impressions.

First off, the Visuals are SERIOUSLY Nice, its unique mix of Wind Waker and Twilight was well done and i LOVE the blury watermark when something's in the background,its nice to see a beutifully textured Colorful world after playing so many Realistic and grey games.

As far as Character development goes, it was pretty impressive and probably the deepest yet. Zelda and Link have a nice but shy relationship going on and you can see that by the way its playing out, and Groose's whole "Jealous bully" persona fits in the whole thing, he's that "Douchebag you love"

Que "I just forgot what you said cause your pretty"

As Far as Gameplay goes, I am SERIOUSLY in love with the Dashing, sure indoors its just a fast walk, but when outside, its REALLY cool to see link just Dash like thunder and just Zip up those slopes that otherwise takes him 5 minutes to go through normally cause he's so grounded in the other zelda's.

As for the Motion controls, well there WERE confusing moments, at first (Before Sword obtainable) first person view mode(which is better cause you can fully move link when on it now) had a marker that uses Motion to look at stuff or rather, Aim in future things, I HAD troubles controlling them, but then i fully realise something, and that would be that i was focusing on the Sensor Bar, considering the last few games ive been playing regarding motion(Trauma team),then do i realise the true power of the Wii's Motion plus.

Simply put, SCREW THE SENSOR BAR, Your WIIMOTE(Motion plus) does EVERYTHING, despite where the hell the sesor bar is. Its as if the Sensor bar's Existance was to keep the Wiimote connected to the Wii itself, otherwise the Wiimote is all you need to pay attention to, wave left, the marker moves left, and so on. You can Recalibrate the Wiimote so your position is reset to the middle, making any wiimote position no Problem, I would also like to add that Recalibrating is nothing but simply pressing Up/Down(I forgot) on the Wiimotes Dpad, making it like nothing.

When I got to the Sword play, things got really interesting, The controls were intact, but as i said, dont pay attention to where you should swing, as i said, SCREW THE SENSOR BAR, just Slash the wiimote as you would a Real sword and BAM, Awesome controls. The Best way to explain them is, "Hard to Use at first, but Awesome when used to", in my case, and hopefully your's just remember that Motion plus is doing everything for you, dont care how you need to have your Wiimote. I still have ways more to go as far as Motion goes so ill be anxious to see how awesome this will go on for.

So there you have it, as a First Impression, it was interesting, I LOVE the Uniqe Art and Characters already, the story itself is awesome and touching so far. If i had to say my dissapointing segment, it would be that Fi, your companion, was rather short of an intro to that compared to Midna from twilight(Teases your imprisonment as a Wolf and strikes a deal), but then again so was Navi but Fi isnt as Shallow as Navi howver and does have an interesting Personality but i wont know till i play the game more.

Till then, Cya!

Zelda's MINE!.........OH MY GOD YOUR SHINY!

Just got The Special Edition of Skyward Sword, Gonna hold on it till i go back home,(Went to work with my dad, my gamestop is near there). The box Itself looks awesome(Even though the pic above isnt my region) and Shiiiiiny up close!

I happen to give myself a quick preview of it by opening the box to see the acclaimed Gold colored Wiimote with motion plus build in.In all honesty, I thought it was gonna be Meh cool even though it would be just a recolored gold pallette, but HOLY **** Was i wrong, it technically is a gold pallette but the thing is EPICLY SHINY! Its not as Super mega shiny, but for a gold colored wiimote it was REALLY Shiny, What an AWESOME Homage to Ocarina of Time's Gold cartridge, I seriously cant wait to try this puppy for myself,(especially since im still playing Trauma Team!)

Ugh, I Need to balance my gaming time, I still need to finish Assassins creed revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, and im freakin addicted to UMVC3(PHOENIX WRIGHT FTW!)

1 More thing, I apologize for my huge delay of Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Things got messed up and i had to redo it, i still need to review other things aswell Like Pokemon Rumble Blast(Which is a HUUUUUGE Improvement from its Wiiware Original) and others, so till then, Cya next time!

Major Points from Gameinformer's Review of Skyward Sword that hypes even MORE

The latest Issue of Gameinformer had arrived featuring the review of Skyward Sword.

The score? ANOTHER 10/10

With this said and done there were VERY interesting aspects of his review that made me even MORE hyped then i was before and which you guys would find interesting to know aswell:

-Clever and challenging motion control implementation,Swinging the Wiimote isn't boring or frustrating,Enemies are smart and fast enough to block your attacks,You'll be torn to shreds if you just waggle the Wiimote.Tons of usage for the Wiimote without coming off as a series of tacked-on minigames.

With this, we can assume that the Motion plus is SERIOUSLY working well, and the sword play isnt just a wagglefest and is very precise and requires skill, and is one well worth the time, especially its many uses!

