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Metal Gear Solid 4 Completed!

I've finished Metal Gear Solid 4! My time isn't that good, 18+ Hours... The game is EPIC... It's no wonder that Gamespot gives it a score of 10... There is so much to do in this game that I think to be able to cover all the extras would take about 2-3 playthrough.

Now, I'm going to try to get all the unlockables...

BTW, I'm having trouble starting an online match in Soul Caliber IV. It seems to disconnect whenever I'm starting a match... :cry:

I did it! I finally bought a PS3!

I've just got a 40 GB Satin Silver PS3 and bought 2 games... Metal Gear Solid 4 and Soul Caliber 4... Just got through Act1 for MGS4....

I'm hoping anyone could fill me in about PLAYSTATION@Network. What is it? and How does it work? Do I need to register? etc.

I've tried to register once but when I put my actual age which is 19, year 1989... A messenge popped up, it said that I'm not yet eligible to sign up and must seek parental guidience.... blah blah blah...

What a pain!

Now, back to MGS4!! :P

GameSpot BETA no longer. . .

It's nice to change something once in a while BUT I don't really like the new looks.... It's like everything is tightly squeeze together making it hard to navigate around...

So, what do you think about the new looks?

Phantasy Star Portable

I've just got Phantasy Star Portable for the PSP. I have never played any Phantasy Star titles before so I'm new to the series. It takes about 1 hour of learning curve to get used to the controls, proton arts and the gameplay.

Also, this game is in Japanese but it's pretty easy to get around. Phantasy Star also features Multi-Mode for LAN play and Online.... This game is pretty much like Monster Hunter. If you like the genre, I would say this game is worth the import!

This is my character using one of those gigantic blade's proton art. [ ] for Normal Attack and Triangle for Proton Art.

My character in "Lumilass". It's the place where you can modify your existing character. If you dont like what you have doneat Character Creation, you can always come here.

"My Room" is where you can store your items and you can also keep track of your achievement. You can also get unlockable weapons and armors by fulfilling the achievement. Btw, the little lady here is your Partner Machine. There are about 6-8 different partner machines to choose from. All of them comes with different abilities. She is very handy. Keep track of your storage and she can be used as partner during missions as well.

I think my PSP battery is recharged. Back to P S P.:D

Have you tried Space Siege DEMO?

I have just added Space Siege into my wish list.... :P

In this demo, you will be able to acquire cybernetic arms and legs, they looks kidda cool...

The control and camera angle is very much like Neverwinter Nights 2 but it feels much smoother with no performance issues.

You can download the DEMO from GamersHell, TRY IT

Should I buy a PS3 now?

I'm considering whether I should buy a PS3 now. It's a 40GB type.
I'm thinking of buying PS3 now because I really wanna play Metal Gear Solid 4.

Should I buy it now or later?
The thing is I don't wanna regret buying it now if something HOT
is coming out and it's worth the wait.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Level 23 today!

I'm leveled up to Level 23: Super Bagman, whatever that means. I've also earned the Serious Collector badge too. There is a back-story actually. At first, I got the E3 and Sony Conference Badge. Then, it kind of motivate me to learn more about how to earn more badges. So, I went to do my research in forum and found it pinned up in the "Welcome Newbies" section. Check them out!


Credit to Soulreavercross and Gallego

What happened to video games today. . .?

I've been playing PSP titles for a while for the past few months... Well, Crisis Core, GoW, Patapon, you name it... Then, I found myself running out of games to play. I thought maybe I have grown to old to appreciate games anymore. I've become bored of gaming. . . .

One day, I stumbled upon on of those website about EBOOT thingy, "Wow, I can play PS1 game with THIS!!" A few days later I learnt how to Poploader coz' I was having issues with my Resident Evil 3. By the way, I use the poploader 3.11 and manage to finish the game even though there are glitches with the music.

Certainly, RE3 reminds me of the good o' days. I dug through my dusty old PS1 titles and found Suikoden II. I have so much memories with this game. It's been almost 8 years since I played Suikoden II.... This game reminded me why I have become so obsessed with Gaming... The Story - That is! While I was playing through the first part of the game, I realize that the storyline is so much more in-depth than any other games I have played so far. The Gaming Industry sure has changed. With the advance in technology, the developers seem to pay too much attention towards the graphics giving so much less attention towards the storyline nor the gameplay.

My conclusion is this... It wasn't because I have grown old to play games anymore but it's the failure of the developers to create a QUALITY storyline for the games. If the players are somehow emotionally attached to the story, they will remember it and that makes their gaming experience more dynamic and kicking. Such a characteristic is seen in Metal Gear Solid Series. I really admire Hideo Kojima for not only focus on making games that are graphically cutting-edge but also his genius in writing the storyline. I will be sure to pick up a PS3 to play MGS4 soon!

Level 15 today. . .

Well, finally... TOPIC. I've been waiting anxiously like never before for my level to go up. Yesterday, it was at 99.96%. WTH.... Since there isn't much happening to talk about right now. I might as well rant about Windoes Vista Ultimate, I'm using right now.

The crashing problem... It is starting to get on my nerve. I was playing GRAW2 when suddenly my game crashed so... Okay. Nevermind, I might as well play Civilization 4 and after 5 minutes of moving my warrior and workers around. CRASH. So, I still have COH, alright. After moving my engineers out to take fuel point and so on, after 10 minutes, CRASH. MAN!! I've had enough. WTF!!! Guess it's been with all that compatibility issues crap with Vista. Man, It's been long enough for Vista to start supporting games properly. I don't mind about the drop in framerate but please just stop crashing on me!.

Another thing is about Ultimate Extras... Yeah I think those 3 things and language packs that Microsoft released half a year back were the ultimate (final) Extras. Up til now, there isn't anything new yet. Why is DreamScene taking so long to finish? Man, you guys should really read up MS's Vista Ultimate Blog which is right here, "http://windowsultimate.com/". Here is what they said, "Oh well, it's because we wanna make the best for customers". BS. They are just making excuses to cover up their asses if you asked me. C'mon get real!! 6 months of testing isn't enough!? Guys, you should also take a look into their Blog entries. Notice that most of the latest blog entries are written on the same day that is 07/02/2007. Only after everyone is complaining about how there isn't any extras in 6 months, then they starts to post sh#t into their blog?! The lousiest entry I ever read was the one called, "Why does one of my videos have a hot air balloon icon?". The team has supposingly released a Video pack to be used in their DreamScene but there is one particular video called, "the Puddle" that won't create a thumbnail. These particular person starts whining on and on about how this sh#t is happening. Only to blame it on the Vista incapability to create the thumbnails it's because our machine are too slow?! You mean my rig is too slow to create the goddamn thumbnail. I mean I read this **** because I wanna find out how to solve the problem not listening to you whining about my rig is too slow to create the stupid thumbnail. If apparently, the issue is there, then you guys should fix it! Not just saying sth like well if your machine is too slow then toooo baddd. WTH. Basically, if you click, "BLOG", you will see a lot of entries on the same date and I'm very sure that at least one of those should anger you, Vista Ultimate users, one way or another. Well, that's it about my today rant.

Thanks for those of you who are patient enough to read about my ranting. :D