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Whats up with lens of truth?

I dont get it people use there website all the time because of the PS3/XBox360 Comparisons but every time i go on there the PS3 versions of the games they review allways looked washed out. its like when you start a game and dont adjust the brightness to the TV you are using so its to bright and washed out. im suprised no one has called them on this really.

BTW i used to own a PS3 and i never had a game look that washed out or bright. same for my friend who owned the Fat and Slim PS3. we never saw anything like what lens of truth was showing in terms of very bright and washed out images.

Well BF3 is pretty bad (i am dissapoint)

Well playing the beta made the game seem like BFBC3 more than a BF2 Sequal its like they took all of the elements from BFBC2 and just made some new maps and added in some new guns to make BF3. Not to mention like 90% of the features that were IN BF2 Arnt even in BF3.

They lied. its not a sequal to there best game ever (BF2) its a sequal to there 2nd best game ever (BFBC2)

hmm is it wrong to report moderators?

Well i seem to do it quite alot and never get into any real trouble nor do the things i report them for get looked at. but i still finding my self do it.

like today. somone made a topic in system wars about the Wii U having online stuff confirmed. well the topic was locked by a mod and they said "keep it in the sticky" so i thought what sticky? i looked and there was no thread about the Wii U nor was there a sticky. i refreshed and someone made a post in the E3 Wii U thread that was most likely on the 2nd page when said person made there topic. so i said ok there is a thread for it. but when i checked just to make sure it was stickied (didnt want to overlook something) i found that from what i saw no threads in the System wars forum were even sticked.

So naturally i was like what? the guy who made the thread about the Wii U got moderated because he probbly didnt see the Wii u Thread (being it was on the 2nd page) and there are no stickes in System wars anyways. so i reported the moderator and explained the problem in the message.

i feel this will probbly do nothing and i myself will probbly get moderated with a point loss or something. but i cant help but feel that alot of the moderators misuse there power alot of the time and are never punished for things they are done wrong. instead the people who say heay your wrong get moderated.

oh well GS has taken a big dive sence i started using it in 03. guess there is nothing to do but grab my ankles and hang on for the ride.

Level 35

WOOT took like 7 years but i finnally made it. i have seen people wo registerd in like 06 and 07 and are higher level than me with less posts. i cant figure out how the hell they did it but oh well. im here now!

USPS Fails again!

Well check this out. i order a laptop from ebay that is equal to an alien ware M11x but less than half the price at the same specs. the seller is selling his own custom made laptops (new) for around 400-500 dollars (usual bid) and sends them out for free using USPS Priority shipping. i am in ohio and i ordered it from cali. he sent it out Tuesday the 25th on the 27th it was in my state. a mere 200 miles from my house. to my dismay it did not show up on the 28th. i checked the tracking and it said nothing new. (tracking said it has been processed and is on the way) well i didnt get it. come the 29th no package!? hmm ok well im going to assume that due to the fact that they moved the mail sorting for my area from Lima to Toledo that it would take an extra day but it didnt show up. today is monday the 31st and im praying i get it today.

Also the seller had 100% perfect feedback everyone was happy with the item.

Specs of laptop

14' Screen 1366x768

4 GB DDR3 1066

Intel core I3 at like 2.3Ghz no speed boost though (meh who cares about that)

Intel GT 335M 1Gb


DVD burner

all the little bits that usually come with a laptop

Its a good deal and all but USPS is seriously getting me mad.

if anyone is interested in these laptops just search L1V on Ebay. they go for a steal and perform on par with the best Alienware M11x you can get.

IF your into star trek check this out!

i am a big star trek fan and the recently released STO (star trek online) is terrible for a hardcore fan like me. it is boring in evert aspect and it seems cryptic deliverd a pile of crap. people who arnt to into star trek or dont know much about it will play it and love it while the hardcore fans are left out.

That being said there is a free game being made by a bunch of people who are dedicated star trek fans. they are making there own game engine and the graphics are allready better than Star trek onlines with more to come. right now it is in Early Alpha (i do bileve) but work is getting done on it fast.

Right now the name is currently Star Trek Excalibur


If you are interested in star trek check it out.

Here is a couple of quick links to pics comparing the show and the game

The Show http://i49.tinypic.com/35d2k8x.jpg

The Game http://i48.tinypic.com/o72djk.png

The Show Link (link was to long lol)

The game Link (again it was to long)

Check it out and read the forums. you will find all the crazy stuff they are going to do and are doing now

Unfortunate Events for some. i loled

Well there is a guy named Sledge70 http://www.gamespot.com/users/Sledge70/ i just found his account a few days ago and its all like yes i work at pandemic studios. then 2 days later news comes around Pandemic has been closed and some of the people have been folded into a new studio or something. the thing is it seems that the developers who actually know how to make games have been folded into a new studio. so i posted on his account.

"Wow Pandemic just got shut down aparently. did you get fired?" Im betting he did. i loled hard.

its a thing like Well it sucks to be you. and i should have seen that coming with the economy the way it is. every day i read blogs and posts about people getting laid off. Shoot. (wanted to say something against the rules here) they keep on saying the economy is getting better. but every day more and more people get laid off anywhere from 5000 to 10000 people are getting laid off in a week. to anyone who has a job now! Invest in gold and get guns. because if the economy tottally fails paper money isnt gonna be worth squat and gold will.

Guild wars. not so good.

So i allways wanted to get guild wars. and 2 days ago i did. installed it. started playing it. its dredful. 1 i like to play MMo's where i can farm to level up. i hate doing quests. Guild wars is more of a quest/mission based game. 2 graphics. they blow. even maxed out they are worse than WoW's graphics. and wow has been out alot longer. 3. no jumping. even though it is an MMO usualy there is a jump button. in the one there isnt. lame. 4 there dont seem to be to many people playing it. i didnt see many. there is more but suffice it to say. this game dissapoints me big time. i could download a free MMO like Knight online and get a way better experience than in guild wars.

somone wanna buy this crappy game? only $15 bux and it comes with the account. lol who would want to buy this pice of crap.

What kind of ammo do you use when you shoot?

This is way off topic from gamespot.

Well so far there have only been 2 types of ammo i have shot from my 12 Gage shotgun.

1 Federal

2 Winchester super X

The federal had less kick but seemed to burn cleaner there for less mess to clean up

but the Winchester Super X had more Kick and didnt seem to burn as clean.

Even though the Winchester ammo didnt burn as clean i liked how it shot. it seemed to have better penatrating force than the Federal and it costs less to.

BTW this is shooting Bird/Skeet shot. not buck or slug.

What is your Favorite type of ammo?

hmm i think its time to post something random.

Well lets do this on Ramen. the only 2 types of ramen i have really eaten are chicken and beef. usually i double pack it with 1 beef and 1 chicken. it usually taists pretty good. when my friend makes ramen he like drains all the water out adds in quite a bit of butter and milk (to much in my opimion) so when you get it its GOOD but its like super dry so you gotta get some milk or something to drink it with.

Something i think is similar to ramen could be Chicken Lo Mein? not sure on the spelling. i orderd it once from some chinese restraunt to try it out and it wasent to bad and had a similar taist to ramen. but it had like all the beef (real) and stuff in it so it was even better.