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PS3: Dead Space

Just got it yesterday!... I had a hard time choosing between the PC and PS3 version. But finally decided on the PS3 version for the trophies and not-so-difficult to adapt control (Pretty much like RE4 which I've beaten the crap out of it). So far, I've tried the first 10 minutes of level 1. I must say the graphic is pretty good and it's definitely one of the scarier games in the market right now.

Actually I've wrote a whole f**king lots about the game as I always do but somehow my fingers must have accidently pressed the F5 and it's all gone. Can't be bothered to write about it anymore.

So, have you got yourself Dead Space? Are you getting it? What's your opinion about the game? Please share :D

Level 25: Defias Brotherhood and others...

Actually it's been 3 days or a few days back since I've got to level 25: Defias Brotherhood. I've just got accessed to the Internet today so I'm dedicating a blog post for it.

Defias Brotherhood is supposed to be an evil group of assassins, thieves, and pirates that are hostile to the Alliance in the World of Warcraft. Since I don't play WoW, I don't really know much about its backstory or anything but I find their graphical illustration rather COOL. So, I don't mind being a part of it.

And I've been enjoying No More Heroes on the Wii this weekend... The gameplay is simple yet challenging... And I somehow got stucked on the 8th Rank Assassin:Shinobu (The High School Girl w/ Katana)... Damn I just can't beat her... Not yet...

So that's about it... Hope you've enjoyed your weekend so far like I do!
And now back to school.

Dead drunk, end of exam, Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Wii !!!

Well, yesterday was my last day of exam... Awesomeness!!!..... Went to a private party, enjoyed seeing my friends getting wasted... Oh yeah bought a few stuff recently...

Witcher: EE... I have to admit when it first came out last year, the damn game is so freakin' buggy and the dialog is laugable.... BUT Enhanced Edition changes all that and I'm already somewhere in the middle of Chapter II.... The Witcher universe is definitely interesting and the storyline is really top-notch and worthy to explore... One of the best RPG I've ever played. (I have lost my faith in Neverwinter Nights 2)

And I bought a Wii !!!... Currently playing around with Wii Sports and now I'm looking for decent Wii games to play... I would really appreciate if anyone could give me a few recommendation!...

I guess that's about it... My head is spinning coz' of Johnnie Walker: Black...

Enjoy your weekend!

Yoshiki, X Japan Press Conference in Bangkok.

As a great fan of a Legendary Japanese band, X Japan. I have collected pictures of Yoshiki, the band leader, who was here in Bangkok for Press Conference, and made it into the video I have posted here. He was here for the opening of Thailand X Japan Official Website and to announce a special news, the 1st X JAPAN LIVE Concert in Bangkok!!. By which, he stated that it will be on the 31 JAN 2009.

The X Japan was disbanded back in 1997, I was a still a kid back then. Only started to listen to X in year 2001. I was really disappointed that I would never be able to catch any of their concert nor meeting them in real person anymore.

The death of hide (hi-de), the guitarist of the band, also one of the most popular members among the fans, in the year 1998, had almost sealed any possibility of the band getting back together. The news of his death spread all over the World through CNN and other national TVs with over 50,000 fans attended the funeral. It was a tragedy. By the end of it all, 4 fans successfully commited suicide and several other unaccounted attempts.

The members, Yoshiki (Band Leader, Pianist, Drummer, Songwriter, Producer), PATA (Guitar), Heath (Bass) and Toshi (Vocal) all went separate ways and work on their on solo projects. In 2007, X Japan reunited and launched a single "I.V." which is used as a theme song for SAW I.V. They held a LIVE concert in JAPAN back in March 2008 with hide's guitar part as audio playback on some of the songs. hide also made appearance on the stage in the form of videos and hologram while some of the songs were played by other accomplished guitarists such as Black Light Burns, Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses and Sugizo of Luna SEA. To the fans' delight, X JAPAN was reunited and kickin'.
The band is organizing a WORLD TOUR. The next concert will be held on 22 November, 2008 in Paris.

Yoshiki has been on the promotional tour around asia to finalize dates for concert dates in Hong Kong on January 17th, Thailand on January 31st, Taiwan on February 14th and South Korea on March 21st.

