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Im back

I went to newfoundland for 3 weeks and now i am back, it was lots of fun. so ya did anyone go anywhere?

Joke #9

Joke # 9 ya its friday but I am sleepy so Ill make this quick.

winner is spooky102 with the ketchup joke but I think it should be what did the fast tomato say to the slow one but it could be you changed it to make it your own. So ya you win you get aaaaaaaaaa something I will give it to you later mostly because I dont know what it is yet but I will give you something befor next friday ok.

OK now for the joke

there are 5 people on a plane

a docter, the pilot, george bush, an old man and a young boy. the plane is crashing and there are only 4 parachutes on the plane. the docter grabs the first one and says I save live so its mine, then the pilot grabs the next one and says I fly from place to place and need to be ok and jumps off. George bush grabs the next one and says I am the world smartest man and jumps off.

The old man gives the boy one and says I am old I will go down, and the boy says its ok the worlds smartest man jumped off with my back pack.


ok just put some jokes in the comments if you want I need to go for dinner

Oh snap its saterday not friday #9

I.... Im ....... I.......... am sorry :cry:

I.. "snif" .... hope .. "snif" you can forgive me

the joke of the week is what time did the man go to the dentist?

tooth -hurty

ha...haha. hahahahahahahah

That made me feel better

now the winner of last week was Spooky102 the only one who entered so ya

you win go brag about it to everyone

so this week is a freestyle joke you can put anything down best joke wins

Im entering to this time with the tooth joke

so you got to beat that to win

a brand new car!

just jokeing you will win somethingand it will be more then just you name in here so if I were you I would get my joke book out.

Joke #8

Its friday, friday going to get down on friday

I hate that song!

so ya joke of the week 8 woooooo:roll:

well theres the long weekend but I have like 4 projects to do

guess its my bad for leaving it till the last secend

well for the best blond joke I think we all know how it was

congratulations SPOOKY102

just kidding it avatarman96 for the hunting one

that was funny and by far the best one told on joke of the week

for winning you can pick if you want what my next pic will be because I want to get rid of this cookie

Ok now for the joke

so a man walks in to a bar

he says owch :cry:


like a bar like a flag pole not a bar like a drinking place

Ok so now lets see some nerd jokes

still dont really get the whole nerd joke thing but post a joke and Ill pick the best one.

so ya any one been playing gears 3 beta

I have almost have golden retro lancer :D

cant wait for the full game to come out

ok bye

joke # 7

7 weeks of pitiful jokes :o Ill try to make this week super funny OK.

well for the winner of last weeks thing

the two person car, bus stop three people thing!

well the real answer was--- to give the car to your best friend to take the lady to the hospital

and then ride the bus with the girl of your dreams but I liked Goyoshi12's awnser (lol tweet about it) hahahaha

so know for what we have been waiting for..... the joke


I.... cant think of one :oops:

no no I will think of one just keep reading


oh :o

why was the cyclops fired frim his job as a teacher?......

because he only had one pupil hahahahahahahaha

that was a good one

I think it was the best one yet...

ok know lets see who can give me the best dumb blonde joke

I know there are some good ones out there so lets get some good ones here ok OK!

see you next week bye:arrow: