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Level 32: Snake Eater & Heavy Rain Platinum!!

It's been a really long while since my last entry. I have just moved house and it took a really long while to get an internet connection all set up. The good things about the new place is I've got a much BIGGER room and a much better environment than the urban area where I used to live. The bad is that I'm forced to use one of the WORST ISP ever... I've got to contact the Call Center several times A WEEK to troubleshoot my connection AND the ISP's bandwidth is impossible.... I've got 400-500 PING in most servers off-country meaning an official farewell to my good ol' nights with Modern Warfare 2.

Anyway, I've got myself Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain. Pardon me, but I find the Single Player Campaign on Bad Company 2 boring... I still play them whenever I got the mood. I can't really get on the Multiplayer action right now because of the lag. I hope someone or entity set up local servers of some sort soon... I really need to play this!!

Heavy Rain on the other hand, is one hell of a ride. The game or rather the interactive drama is GENIUS! I have never experienced anything like it even in movies. I have also just platinum it a few minutes ago.... It's really difficult moments when you have to watch your favorite characters die to get some endings... I'm through with it... Love every moment that this game offered... It was well worth the price!

Anyway, that's about it for this entry!! I'm really looking forward to God of War III !!

Snake Eater refers to one of many operations that John Doe aka Snake aka Big Boss undertaken when he was much younger. One that had effectively changed him for life when he was forced to kill his commanding officer/trainer, The Boss. He is also one of my favorite character of all time!!