I love most of their songs but my personal favourites are "Say Anything", "Weekend" and "Kurenai". I personally love hide's solo works too... Some of the catchy songs were "Goodbye" and "Misery". Although we'll never be able to see hide in life anymore, his spirit and songs will always have a place in every fan's heart.

Crysis: Warhead

Bought it in the evening and finished it.... It took about 5 hours to finish the single player campaign... I have to say it's a very cool game and yes it's got more action than the original Crysis.... It's hard to say anything about the story without giving away the spoilers (well, actually I'm just lazy =P)... So all, I have to say is that it's a worth buying title...

The package includes 2 DVDs. One is Crysis: Warhead and the other is Crysis Wars which I haven't got the chance to try it out yet. I'm so far happy with this game and I guess I'm going to give it a rating of 9.0! and Good job, Crytek!

Actually, after I tried not to be lazy... I think your starting point is when you got separated from Nomad after the Harbour got blown up and yeah Nomad heads straight through the tunnel and etc.... You find yourself began in a crashed VTOL! and you won't be meeting anyone from the original Crysis (of coz, that's exclude the Koreans and other generic alien)... Only new cast of characters will make appearance here.... Expect around 3-4 new weapons, about 3-4 new enemies and 2 new vehicles... That's all I can recall... Have a nice day, folks!!

Darn!! I have a problem with BF: Bad Company!!!

Putting the controller down.... That is.... :P

I have finished the Single Player mode. Alright, it was quite acceptable.... Not bad but not that good either.

Then, I started plaything the Multiplayer mode. That's where the game gets my blood pumping!. At first, I kept getting OWNED coz' I needed some time to pick up the phrase. After that, it's all the good fun go around knifing people and shooting them with the M16, blowing the walls to pieces, driving a tank, etc, etc.

I've played 3 hours straight and I had to force myself to quit the game.... I was hypnotizing myself, "Alright, that's enough, easy now, press your PS button and quit the game."

Battlefield: Bad Company is BADASS.

Bought [PS3] Battlefield: Bad Company

Just approximately 2 hours ago, I went to a local game store and I bought BF: Bad Company. I've played the demo and found it pretty fun. Now, I'm gonna try out the full game with Normal difficulty and then give this game a rating later.

This also goes out to all my PSN friends! I've just bought Bad Company. Also, to those who wanna add me, feel free to do so, my PSN ID: "hibikino352"

Current PS3 games:
1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Soul Calibur 4
3. Battlefield: Bad Company

Happy Gaming ;)

GPU Rant.

Recently, I checked the price of my trusty 9800 GTX.... SADNESS... I have bought Nvidia 9800 GTX back when it released in April... I bought it at almost 350 USD... Now, the price is at 190 USD...

Thus, this is the worst buying decision I've ever made.

I feel kind of betrayed by Nvidia... Cutting price to half to keep up to the competition?
Disappointing, really... Nvidia...

I have used only 1 ATI card in my life. That was ATI 9600 XT... It works a charm and I can clearly see the in-game colors looks fresher and sharper than any Nvidia card I've used.

But after that, the newer ATI cards seem to have problem with their driver, so I decided not to buy any ATI card. Worst move ever...

From now on, my future purchase priority will be ATI and if I ever really have to buy any GPU from Nvidia, I will think THRICE!

Level 24! ZzZzZzzzzzZ

Yeah! I've just leveled up to 24 today. It took like exactly 40 days for me to get from level 23 to level 24. The percentage increased per day is inconsistent. It varies from 2%-4%.

What about you? How long does it take for you to increase a level?

What are the things you do in GameSpot in order to keep your percentage consistent?

Please share.

MGS4 Completed 2x!!!

I've completed MGS4 twice now on Solid Normal. I've managed to get 0 Kill and 0 Alert and time around 10:17:44 hours. (I still want to watch the cut-scene). The last time I got 18 hours was because I paused one of the cutscene and fell asleep :P.... I've got a few new iPod tracks and unlocked the Solar Gun (Had to beat all BEASTS with non-letal weapons and FROGS in Act 1), Badana and Stealth

Emblems so far....

The next time I play I'm going to try for the BIG BOSS Emblem. 5 hours? well, can do.. 0 alert, fine. 0 kill, alright.... 0 recovery item, NO WAYYYY.... I still use around 13 rations in my 2nd trial... So, it's gonna be a hell of a job for me....

Think I'm gonna give this S*** a rest for awhile