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Fun with 360, and selling the PS3.....

Well, I've had my 360 for a week, and I'm enjoying it a ton.....again. I only have Gears 2 and Fable 2 right now along with a ton of Arcade games I had already bought. I'll be getting FNR4 next week and when my PS3 sells on amazon, I'll have a deent 255 to spend on some more 360 games.

I got my coffin back from Sony today. Surprisingly, they gave me a brand new console. I would actually keep it, but the only problem is that ultra craptastic 90 day warranty. I can't deal with having to pay another 161 bucks to get it repaired if the new one dies, so I'm selling it. I really liked the PS3, but it was time to sell it. I at least have some piece of mind with the 360 that when it breaks down, I still have a super long warranty, and when I get my replacement, I'll have a fresh 3 year warranty on that, and repairs will be free.

I actually did a head to head comparison with 360 and PS3 yesterday, and for me, the 360 killed the PS3. I'm real happy with my decision, but I wish Sony would just give me a new damn warranty on my new PS3. I got too sick of their crap. The 360 has better online although it's pay to play, but that's alright. I have a few months already paid off. When it comes down to it, the PS3 had really nothing over the 360 to make me want to keep it, not even the few exclusives that really interested me. And after Activision apparently doesn't want to support the PS3 anymore, it's just kind of like "Wow, if devs have given up on the PS3, that's pretty pathetic....."

New 360 and Amazon problems..........

Well, I ordered my new 360 on amazon today. I got an Arcade system and bought the 60gb Live bundle, and got both for about 290 combined, that way I essentially get a 60 gb Pro console and 3 free months of Live. I also got Fable 2 new for 26 dollars and Gears 2 for 28. I was planning on getting another game, but for some reason, Amazon.com decided to give a buyer, whom I just shipped my last PS3 game too, a refund for their purchase. Now I'm gonna have to deal with all the BS involved with getting the buyer's card re-charged after they get the wrongly given refund back.

I called Amazon and told the rep that they issued a refund to this buyer, and that I just shipped the game. So essentially the buyer gets a game and a refund. The rep, although it was Amazon's fault, told me I'd have to get in touch with the buyer and they would have to call Amazon customer support and request that they re-charge them. I don't know why Amazon.com can't just nullify the refund themselves, saving me a lot of hassle and undo stress.

At least I'm getting a new console. I'll be getting the new Mos Def album as well. Sony has sent my coffin for the PS3 in the mail, and when I get it back, I'll put it up for sale on Amazon with a bunch of extras and crap. Tired of Sony's BS........

Now all I have to do is wait for Fight Night Round 4, until then it'll be lots of Fable 2, Gears 2 and arcade games along with lots of beer and bbq for the next 2 weeks, and my summer will have officially hit another level. I believe my summer will hit Super Saiyan level 7 lol........

Jumping the fence back to 360 land........

Well, Sony kind of bent me over a barrel. After having 2 PS3s break after excellent care, then being forced to pay 161 dollars to have the second POS repaired, I'm done.

I still think the PS3 is the superior console, but I'm willing to sacrifice a few really cool exclusives for a more reliable system. I know it sounds weird, and it's the exact reason I got a PS3 in the first place, but it's true. The Xbox 360 will probably break, BUT I have the assurance that I'll get a replacement back within a couple weeks, I'll have a fresh 3 year warranty (for RROD at least, I'll probably buy an extended warranty), and I won't have to pay out the ass because they made a shoddy product.

Besides, I've gotten caught up with the Sony Fanboyism lately that I never actually looked at all the cool titles coming out for 360, and so many titles are multiplats anyway.

To be honest, I just want a system to play FNR4 on and not have to worry about my 3 month warranty expiring.

I've made some cool e-friends on PSN, but it's time to go back to the 360.

PS3 repair/warranty services= close your eyes and take it

Well, my second PS3 dies. I know it's a piece of hardware, but still, a 90 day warranty?! Are you ******* kidding me?! I bought the PS3 because it's obviously the superior console, but I've had 2 break within 17 months. Now I have to pay 161 bucks for a refurbished console that will most likely break within half a year again, and I'll be in the same situation.

The PS3 has all the big exclusives I want, but I might just go back to the 360. I know the PS3 is superior, but at least when my 360 pooped out, they gave me another console with a fresh 3 year warranty, and I didn't have to pay a damn thing.

I had to list 7 games up on amazon just to cover the cost of the repair, and I'm still waiting for the rap to sell so I can actually have the money for Sony to royally **** me. The consumer comes first, my ass!!

So, I can either:

1. get another system that will probably fail, even with pristine care.

2. Sell the refurb and more games to buy a new PS3 with a 2 year warranty and essentially getting rid of all my games

3. Go back to the 360, which WILL break, is inferior IMHO, but they'll give me a good warranty.

So, I'm ****** either way. I'm really enjoying the next gen of tech failure and consumer cannabilism.

A lot of weed or Infamous? Choices choices.........

