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Four years go so fast, so whats up?

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Man 4 years was a long time ago. Anyway for the people who haven't heard (have you been hidding under a bus?) The Parent company of Gamespot, CBS brought part of the Whiskey Media family. Comic Vine and more importantly Giant Bomb are now going to be part of the same family as gamespot.

Theres a lot of questions being asked like how will two websites which for the most part cover the same news, reviews ect coexist and just what will happen this week. Im a Giant Bomb guy and when i left Gamespot it was because i felt the need to support people i felt got scewed and to this day I feel the same way, but if guys like Jeff and Ryan are ok with it then who am i to judge?I'am really looking forward for the first time in four years to be excited about something happening to gamespot and that will effect it as whole and it starts later today when Jeff talks about his termination later today for the first time.

Also looking back at this blog make me look back at how dumb i was, terrible reviews, awful posts . Its like a horrible time line of my pre adulthood. Anyway if anyone remembers me hi.

Gamespot Beta?

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So i just thought I come here and just talk about this gamespot beta thing. It looks ok, will i start posting here again? no lol. Sorry but I'm just to into Giantbomb now. I started to really get into it now as well. Everything about it I really like so much more.

There has been a few people I see leaving the site like after 2 weeks after it going up and i'm like wtf lol. Its been up for about 3 weeks, Its bound to have its problems here and there but its still better then here. But yeh GB just feels more adult then here which is the biggest selling point. Oh and theres the point the staff there actully do have charisma then a gold fish.

Even thoughthought I have'nt been really useing the site i do read blogs a bit more and its funny but I'm also commenting more as well, shame I did'nt do that more when i blogged here:roll: . But yeh I really recommend Giantbomb to anyone as it just feels better. Sorry guys and girls.

E3 end thoughts

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So instead of writing about E3 ever day like most other people seem to have done Ive decided to do it all in one blog. So anywho as you might at gamespot i have'nt really watched much of any of gamespots shows. I watched when they had Fallout 3 and even thought the game looks great the only thing I was thinking was my god the women by the laptop is so god dam anoying where the hell they pick her up from. Right yeh getting away from the subject.Anyway lets start Conferences and i don't see why even so mad at nintendo , they all sucked pretty much just theys sucked the most , like last year. But yeh I didn't enjoy really any of them.

Nintendo Conferences

So yeh lets get this out the way first. I say the biggest bits of good news coming out of that was there a GTA coming out for the DS, uhh yay i guess. But yeh that was pretty much the biggest news they had. They have an item coming out that makes the Wii control better but like most of said this should of been added when they were making the Wii and however fun sword fighting might be I don't want to buy Wii sport 2 just for this dam thing.

So yeh whole thing was pretty much a women going blah blah blah women are great blah blah Guitar hero on the DS is great (uh what...) blah blah i hurt my wirst blah blah. person i want to stab in eye the most goes to her. Please go back to your office and stay there. Reggie came out and talked a bit as well. Then they went off and Shigeru Miyamoto came out and pretty much play with a childs toy oh wait I'm sorry i meant Wii Music. Why buy your kid that crappy plastic anoying load of crap guitar when you can buy them this load of crap. Its truely the death of a hardcore gameing company. They lost all little soul they had left and I think its now true. The Wii has become a fad and its just

Microsoft Conference

So not awfully far behind was MS and let me say apart from a few bugs they is nothing wrong with the 360 dashboard or anything so why the hell change it to a more crappy design. Oh and yes now we have avatars which we can make. yah... it was another dumb conference that just pissed me off. Nothing really big again actully it was pretty dull. So yeh please stop trying to be the Wii 360 , your better then that

Sony Conference

It was befar the best conference of the 3 and its funny cause I can't remember any of it. Maybe thats why it was so good cause they was nothing that went omg what the hell. Either way nothing to big, I can't remember if they said Bioshock was coming out in the conference of not either, i think it did. One good thing that stood out was the little bit where they used the sackman to show charts and stuff, that was pretty dam cool.

So right on to my game of the show and I have to say for two times running....

Again I can't wait for this game to come out because it looks great its different to most games and yeh wow just amazing. Also worth a good look was Spore and Fallout 3.

