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YLOD/RLOD resolved (sort of)

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Well, yesterday I resolved the issue of my dead PS3. My previous attempt to fix it through a reflow proved to be ineffective even though I had followed the instructions completely. So, how did I resolve it?

I bought another one that I found on Craigslist, cheap ($150)! I also managed to sell my dead PS3 to someone who was willing to buy it for $50. So, in the end I paid $100 for a slim PS3 that had a larger 160gb hard drive over my old 60gb hard drive. The only downside is that I lost my backwards compatible model as well as losing 3.41 firmware functionality. Given that the new PS3 was on 3.72, I decided to upgrade it completely to the latest firmware which is currently at 4.11. It even came with Uncharted 3, a game I have been dying to play for some time now. All in all, not a bad solution for $100.

Attempt to Repair YLOD/RLOD on PS3

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Yesterday, I took the first step towards trying to repair my PS3 by myself. Many of the websites that were offering to do it were charging a minimum of $90 which gave you a six month warranty. I've been following a website that is super comprehensive complete with videos that shows you how to disassemble your PS3 step by step. Once you strip it down to the motherboard, you need to apply heat at 350F to get the contacts to bond again. That's the part that I've reached. Not sure what I'm going to do if this doesn't work. Of course, it could also be the power supply.

Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Red Light of Death on PS3 ****

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Like many things in life, I've always heard of things happening to other people but I never thought it could happen to me. Well, last week it did. It happened as I was playing Killzone 2. Fully immersed into the game and wanting to finish the campaign, I fired up the console and was loading my current game when the machine died. Wondering if I might have accidentally pulled the power cable, I turned it on again to the same effect - a red blinking light.

My first action was to google "rlod" at which time I discovered that it was also called yellow light of death due to the blinking yellow lights that momentarily precede the red light of death.

My second action was to go onto craigslist to see if there was anyone who was offering their services to fix such a thing. I managed to find a phone number. When I called the number, what sounded like some kid's mom picked up the phone. Dubiously, I inquired if this was the correct number for PS3 repairs. She said that it was and asked what the problem was. Still a little uncertain, I inquired about RLOD issues. She turned away and spoke to someone in the background. When she returned, she said that they could fix it temporarily for $40, probably long enough to get my saves off the computer but there could be no guarantees on the work performed. I asked her what the likely issue was and she suggested (without having to consult with whoever it was she was speaking with) that it was likely a loose solder on the mainboard. I do have an older 40GB model. The shame about this is that it was still on 3.41 firmware. I doubt I'll be able to find a replacement for that and if I do, what are the chances that I'll get the RLOD again?

BioShock 2 exceeds all expectations

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How many times have you gone to see the sequel of a very successful movie and ended up being disappointed (Avatar 2 comes to mind)? How many times have you played the sequel of what was an excellent game only to find that it was nothing as you expected? Well, very few games and movies for that matter, have what it takes to follow up on what was originally a great idea. Not so with Bioshock 2, which I believe joins the ranks of other games such as Assassin's Creed in improving upon what was originally a great game to begin with. Having said that, Bioshock was a much greater success than Assassin's Creed and as such has a much harder time measuring up. This game however, does not disappoint. I have only played through the first 3 or 4 chapters but I am as engrossed in the game as I was during the first one. Perhaps even more so, as I now know the premise of the game.

The game continues where the story last left off only it is now ten years later. Many of the controls are identical to the original but instead of playing as a human, you now take the role of a big daddy.

To be continued...

Why Link is the greatest hero of all time.

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Why Link is the greatest all time hero:

* he puts up with wearing a ridiculous green outfit for all of his adventures and doesn't complain

* he fights some seriously scary monsters

* he has a nice theme song

* he can play a musical instrument

* his adventures last a long time yet he never seems to need to sleep or eat

* who doesn't like elves?

What songs would you like to see on the next release of Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

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My biggest beef with both the Guitar Hero series and Rock Band is that there are a whack of songs that are virtually unknown to the majority of the population. Meanwhile, there are a whole slew of songs that would be ideal for these games. What songs would you like to see on the new version when they come out?

Best Music/Rhythm Game?

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Now that I've finished playing Zelda, I'm back playing Guitar Hero. It's been a good six months since I've started on the Guitar Hero series and along the way, I also got sucked into Rock Band as well. It sounds like others have been as well since they continue to develop new additions to these games - Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 4. While the allure of being able to play drums was initially very compelling, I've found that Guitar Hero is still the more challenging of the two games. In fact, I've probably played Guitar Hero 5 times more than I have Rock Band. While Rock Band has a great concept of combining several players together in cooperation to perform, I seldomly have people around to play with which means that Guitar Hero is the choice of games for me. What do you think is the better of the two games or is there another title that you like even more?

Wow, what a game!

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I can't even remember when I first started playing Zelda, the Wind Waker but I have finally finished it. It may have been that I've been preoccupied with other things but this is a game of epic proportions. The only problem now is to figure out what to play next!

Glad I got that off my chest

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Thanks for the responses to my previous blog regarding the loss of valuable gaming time due to the addition of a new family member. Fortunately, I have a wireless controller for both my PS2 and the Wii/Gamecube console and have been using them regularly. One handed gaming requires a lot of practice and is something that I am still perfecting. Meanwhile, I thought I would share a funny story with those of you following this blog.

Prior to the birth of my son, my wife and I attended a prenatal class. At the end of the class, we were asked to write down 4 things we could not live without. Easy enough I thought and promptly scrawled down: food, sleep, gaming and a neat and tidy household. Unfortunately, we were then told after we had recorded our thoughts to scratch two off the list to reflect a more realistic scenario after our child arrived. Well, this caused a bit of thinking and required me to rethink my priorities. In the end, I felt that food and sleep were non-necessities and to this day I'm confident in my decision.

P.S. I had thought about bringing my Guitar Hero controller over to the hospital when my son was born so that I could say that he was born with a guitar in his hands. I also thought about hooking up the console in my wife's hospital room so that I could occupy the time a little better. Needless to say, she wasn't thrilled about the idea.

Hard to be a gamer and hold a baby at the same time.

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This past Saturday, my son was brought into the world. Weighing in at 3.3 kgs and at a height of 51 cms, Bhode (pronounced Bo-dee) Alexander has brought a new form of joy into the world and taking away from another joy of mine, gaming. I ask you people out there - who has successfully manouevered a joystick while holding a baby at the same time, let along a Red Octane guitar? It's impossible, or at least I have yet to perfect it. Another killjoy has been the lack of sleep I've been getting which is making me make a tough choice between getting sleep or getting some gametime in.

If there are any dads out there with this dilemma, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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