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I like it a lot better compared to mvsc3. It's faster paced than SSF4, but not as fast paced as mvsc3.....a good balance imo. 



Agreed. SFxT is also a very deep fighting game, but not as frustrating to learn as SSF4. I really like the inclusion of the gem-system.

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I tend to like Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 the best.

To me SBW had by more interesting Level-Designs, Secrets and Enemy-Types than Super Mario Bros 3. It played alot like a more lavish and polished SMB3.

About M64 i liked its sense for movement, exploration, freedom and secrets, as well as its challenging Level-Design. By not automating every skill, motion und movement you can do, it does alot things well, other 3D-Games don't.