So yeh there E3 in a nutshell. it was crap but i listen to some great great 2 hours podcast each day which was the coolest thing ever and a beta starts very soon (look below) Right so Im downloading some Red Chili Pepper song for live and I'm getting animal crossing for the DS on saturday but its going to be a lazy day for me i think. Ok some I'm going to try this song then go to bed. So who knows this maybe my last blog here. but of course I let you know :P.

2 Weeks to go

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Forget about E3, this is the big event I'm talking about.

Yep Giantbomb the beta is less then 2 weeks away now and I totally can't wait. Once the site is up I can begain to put all my blogs and review ect there hopefully. When the sites up I will be useing a different username but i let you guys know it once its up. Like I said GS will never be same due to them pretty much loseing most if not all the personalityit ha. See Even thought A lot of the problems I had with GS were still here before what happened in 07 but stuff like the vids, podcasts, shows and ect keeped me here because they were so good because of the people who were there in 07 but since the last GS thing i watched was the smash bro's thing a while back but a part from that most my time has either been at webcomic places or giantbomb or

So thats out the way now , theres not much on the games front at the moment. Most my time is in WOW now and I'm level 63 after takeing ages from 62 so i was happy but I started a Warlock which I really like a lot more so I might put more time into him but we see how it goes. As for any games, uhh Bad Company looks pretty cool but I don't have Xboxlive atm so it be kind of a pointless buy right now. I also brought a couple of decks from the World Of WarcraftTCG and the art is pretty darn goo.

So its friday soon and of course that means last day of work which means the weekend which means fun :D. I'm not to sure what i'm going to do , maybe have a Wow and dvd night :D. I'm not sure yet but i got like 10 dvds i have'nt watched and such. So yeah this will end it I think, I'm going to put up my top games i'm looking forward to for 2008 as well later so look out for that. Anyway have fun all.

Welcome to Outland...

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So I got to level 58 on WOW so i was finally able to reap the rewards of The Burning Crusade and well they call these rewards. I'm sorry but they call these rewards. They gone insane in the leveling crap, a few levels ago it would but like 160k and would go up by like 10 or 20k each time. Its now at 610k or somthing which is a joke. Then there Outland and let me say the starting place , hellfire is by far the most boring place ever. The only place which seems pretty cool but im still like 2 or 3 levels away from getting quests and such. Infact I have to be honerst, if the Blood Elfs and Draenei would have been a patch then i probley would'nt of brought BC at all. But then a lot of BC shouldreally have been free but even then with a game like wow or others like everquest is there really need these expansion.

I mean they get enouht money out of everyones subs but WOW more then any MMO just seems to be like the biggest money grabbers out there. Look at it like this , u have to pay for expasions, subs, Characater name change, server trans even to enter tounrys .... I enjoyed WOW but BC has by far just not made it anymore worthwild for me. Also Alliance apart from the draenei 100% suck.

So yeah, anyway I brought quite a bit last week and a few more are coming this week so I have a another blog up with stuff but let me say one thing, Crisis Core meh..... Anywho I'm done its late i got work and I just cba with life so bye bye:P

Metal Gear Spolier

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So I got to the end of MGS4 a little while a go and just wana give people some my thoughts. Yes I made a blog about it last time but I'm going to talk well more at what I dislike and why in the review I will make I won't give it 10/10. Anyway so lets talk about the people first.


So we have to start with old Snake here and my views still stand that hes one of the best people in Video games and will be missed when (if) he does bite the bullet which I think will happen. But yeh Snake actully suits the grumpy old man sort of thing well. He's funny in that kind of way and I don't know what it is but I don't think you can dislike him. So he gets a thumbs up from me.


I like Raiden a lot more in this game then in MGS2 for the simple reason is he so much more badass and is just a lot cooler. So much in fact I wish there would of been moments where u play as him. He just seems more darker and is full of hate which he actully needed. But there is a problem I have with him, the fact he was able to cheat death so many times. Ok in the first vamp fight letting in live was a good idea. But when he stops the ship.... I mean come on i hated the fact he stop a ship that size in the first place but then he lives. This would have been the perfect time to kill him off and they should of done. Instead he stops this giant ship and in the next screen Otaco say he be fine .... then he even somehow able to get on the ship which has like about 10000 troops infront of him and still able to save snake which I just thought he did to many times and it also got on my neves. I think the thing is they really wanted us to like Raiden which I think a lot of us did but then they took it to far and made him the unkillable hero. Eitherway still like him so thumbs up.


