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People Bashing Games For No Apparent Reason...

I've noticed that people might create a thread discussing a game, and others will just go on it an post something like "this game SUCKS" (quote from a user on another site, about Homefront). I just find it annoying when people will either (A) comment on a game saying it's downright terrible without giving any reasons and (B) just bash a game for the sake of bashing, for lack of a better term.

The reason why It annoyed me particularly this time is because I personally feel Homefront looks like a decent game, if not great. Hell, I even pre-ordered it. So when I'm checking out a forum about my game-to- be, I kinda want to know why a user would comment so negatively. If they just leave it at that, I'm thinking "uh, okay. Care to elaborate on that point instead of leaving me wondering? Or are you just a forum troll stating crap that you don't even know about, getting others worried?"
I also think there is a lot of bias towards games like Homefront which causes people to negatively comment on the game before they have even played it, to defend a game they love. What I'm referring to is people standing up for games like CoD (again, no offence meant here), because they don't want a competitor to their game, where there might be the potential of gamers leaving their game community (which they might specialize in) to join another. I might be entirely wrong on this statement.

I don't know, it's just something I have noticed and really don't appreciate when I see. I don't think it's fair to some games to get picked on without any reason.

Games that you buy to play just for the achievements, but they turn out good.

Last friday, I went out and bought Fight Night Round 3, me being the achievement fanatic I am. I knew there was easy achievements to be had here, and considering how cheap it is nowadays, I went for the purchase. So I get home, put the game in my console, hoping to rush through the game as fast as I can to get the achievements over with... but I started to really like it! I actually enjoyed the career mode a lot. It is the weirdest thing, because I had originally just planned to blaze through this game as quick as possible and shelf it, but instead, I found myself enjoying it and going slowly to appreciate the 'campaign'. This has happened with another game as well. I bought King Kong when I found it on the rack at a videogame store, as it wa sonly selling for $8, and I knew how the achievements were. Put it in, started playing it... and again, came acrossthat fun factor that I'd nver expected to come across with these kinds of games.

Have any of you started playing a game just hoping to get the achievements then get rid of it, but discovered it was actually really enjoyable?

Lost my Xbox.

Yep, this is one of those times where you think "is that even possible?" Well, thanks to my dumbo-ness, It is. I have lost my Xbox 360. I can't even remember the last time I was logged on to Xbox live, but damn I miss it. With all these great games coming out, like Splinter Cell Conviction, Red Dead Remption, and so on, it's truely heart breaking that I won't be able to play them on my xbox... Oh well, let's hope some day it will turn up. I'm aching to get my hands on my baby again :( and play Metro 2033 :)