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UPDATE: 08 November 2012

I have not been paying attention to my GameSpot profile page for some times now. Nowadays, things that I do at GameSpot would be to keep track with the latest Gaming news and skimped through reviews. Unlike in the past, I would have a lot of time to spare watching video reviews and compilations such as The Gun Show etc. etc. (I still miss great stuff like Button Mashing from time to time).

I have recently taking a long hard look at my GS profile because my girlfriend who read through my old blog entries and reviews on GameSpot, thought they were pretty good. She actually encourages me to write more reviews on the game that I have been playing (Thank you, Mel). My last review was all the way back in 2008! I am not even sure I have got the mojo or the motivation anymore. But I decided to write one anyway. The game I chose to write on is Borderlands 2, which turned out to be a pretty awesome game I have played this year. Here is the link to the review:http://us.gamespot.com/borderlands-2/user-reviews/800747/platform/pc/

However, my experience on the site has not been very welcoming at all.

The first thing I noticed is that all my images that I posted in my previous entries are now BROKEN. Uploaded images are still there but their links are broken making the page pretty barren and ugly. So, I removed all the images for the time being. Secondly, the reviews that I wrote for Borderlands 2 seems to be ignoring all the paragraphs I put in them so it turned out to be a big wall of texts. That is pretty discouraging!, GS. I actually wanted to write reviews for a few more games. I hope this get fixed soon!

The game that I'm playing right now is Guild War 2. I'm using a Necromancer and just reach LV. 80 last night. So far, I have a pretty good time playing this game despite the fact that I never liked or spending a lot of time on an MMO. BUT, GW 2 takes the cake.I'm hoping to write a review on Guild War 2 some time in the near future once User Review is fixed. Until then, Ciao!

UPDATE: The issue plaguing User Review regarding paragraphing has been fixed. My Borderlands 2 review has been fixed as well. Good Job, GameSpot.