I really like Liquid as well, I think its helped hes the main villain and that hes funny at times at well. You know when you see him somthing big is going. Just a lot of the big moments that stand out have him in like when he makes the gun motions with his fingers and the troops holding p90s fire. Just so many great moments as such a great characte. There was just not one moment that bored me. Great Villian and great character so thumbs u.

The Beauty and the Beast Corps

Even thought they were just bosses from the other games in different skins they were pretty complexed character and I really like them and felt sorry for them to. Each have awful backstorys that no one would want to have happpen to them. For one there all look really cool and even thought a couple are a little easy to kill you wish "man i want one". The only thing I did'nt really like was the human fights. I did'nt really see any real reason for them to be there as they just did'nt seem needed. Still all of them get a Thumbs up as well.


I have very mixed feeling for Otacon. I like him somtimes but I also just found him anoying as hell more. The thing that really made me go "oh dude you suck so much" was when Naomi died. His voice acting in the part was just so crap and you just thought really thats the best u can do and then 20 seconds later hes fine again. Thought there was a part near the end where u felt he put my effort in with another screen where hes thinking about here. So I don't really like him but don't really hate him.


I know she did'nt have a super large roll in the game (well she kind of did) but I just really like Sunny and I can't wait to see if she will in another Metal Gear game (if there will be one) as an older characterso thumbs up.


Vamp pretty evil looking and is well pretty evil even so I would of never felt i would of felt sorry for him when he died but I did. I just thought put him to rest now and let it be done with. So felt sorry for so thumbs kind of up.

Naomi Hunter

By far the person I dislike the most in the game. For one i'm still not sure who's side she was on. It seems she was help both sides and trying to have her cake and eat it in away. Everytihng about her I just did'nt like. Even her death screen I did'nt even feel sorry for her for a couple of reason. one was that Otacon crying just made the whole screen a joke and the fact why you killing yourself I mean doing it front of everyone and just takeing the easy way out. So thumbs down.


He start as the Human joke and then became a hero's and even one of the main character. I kind of also had mixed feeling about the way he changes from the start of the game till the end but I guess I kind of like him so thumbs up.

There was a few other people but I just don't think I connected with them enought to write about them. But Lets talk and the cop out of an ending which is one of the reasons it won't get a 10 for me. The ending in this one was to much a happy kind of yay ending. the whole thing like the wedding just anoyed me because everything Meryl said she wanted did'nt happen and they done it so fast. Also I gone on about this before but I wish Snake would of died instead of the way the done it. Someone said the whole Raiden meeting his son and the wedding would of been made much better if it would of all been happening because of Snakes sacrifice but no it had to be all this happy ending where snakes going to live his finally months and die somwhere.... hated the ending and it just felt like Konami just got lazy towards the end of the game and it just did'nt feel as fun as the start (apart from the rex bit).

after thinking a while about a score useing gamspots .5 system I would give it a 9.5 because of a few problems and the crappy ending, under a different reivew system maybe a 9.6 or a 9.4 but yeh its great but I would'nt listen to the people saying you need a PS3 just for this game as you maybe thinking " well that was fun for like 2 weeks. Still I think its great and you should buy it if you own a ps3.


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So Ive been messing about with the full Spore creator and I love it so i just thought i show you guys one or two of the things i made so far.

By Far my the best one I have made do far, I called him Firefly and He's kind of a cross between well a firefly and a bird. This was the first one I made with the full creator and you can do so much more due to there being more content as shown here.

So this guy i made pretty much right after Firefly and was something done fairly quick but I couldn't decided if he should walk on two legs for four but after a while I decided that two were better. So I'm fairly happy with this one even thought he was done quick.

