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    @mastermetal777 said:It definitely is a rare thing to see Gamespot give out a 10. It's now the 8th game to get the top score. Here's the new list, in order of release so as to show how infrequently t...

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    I havent done anything?
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    i dont know who decided to put under pending my reply about bayonetta 2. i just want wich term caused you a problem, i am french and my reply did'nt content any insult, threat of profanity. j
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    time to a little history lesson, mister van ord

    ryse is not perfect as your idea of roman empire as it seem.rome was never a peacefull democracy, having slaves, wars, even incestous relations were common. add plots and murders to this, rome was a ...

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    no this time wont be called wow killer, just draenor killer^^. we wont get fooled again !!