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My Top 5 Most Anticipated Games from E3

This year E3 showcase a lot of promising upcoming games.

Here are my Top 5 games I'm looking forward to play:

1. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

2. Starcraft 2

3. Dead Space 2

4. Metal Gear Rising

5. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

I really love the Witcher. After playing the first game I was really hooked into the lore of The Witcher, I've decided to buy the novel, "The Last Wish" and "Blood of Elves". They were all superbly well-written and captivating. Naturally, I'm hooked to the second game for this greatest saga of all time.

I'm not exactly a strategy game genius, but I'm sure wanna know continuation of the story in Starcraft 2. As always, Blizzard did a great job at making awesome cinematic and story-telling which shouldn't disappoint but "1 Game, 3 Boxes" still is not very appealing to my wallet. I'm still playing the BETA of the from time to time.

Dead Space 2. Feel like killin' some Necromorph! The new armor is shining and it looks damn awesome. Hopefully Issac isn't playing dumb and emotionless as the first game.

Metal Gear Rising. Cut Cut Cut Cut! Who wouldn't like that?

Lastly, I was super disappointed with the first Ultimate Ninja Storm. There were very limited choice of characters and only one ultimate jutsu per one character but Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has all the characters pretty much updated and nearly all the latest jutsu are going to be featured in the game and they gonna featured Lars from Tekken 6. This game is going to be a blast!!

Regarding the last blog entry,

I've replaced my 9800 GTX with ATI 5770. It serves me nicely for the time being and performed even better than 9800 GTX!!. I've also replaced my 460 Watt PSU with Seasonic 620 Watt. However, I can't overclock further than my E8200 further than 3.2 GHz. I still don't know what is the limiting factor. So, I would gladly appreciate any help on the matter.

Hope you guys enjoy E3 2010, I certainly did.

I'd also like to know what are your Top 5 anticipated games from E3. Chill out! Wish you have an excellent week ahead!