This one was the first real on I made with the Trial of the creator I was truly happy with and after a couple of seconds there was only 1 name i could think of. Behold Grasstop!!!

I wasn't going to post this guy but i decided to in the end. He was my first guy I made and i thought he was so cool :roll:. None the less this guy hold a place in my heart just like the rest :lol:.

Right So on to the creator, well to put it simply its amazing. I haven't really seen anything like this that is so in fact simple and easy to mess about with. You can really let your brain run wild and just made some Insane stuff and that's where spore has gone right. Its just so easy to get a hold of let it take a hold of you. I find myself thinking " Well I really like the last one I made but I'm sure I can make an even better one". So it just keeps you coming back. Spore is already a 10/10 in my books but we haven't even got to core of the gameplay and I think we are on tip of something really big. People say GTA4 or MGS4 game of the year well I think both better be looking over the backs now cause I think this could blow them all away.


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So ive been playing MGS4 pretty much since Friday and I made it to the last chapter yesterday night. With the last Metal Gears I would of rather watched then played which was the case for a lot of people. But gameplay in it feels just a lot better then it ever has. The boss fights so far have been really good fun, I think I have like 2 more now and thats it but the story.

Hand on chest the game as some super sad moments which Metal Gear has always had but lets just say it like this (SPOILER) I actully felt a little sad when Vamp died who is like one of the most evil people in the game (end spoiler) and stuff like hearing the B&B backstorys on how they became what they became and such. Somthing you notice thought is all the like elite troops are all female, most the bosses are female apart from a few but then Females have always had big roles in MGS I mean even Boss was female.

I do now kind of wonder where they will take it next thought. I mean its no secret that it was Snake's final mission and this may be the last we will see Snake alive in a metal gear game set in events after 4. Its even kind of sad in a way because Snake has been one of the biggest Impacts in games and to see him going out the way it is kinda of sucks, I would rather see him gone out with a bang and i think himself would of wanted the same.

Still I guess hero's die and new ones take there role but I don't think we will ever see another Snake again. Wow this was meant to be what i like about MGS4 and did'nt like but its kind of become a tribut to Snake in a way. Anywho the game is great pick it up but if its your first metal gear game go read up on the story .

Anywho thats out of the way now so in other news a I ding 50 on wow today which happened a couple of days late but no matter. Now comes a real test thought, now I have to try and reach 70 before the Level Cap goes to 80 cause if I don't i be like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Still ive really got into wow again and I even meet someone on there who I'm starting to care for a lot so life is good right now.

Oh there's also a Burst Limit review up on Gamespot i made but its now showing up on my profile so go in the game page and check it out. Later all


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So its been a few days since i done a blog back for one the big news at Giantbomb was that Brad and Vinny joined the team which is great. So I was pretty happy about that and we got to see them do some video stuff on how to build a bomb to which was cool. Now I heard a few people saying admins and mods have been taken down any blogs relating to Giantbomb but I don't know if its true and tbh i don't care because like I said as soon as that websites up , I'm gone.

Right so on to new games and im not sure which one to start with cause i like to talk about them both for so i guess well go with DBZ first since i played it quite a bit. Well ive beaten the game a little while ago and well, I can say that it is better then i thought it was going to be but its by no means great and I have played a lot better. The thing that let it down which I knew was going to happen is its lack of content. I mean there so much missing which could of been added like Movies chars and such. Even if your not going all the way to the buu saga at least include people like Cooler ect. The fighting is ok but again its DBZ don't expect anything like VF4 or Tekken. So it gets a 7.5 because it is a lot better then i thought it be but still fall fairly short. I should have a review up soon.

Right so the next game I brought came in the post today and thats Halo 2 for the PC. And Ive only just installed it but I looked all over and could'nt find it in anyway shops at all. I mean did Halo 2 do really bad on the PC or somthing cause i ask both game and gamestation and both said they don't take anymore copys in. But i brought it off the net yesterday so I have to play it in a bit. Oh and you can play it while it installs which is cool (did'nt do it thought).

So thats about it but i did ding 40 on WOW the other day so now i can use my mount YAYZ :D.

Edit- CBA to spellcheck it but dude how many time did I use the word I in this blog:roll:.