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Batman Arkham Asylum = Awesome!

I have just tried the demo. And, one word - AWESOME!

The graphic is really neat and the gameplay is impressive! The game is right on my wish list now!

Try the demo, if you haven't!! You might find yourself in for quite a treat.

Level 29: Radiant Silvergun!

Level 29 today!! Radiant Silvergun... It's got a nice ring it.... Sound pretty awesome! Nothing much is happening just a regular post!! =)

"Radiant Silvergunis a verticallyscrolling shootervideo game, developed byTreasure Co. Ltd. It was released inarcadeson theST-Vplatform in1998.."

Source: Wikipedia

Random in July

It's been a while since my last post.... So I'll just write about the recent game I have been playing.

which is Prototype on the PC. Personally, I feel that it is a good sandbox game. It is satisfying being a superhuman badass. The first few hours into the game was really addictive... I really tried to complete all the side-mission with Gold Award. However, I find the subsequent side-missions were no different and absolutely pointless. (Sigh...) Another bad thing about the game is the main character are not able to enter most buildings except generic buildings like Military bases... Even the Infected Hives cannot be entered and must can only be destroyed from the outside. (quite a weak point).

I don't know if it is just me but I find the recent games aren't that interesting.... Any recommendation, anyone?

Btw, I own the followings a gaming PC, PS3, PSP and Wii... Cheers! :)

Razer Goliathus 215mm x 270mm

A good friend of mine has been advicing (actually complaining, lolx) about how I don't use a mouse pad for my PC. All the while I have been using a few sheet of A4 papers, Lolx... Well after serveral thoughts and tired of seeing rotten A4 papers as a result of sweating and etc... I have decided to get a Razer Goliathus Mouse Pad!! Sweet!!. I've chosen the Control version over Speed coz' my trusty A4Tech X7 Gaming mouse still kickin'....

Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition (Z3) + Thoughts

Today, I've got myself RE5 Collector's Edition, Zone3 for Asia.


  • A copy of Resident Evil 5
  • A Making of Resident Evil 5 DVD (cheap, no Blu-Ray?)
  • A Chainsaw Flashdrive

The box is well like all the other high quality collector's box with magnetic opening on the right side. The design is pretty sleek... Everything looks good BUT....

I'm quite disappointed with the extras I've got from the Collector's Edition. For instance, the making of RE5 is DVD instead of Blu-Ray... Also, the flashdrive is a JOKE.... 2 GB and made of really poor quality plastic... I was figuring out how to use it when I find that the handler of the chainsaw could be bent and tear off very easily.....

Now comes the Gameplay, this game is awesome!!!. At the start of the game, you will be thrilled to find out more about the story and feel a rush of adrenaline.... The game is about 6 chapters with each divided into a few sections (3 or 4, it depends). I usually spent an average of 45 mins to get through each section because I spent most of the time looting...

(Spoiler Alert)

The enemies will generally remind you of the Ganados from RE4 but more clever as they can use firearms and ride on vehicles (so far, I've seen motorcycle). There are new Bosses as well. For instance, a giant BAT... An old Boss returned too!, The Giant Ganado thing with twisted upgrades... Their infection is similiar to the Plagas from RE4. Therefore, the pure form of their infection will only appear at night or in dark places such as a mine or a cave.... Their general weakness remains the same which is LIGHT... So, save your "Flashbang" for them... So far, I have just finished Chapter 3-1.... There are still more to be seen from this game.

If you've been very familiar with RE4 controls, you wouldn't have any problem getting Rank A and S at the end of each section on Normal.... Everytime your collected Weapons and Items will be saved along with all the upgrades. There is a separate "Item Management" menu for all buying, selling and upgrading your weapons as well as selling any treasures you might have collected throughout the game... Everytime you have completed a section, this menu will appear to help you organize your stuff.

