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Why is it so Hard to Get Back into Gamespot?

     Hey people, long time no see! So I decided to come back to Gamespot again, last time I tried to come back, it was VERY hard, I don't know exactly why but I have a good guess. In my opinong the reason I couldnt't get back into posting on Gamestop regularly is because I felt like it was more of a responsibilty more than a luxury. Whenever I got on Gamespot, I had around 8 unions I had to post in daily, and after a little while, it felt bad. I'm in the stage of my life where I'm getting much more responsibilties and I had to take one of my luxurys and make it a responsibilty. Thats why when I come back this time, I will only post for fun, I will maybe join a couple unions as an officer, but this time not 8. So hopefully, I can get back into Gamespot and post when I get the chance, I'm busy with friends, school, hockey, other sports, as a young teenager, but it is summer so hopefully at least for the summer I will post almost daily.

Looking for Unions to be an Officer In

Since I'm back I'll posting more then I ever have. So, I'm looking for some unions to be an officer in, I have been and officer or leader in over 15 unions before, and not a single time was I "fired", so if anyone is looking for an active and good officer please post a comment or send me a PM, thanks.

Why I Left for So Long

I'm back........ AGAIN, and dont worry I have an explanation for you all. Some of you might have met my alt. account CanadianHockey_ by now, yup that's me, just made him the day I post this blog. Now for the reason behind me leaving. Honestly, I left because just like CanadianHockey_ , I'm at a younger age then most of you guys on here, and I couldn't have fun posting anymore because I had to constantly lie. So what I did is I left, no reason, no warning, I just left. I had made a plan, that I would leave this Hockeydude account, and then when I was 14 I would make another account, just so I didn't have to lie anymore, but I decided that you all don't care much about age and I would make it now, but then after I made it I thought, I thought if they accept CanadianHockey's age, why not come back as hockeydude and give it a try, I saw how dead my union had become and how people were talking about how I left, and I wanted to come back as Hockeydude. I don't know if it's the right decision but I did it so now I'm gonna ask for you guys to forgive me, I should've just been truthful about my age since the start, and not had to lie. Please share this blog with all of your friends that now me, thanks.

Leaving Almost All Off Topic Union/ PS3 Broke :(

Ok, well first up, now with University coming up and everything, Imma be busy, and I'm just done with glitches, so I'll be leaving all off-topics unions as officer, but I will be keeping my union. I'll stay in most but stepping down as officer. I'll be most active in WOTU, GWF, and my union if u want to see me anywhere. 1 more thing is my damn PS3 broke, stupid a$$h0(3 cousin came over and played my ps3 and then raged on COD, threw my controller at it and now it won't turn on, so that's it, thanks.

I'M BACk!!!!

FINALLY!!!! HOCKEYDUDE HAS...... COME....... HOME....... (Wrestling reference :D ). But ya, anyways, I'm back from vacation, and I will now be back to my daily posting self. So sorry if I haven't been active the last week or so but nothing I coulda done about it, but I'll be back to being active now :D

Leaving For Vacation!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be leaving for vacation pretty soon, so that's why I won't be posting much, if at all. I might try and get on my laptop maybe once a day or something but I can't say for sure. So cya guys, I'll be back on the 19th. I'm going to Seattle, Vancouver, and Canmore (small place near my hometown) and I'm in Edmonton right now (where I live), in case u wondering :)

10K Posts + 2 Year Anniversary!!!

I've finally done it, I have hit 10 thousand posts!!! I've ben aiming for it for such a long time and I've finally gotten it, plus, I found that it'll be my anniversary on this day! So I decided to try and get 10k posts on my anniversary and I got it. So today we celebrate both these things, and thanks to everyone who I chatted with, all the union I've been active in, cuz if it wasn't for u guys I wouldn't be active on this site, so thanks everyone!!!

The Dark Night Rises & The Amazing Spider-Man Reviews


I thought this movie was great. It definetly exceeded my expectations. I think they did a great job on the reboot, this one was better than the original Spider-man by far in my opinion. If they keep it up the rebot will be better then the original.

Hockeydude score: 9/10

The Dark Knight Rises:

I just saw this movie like an hour ago, and it was awesome! Some of the movie could've been better but at least 2 our of the 3 hours I was so deep into I didn't care if my friends were talking to me or not because I did not want to miss a word. The ending was trippy as hell and I loved it.

Hockeydude's Score: 9.5/10

Batman beats Spider-man!

2 Promotions!

I've been recently promoted in 2 unions to officer status, after I left I demoted myself in all the unions I was officer in, so now I'm trying to earn them back, promoted in 2 of about 7 unionthat I was officer in before. I was promoted in the Smiley Army and Mushroom Kindom Union. I would also aprreciate it if you could join my union if you haven't already, link to the board: :D

Guess Who's Back/ Hockey Declined

I'm back............. I decided to decline the offer to go to the hockey university, it's just all too much, I couldn't beleive how much I would be dedicating to it, my life would be hockey pretty much, it didn't seem like that at first, but I got into the university and I couldn't believe how much they worked, I wouldn't have any spare time, just hockey and school work, and I don't think I would be able to handle it, who knows if I would even get major, and honestly I sucked compared to some of the guys there, they were amazing, I wasn't even close to having those skils as them, I don't think I could handle it, so I thought about it for a long time and I thought about it for a long time, and I ended up declining, I'm still going there but not for hockey, which equals more spare time, I'll for sure be busy, but i still think I will visit here, there's many up and downs to what i did but I'm glad I declined, i don't think it would be good for me, and here's one up, I'M HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!