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My answer to GameInformer's question, issue 234

If you could play as any video game villain, who would you choose, and why?

As I considered this question, a number of other questions began to form. Not immediately mind you, but after I started considering what was wrong with my first answer. My gut reaction to the question was Darth Vader, simply because he is one of my favorite villains ever. I know he saved Luke and tossed the Emperor (silently) down a reactor shaft at the end of the Return of the Jedi; however, that didnt make him a hero, just an neck-squeezing badass who loved his kid (just not other peoples). As a father, I find that my respect for Vader growing because of this.

The reason I began doubting my answer was because while Vader has appeared in a number of video games as the villain (obviously), he isnt a villain created by the video game sector originally. It takes away from the spirit of the question if I use a villain who was by far more fun to watch than he ever was to play in a game.

I admit to briefly considering Sith Starkiller as an answer since he was fun to play, was a villain, and first appeared in a video game. The problem is that I can already play as Sith Starkiller, so Im actually answering the question which villain do you enjoy playing as, and why?

Even though my original answers could be grandfathered in as appropriate responses to the original question, I found that it left a bad taste in my mouth not to consider giving an answer that followed more stringent qualifications. Thus, I reworded the question to read as follows: If you could play as any video game villain (whose first appearance was in a video game and who is not a playable character now) who would you chose and why? This eliminates characters who first showed up in movies or books, so no: Voldemort, Sauron, Red Mist, Anton Chigurh, or Dr. Evil, ect. Also gone are villains who can already be played, so no: Starkiller (as mentioned), Evil Cole Macgrath, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong (is she even evil?), King Bowser, ect. (again).

I also should note that mythological characters dont count, so nobody from God of War or Dantes Inferno, regardless of the amount of poetic license the developers used (pun intended).

After making up my new, more anal retentive version of the question, my mind immediately focused on Kessler from infamous (Ive been played the games back to back the last couple weeks). However, I figured since Kessler is just Cole from the future and you can download his skin to play on inFamous 2, he doesnt really count.

I also realized that I am somewhat (extremely) limited in my gaming knowledge. I havent played a huge selection of games, and there was a good decade long period where I didnt play games at all. What this means is that my answer, no matter how thought out, will probably be considered lacking by the majority of hardcore gamers. I find it hard to care since this is a completely opinion based answer. Ill let you know when I start basing my life on the opinions of others, yall can just hold your breath till then.

So, after all that, I came up with three answers and my reasons for them:

3. Shadee from Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within. The reasons being: 1. She is badass in a Goth ass kicking princess kind of way (and yeah, shes hot). 2: She did pretty well against the Prince. If I remember right, the fight against her took awhile. I admit that Shadees actual status as a villain is kinda ambiguous. She fights the prince because he stops her from killing the time Empress, who was supposed to die but didnt want to. So really, Shadee is doing the right thing? Either way, she does battle the Prince so Im gonna put her in the villain category. Added to the fact that I would like to see what kind of moves she would have in a game of her own.

2. Tarantula from Wet. Here is another woman who is extremely noticeable, in an unconventional way. However, it is more her ability to ruthlessly kill that gets her on the list, no pesky moral ambiguity about her villain status here, no sir! (Rubis maybe, but shes playable). Aside from her looks, Tarantulas got two things that get her on the list. 1. She wields two knife bladed automatic weapons. This allows for a number of different fighting styles. Wanna let out a stream of bullets? Go for it! Wanna gut someone like a fish? Have at em! 2. Shes damn tough. At the end of Wet she has had her neck broken, but a little twitch lets us know shes still around. Also, the way the shadows move around her hints at some as-yet-unseen (pun) mystical powers.

1. Here it is, my ultimate choice for playable villain

Zeke Jedediah Dunbar from inFamous (told you I was on a kick).

But before you call foul, let me make my case (and see the previous disclaimer about peoples opinions). In the first game, Zeke pulls the ultimate dick move and tries to give himself powers knowing it would kill thousands of people, not real hero material. Added to that, he tries to use the fact his buddy has superpowers to get himself laid. In the second game, as hes telling Cole to help the cops, he also wants him to smack around street performers because they piss him off. Zeke isnt a good guy, but he isnt bad. Hes your average F up. As he said there are guys like me that sit on the couch, drink beer, and deal with the crap life gives them (not a perfect quote). However, Zeke does have technical aptitude and the ability to accurately pop off some rounds with a six-shooter. I would happily play an inFamous style game with Zeke as the character. Who knows, maybe in it, Zeke will actually get some. Or kill everybody.

Mid-Terms at school, and Naruto 2 done!

I have finally finished Naruto Storm 2! and by finished I mean plat'd the game. Warning, if you are goin to take NS2 to 100% (achievement or trophy) be prepared to invest alot of time. It isn't hard (skill wise)just tedious. Enough of that, I'm now heading into Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, but only because the Starcraft (?)beta Playstation plus "gave" me won't update, and thus won't play.

The New Year (a quick note)

Just finished Tomb Raider: Underworld today (last game of 2011) and will start with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 as the first game of 2012. Hope everyone else has fun gaming choices lined up for the new year!