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I can't see nor make any comments on the site at all.

- Operating system - Windows 7
- Browser: Comodo Dragon (Chrome-based browser) 
- Region - Asia

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I am having the same issues as many people here. However, the problem seems to be limited to Google Chrome, which is my default browser. On the other hand, IE works perfectly fine when commenting. This is just to clarify the problem.

I would really appreciate if the support would look into the problem. Thanks!

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I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 2. Trying to get Platinum on it. Prolly next week will start Persona 4

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Dear GameSpot Technical Support,

I have recently moved back to my home country and wanted to update my address. When I clicked on "Apply Changes", the Options window refreshed but the address on it remained unchanged. Notibly. the Address Line and Zip Code can't be changed while Country can be changed with no problem.

I'm currently using Google Chrome and I am being redirected automatically to GameSpot Asia.

Thank you!

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I'm having the same issue as well. I tried copying HTML code from my previous review, that didn't work out as well.

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That never happens to me... I'm always on Dark theme... The Light theme is just too bright for me.

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I hate to say it. Despite the fact that Activision is an evil spawn of hell for selling us some stupid maps at $15 (which will likely increase the price of DLCs in all games in the future), people still BUY them. And as long as people keep buying, the companies are going to resort to DLCs to make more revenues in the future. This will also make companies more eager to keep contents from the original retail version to be sold later as DLCs. Supply-Demand applies. We have to stop paying for these craps.

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wow! thank you for all the suggestions so far. I'm surprised that the system could actually last a few more years. To be honest, I was a little worried about its longevity...

So what graphic card would you suggest I go for? All the way to 5850, 5870?, won't I suffer a bottleneck of sort?

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Hi guys, my 9800 GTX just died on me. It's two years old and the warranty just expired last month. I need advice on whether I should get a new rig altogether or simply replace my graphic card.

Here is my current specs:
Core 2 Duo E8200
G.Skill 4 GB RAM DDR2 4-4-4-12
Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic
Enermax Powersupply 460 watt

Could my rig hold out longer simply by replacing my graphic card? Or getting a new rig is a better option. I'm looking forward to hear from you guys and I really appreciate all suggestions! Thanks! :)

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Final Fantasy XIII is one.... Not sure if God of War III has it too.