-Game has some of the most interesting boss battles in the series' history,Rarely falls back on the formula of using a tool to take down the boss and attack it three times in a row,Last two boss battles are the most difficult fights in any Zelda game.Surprisingly challenging post-game content and High replay value

Now, THIS is a treat, Bosses are always awesome in Zelda but it doesnt seem like we'll get the same formula this time around, which makes it more unique and with bosses being hard, we can seriously enjoy this as no push over, even after the game is finished, and when DOESNT Zelda have High Replay Value? You can tell your gonna play for a long time!

- Story is "a major step up for the franchise, with clever writing, an interesting (if strange) new villain, and a wide cast of characters that would feel at home in one of Disney's better animated movies." Twists take the plot in surprising diections,Game makes you care about the characters,Reviewer feels Skyward Sword's story is the most emotionally effective Zelda game,Skyward Sword shows how Zelda can evolve.

Another Major thing with Zelda is Story, and it looks like this game will heavily deliver as stated. Zelda has always been the low-personality character(Tetra doesnt count, its not zelda herself) so its really refreshing to see Zelda have a real personality(Spirit tracks did good though), and if you havnt guessed it already, this game gives Zelda and Link a real relationship, im just itching to see these Plot twists the games gonna have!

And their not kidding about the characters, Check out this video preview of Beedle and his Personality change!

-Flying is faster and less annoying than sailing in Wind Waker,Game usually changes the environment in interesting ways or dishes out new challenges,Reviewer never felt cheated by repeat levels for fetch quests or anything of the sort,Gameplay/story are the biggest shifts the series has ever seen,Skyward Sword shows how Zelda can evolve.

Skyward sword is definitly no pusher, this game is serious and you can count that it wont get boring, Im just hyping all over, especially to actually play the game myself!

Here's to Nov. 20 to come faster!

WOW.........well this is interesting

I just found out something VERY interesting in Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, magazine came and it showed 2 more new characters, one of which is a familiar face which we expected but the second is......well ill let you see for yourself....

First off, we kinda saw this coming sooner or later:

and then we got.......THIS.......:

Queen Bee from Mario galaxy/galaxy 2?

My reaction is WTF!?!, but now that i think about it, I am freakin LOVING the variety of the characters, Metal Mario, Lakitu and now THIS!

This game is seriously getting MORE awesomer.

My 3DS Friendcode

I forgot so here it is:


If you got a 3DS add me and give me your friend code!

For those who dont know, the 3DS takes friend codes the FIRST time, after that ALL games will be playable with friends WITHOUT having to do it again.

Well THATS Horribly Dissapointing -_-

As you guys probably saw by now, Gamespot gave DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi a 4.


While that SEEMS Bad, we have to remember that its GAMESPOT, and there was a Game who Also got a 4.0 that i HUGLEY Dissagree on by the name of Mario Sports Mix.

However this is different, as All DBZ Fighting games after Tenkaichi 3 sucked balls compared. In reality, not really as the "Graphics got better" and the Fighting got more "Cooler" it seemed that it didnt live up to what Tenkaichi 3 did,Ultimate Tenkaichi builded hype but alas, looked what happened.

Im not calling gameover yet, i need to read ALL of my trusted resources(Mostly GR) and compare to think how this game did but main point, it sucks that apparently these new DBZ games are not living up, the others like Raging blast and Burst limit were cool Except its the same SH*T!

Vegeta,Frieza,Cell,Buu, GAMEOVER

What reallly got people pissed what no GT, even though the series was a black sheep, alas, Tenkaichi 3 literally got all the series together and even people you dont give a flying F*CK about (Stares at Mini cells) but it was deep and let everyone have blast.

People will go back to Tenkaichi 3 and play the awesome times, and if you didnt know, Tenkaichi 3 was on the wii, and it has Decent Online so technically its nearly the Best Online DBZ!

Anyways later till next time!

Kirby's RTDL is "Easy"? I dont think so!

Just a quick update, Kirby's Return to Dreamland is STILL Popping up suprises one of which is how its increasing in difficuly and how much things there are, seriously, there are Remixes of Old Kirby Favorties Like HEAVY LOBSTER!

Main point, Dont believe the Mumbo jumbo "Too Easy" Crap, the game gets harder and all the unlockables will make you kill your Arse to complete it.

Till next time!

Expect a Review Soon

Just letting everybody know that im soon(Probably AFTER Tommorow) gonna post my full fledged(but not extremely Long) review of Kirby's Return to Dreamland. I wont be Biased and will give the game a deep thought, but i will say that it is impressive on a certain degree, especially visually, an example is Whispy Woods, he's generic and in ALL Kirby games, but his visuals and animations makes you Hype to actually wanna fight him.

So Stay tuned!

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