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Step by step instruction to hack your Sony PSP-3000

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Thanks to the MHU2D Team, we can play ISO, CSO games on the PSP-3000 finally. If you are willing to enjoy free games on the PSP-3000, Please follow me to prepare your console first. I assure you it's 100% successful.

Step 1

Please confirm the system version of the PSP-3000 is 5.03, all versions below should upgrade to 5.03v.

Check the system versions at Settings - System Settings - System Information.

Step 2

Format the memory card at Settings - System Settings - Format

Step 3

Connect the PSP to Computer with a USB cable, Set " USB-connection " at home menu, a removable Disc appears accordingly。

Step 4

A. Unzip the Hen file to the root directory, and paste the Photo file to PSP file.

B. Unzip the CFW_Enable_3.30.zip file, select the CFWEnabler file and move it to the folder under the name of PSPGAME.

Step 5

Let's coming to the hack travelling.

A. PSP Menu - Settings - System Settings - Restore Default Settings. Press " O " for confirm. The console will restart after finished. Then press direction key continuously, and press O at last step.

B. PSP Menu - Settings - System Settings - Character Set - US press O for confirm.

C. PSP Menu - Photo - Memory Stick, execute the WHITE file

The screen turns to chaos and re-start subsequently. ( If the screen doesn't turn to chaos and re-start, just press the direction key till it appears). Then check the system version will be 5.03ChickHEN。

PSP Menu - Game, execute the CFWE file just as run a game, there are three files appear up,

pitch on the Start(Flash And Start)and press O, skip to Yes, then the PSP-3000 will re-start automatically. Check the system information again, now it turns to 5.03m33-6.

Last step, press Select button and change the UMD ISO MODE to M33 or NP9660 to boot in games.

Congratulations! You've got it. It's able to play ISO and CSO games now.

Please note: ISO games must put in the ISO folder at the root directory. ( If without ISO folder, please create it.)

The latest progress of iplayer external subtitle development

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Previously, it has been told that iPlayer team was developing external subtitle function. Now, their progress is revealed, that subtitles setting has been added into video playing setting, besides, font colour and subtitles time offset operation of external subtitle has completed. But there are still some multinational language code problem what needs to be solved, further more, subtitles background colour function is considered to be added, so that it could avoid colour superimposition problems, if the subtitles colour is similar with the video colour around. The expected external subtitle function is believed to be coming soon.

Recently, external subtitle function is whether limited by video formats or not, what was asked on some forum. Of course not, the external subtitle function is separated from video playing, and complete independence, so whatever the video format is, you could use external subtitle function freely.

Hopebuy will bring you thefuther news, please note.

iPlayer free shipping worldwide!

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The global's newest products iPlayer was launched on July 1st 2009. This slot-1 cart promises to play various video formats without the need to spend time converting them first, which means no more DPG videos. This is a step in the right direction, it support RMVB, FLV, WMA, AVI, MP3, WAV ... format direclty. It's our honor to have the iPlayer put first sale on our web ( www.hopebuy.com ). And, if you place with us, it's able to share the free shipping service, no region problem, it covers all over the world. The purchase link : http://www.hopebuy.com/0001/0403/21925001.shtml

DS iPlayer arriving at Hopbuy this afternoon.

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I believe you must heard a lot of news about iPlayer! A new dedicated media player for the Nintendo DS. This flash cart doesn't do gaming, but its built in CPU has other plans. This slot-1 cart promises to play various video formats without the need to spend time converting them first, which means no more DPG videos. Is this a step in the right direction, or will you be better off sticking to DPGs and Moonshell? Do you really want to watch your DivX, XviD (etc) videos on your DS screen? It's our honor to have the iPlayer put first sale on our web ( www.hopebuy.com ). Right now we get the stocks, and my colleagues are doing quality test for tomorrow's shipment.