I had my mind set on getting 60 worth of weed this next week or two. Since Infamous is getting really good scores, it's making my choice difficult. I'm wondering what I should get?

I've wanted some weed for a few months, just to really decompress during the summer, and that much weed would go a long way, but Infamous looks really great.

Any help in gamerz land?

My holidays, college and new love of music games

Well, Xmas is in a few days. We usually go to my aunts for a super boring few days. It is fun to see family though, but we wont be going due to the super long drive which will be doubled due to insane snow and ice on the roads. No matter. I basically got everything Ive wanted for Xmas already. All I really wanted were the Rock Band games and Guitar Hero World Tour.

I bought myself the RB1 bundle a few weeks ago, and loved it. I bought the RB2 game on Saturday, and it is blowing my mind. I just ordered GH WT off of Amazon as well, so Im already set. I'll most likely get a gift card or something which will most likely go to Valkyria Chronicles and the LBP MGS4 bundle thing.

Ive fallen in love with the music games. When I got Guitar Hero 3 last year I kinda hated the guitar because I sucked so much at it, and I used the p***y method of just using the controller. That kind of turned me off of music games until I bought Rock Band. It was much more easy, and I eased myself into it. Its awesome how the better you get at each instrument, the more fun it is. Im so hooked!! Im going to have a few week long orgy of Rock Band 2 and GH WT!!

I guess my game time will be on the rise since I wont likely be able to go to college this next quarter. I take online classes through my local community college, but Ive taken all the courses I can for my major from them. I had an application sent to me from another community college around the area, but they have not gotten it to me in the mail yet. The cutoff date is January 2nd, so I doubt I'll make it in time. And it kind of sucks that for some reason I cant sign up for online classes at the actual college, or I would have done that like a month ago. No matter. I would have rather gone to school so I was making some progress towards my degree. Oh well. At least I'll have more time to nurture my new love for music games.......

The most insane sports injury ever!!!!

Warning: If you are squeamish, do not look

This happened last night at the UFC Fights For The Troops event. There was a lot of carnage that night, and a surprisingly large amount of injuries for UFC card, but Corey Hill's gnarly leg breakage is by far the worst of the night. MMA is usually a generally safe sport, and this was a freak accident. Corey Hill threw a leg kick, it was checked, and his leg broke in the most gnarly fashion I have ever seen. After it broke, he fell back, and his leg was literally flapping like a rubberband. It's the most serious injury in the UFC's history by far. It's also completely real. If you dont believe me, go to UFC.com's front page and watch the fight. Amazingly, Hill is okay today. They did an operation, and he's fine. He'll be out for 12-18 months though. leg break

My experience with PS3 repair services.

Well, I got my PS3 back a few days ago. I gotta say I think Sony dropped the ball and dissappointed me. First off, the customer service reps were very unkind and kept implying that I dont need to get my PS3 repaired, and that I should just go out and shell out another 440 bucks for a new one. WTF?!? Im still in warranty and I took awesome care of my PS3. Why should I shell out more money when it's their obligation to repair it. I ended up just filing a service request online with no b*****s to deal with.

It took like 2 and a half weeks for my PS3 to come back due to thanksgiving. They shipped it back with three day mail, but it took a week. When I got the system back I was kinda pissed. It works fine, but my old system was in perfect condition, and the replacement had osmetic scratches all over the top and back, and had tons of dust all around it. I had to clean the model because they were too lazy too do it. At least I have a PS3 that works now. Hopefully the next one does not die, especially after the lame ass 90 day warranty. If you ask me, I think that if I paid 440 dollars for my PS3 and it conked out within the warranty, Sony owes me a new 1 year warranty. Even Microsoft, the bane of my gaming existence in 2007-early 08', gave my replacements (which died twice within about 2 weeks) a 1 year warranty.

While The PS3 is more reliable than the 360, I gotta say that Microsoft's replacement plan is much better. The PS3 is by far my preferred console this gen, but their replacement service is awful, at least in the USA.

I want......my PS3 back. I want....MY PS3 BAAAAAACK!!!!!

Well, Sony received my PS3 on Saturday. The service status said its been opened and assessed (whatever that means), and it'll be 7-15 days before I an expect to see it again. Since its broken, why dont they just send me a refurbished console, then add my old PS3 to the pool of broken PS3's to be repaired? This would speed up the process for me, Sony, and for people whose PS3's will break in the future. Oh well.

It sucks, Im dying for my PS3. Ive got the Home beta key just sitting there, The Rock Band special edition in mint condition will most likely be here days before the PS3 arrives, and Im dying to play all the games I got in Otober that I still wanna play more. I had a dream last night about scoring goals as my Be A Pro player in NHL 09. It was an awesome dream. That's how bad I want my PS3 back...........

My PS3 broke :(

This sucks. Ive only had it for like 8 1/2 months. My old 360 lasted longer!!! WTF?!?!? I paid 400 bucks for a piece of quality hardware. The disc drive just stopped reading discs. How lame. And I took excellent care of it too. At least im in warranty..........