I have only been playing Single Player (w/ partner as bot). The bot is pretty clever and very good at surviving. So far, I have never been in a situation where Sheva was stupid enough to get herself killed. Excellent work, Capcom!!

Well, these are my thoughts about the game so far.... BESIDES, I cannot think of anything else anymore as this is already 1:37 AM at the time I finished this sentence.... The Bottomline is RE5 is really really great game but PLEASE, by all means, don't get the Z3 Collector's Edition, it's SUCKS!!

Got myself Killzone 2!!!

I was just checking my usual local retail store today... I didn't expect to see anything new because afterall the official release date on Gamespot is based on U.S. region... But I saw it on the shelf today.... So I got it!!

Gonna play the game now!


As many of you may have noticed, many big game titles are hitting the store around throughout Febuary and March. I've already updated "MY WISH LIST".

I'm looking forward to F.E.A.R 2: Origin (PC), Dawn of War 2 (PC), Killzone 2 (PS3) and Resident Evil 5 (PS3)... I'm also considering Street Fighter IV (PS3) as well. However, I've just bought Street Fighter II HD REMIX and found that I'm the REAL SUCKER at the game:P So, maybe I might skip it.

SF IV looks really cool though, graphical wise and it also brings back memories for the old schoolers.... I'll just wait for the review..!

What about you guys? What are the games you will definitely be getting? and what are other games you are still considering? Feel free to share~!

Have a nice day!

New Blog Post

Just wanna write something in the blog since it's been a while....

Today marks the day I finally finished DEAD SPACE on Normal, though... Lolx! Seriously, the game is SCARY...

But after hours of dismembering aliens, the pattern becomes clear... They always find a way to hit you from the back or the sides times to times... So all you have to do is run and gun once in a while...

I can't help but comment on the protagonist, though. It's unbelievable that all that hellish nightmare he's experienced, he only said words like, "Ahhh", "Owww" and "ARGHHHH!!".... and NOTHING ELSE!!... Even when he finally reunited with his girlfriend, Nicole... There is no so-called touching moments whatsoever... He is a virtually STONE....

I'm done for this post! =)

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Left 4 Dead is EPIC!!!

It's the best co-op multiplayer experience I ever have!!!!

It's well-worth pre-purchasing... However, there are only 6 weapons available at this time. But I'm sure that there will be more maps and Weapon Unlocks in the future...

Once you start playing this games with your friends (preferably all 4 of you+Mics), you can't stop playing.

Instant Addiction!!

November Update!

With so many HIT titles released, October-November is definitely the craziest period of 2008... I've been busy in the past weeks playing a few games like Fallout 3, Resistance 2, just recently bought today, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Bad Company.

BF: Bad Company is because the latest patch just added Trophies Support to the game so I have to replay the whole damn campaign all over again to earn the trophies!! But this time, I go straight for the HARD mode.... It's quite annoying for the fact that even though you play through the HARD mode, you still have to play Normal to earn the respective trophies... That makes no sense to me...

I'm quite disappointed with Fallout 3 about the bugs and the story (particularly the Ending) but it was a Great game, none the less... Like a make-over Oblivion+GUNS+Computer+Power Armor+Radioactive PESTS+ETC.

Resistance 2, I've just got past the 2nd level... I don't really feel attach to the story maybe because I didn't play the first Resistance... However, I was really drawn in by the Multiplayer... Damn it was so difficult to put down the controller especially on the Cooperative mode... Instant Addiction...

And lastly, Ultimate Ninja Storm... I've played about the first 6 hours through the Game... It's pretty repeatative but I enjoy playing it though... Maybe because I'm the fan of both the Anime and the series... Damn powerful graphics and Thanks the CyberConnect and BANDAI for including the option to choose Japanese voice-over... The English voice-over is torturing to listen from the first moment I hear it....

That's about it.... Oh DEAD SPACE too, but I don't really have the gut to stomach the stuff... Although I'm at level 6 now, I'm not mentally ready for spookiness!! Maybe some other time..