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Level 31: Ippon!

Ippon!!! Level 31 today.
It means a one full point. The highest score a fighter can achieve in Japanese martial arts such as Judo, Karate, etc...

It's been a while since mylast log into GameSpot. I have been busy and Dragon Age: Origin is the cause... I have just finished the game using a Human Noble character, Warrior ****.. Now I'm playing an Elf, Mage ****focusing on Primal spells... There are so many possibilities and so many choices to make in the story... I'm seeing myself playing this game a few more rounds...

However, there are so many games releasing in the coming weeks... I'm looking forward to Modern Warfare 2, Assassin Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2... I have pre-ordered L4D 2 and tried the demo with a friend... Unlike the first L4D, there are only 2 tiers of Primary weapon...So farI've seen lots and lots of different weapons as well as the new Melee weapon and 3new boss zombies in addition... This is quite an upgrade to the original though I will be missing the old survival characters, Zoey in particular, she is way cuter than Rochelle... Guess this is where I stop. Thanks for reading!

Have a good day!

Dragon Age: Origin Tomorrow!!

I have pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the game coz' I'm 90% positive that this game is going to turn out Great! It's just a mere 14 hours away now... I'm psyched up for this but tmr it is going to be a very busy day for me as well.... Work, Project and other appointments... Oh well, but nothing beats playing awesome game after a long busy day... So, what are your thoughts about the game? Pre-ordered? Plan on getting it later? Share your piece.

Got at-TAGed. Here is 10 completely random facts about myself.

slimdave21 who is also 21 tagged me. I don't even know what it is all about but I guess I will just write along.

"10 facts about me"

1. My real name is Worawit or just Wit
2. I'm 20 years old
3. I'm a Thai (from Thailand) NOT Taiwan, duh.
4. I'm an average guitar player. I used to jam often with friends but not anymore after I got to Uni
5. Favorite movie of all time: Back to the Future I-II-III
6. I cannot remember my favorite game of all time. Really. I must have forgotten. OH, Metal Gear Solid Series particularly the original PS1, PS2's Snake Eater and PS3, Guns of the Patriots.
7. The book I've read recently is "The Last Wish" relating to The Witcher. It complies all the short adventure of Gerald together into Chapters making this book short and sweet. An awesome and exciting read!!
8. I'm getting bored
9. I think "Heroes" is starting.
10. Oh! I'm watching "Heroes" now. Gotta go!!!

Guess I've gotta tag people now.


Playing Tekken 6.... Disappointed.

I've got Tekken 6 Zone 1 yesterday.... The so-called new Scenario Mode sucks so bad with the problem with camera angle and targeting mechanism. Furthermore, the cut-scene between stages (excluding FMV) is really badly done... the graphic looks terrible and very PS2-ish (think of Metal Gear Solid 2: Son of Liberty). The Boss Fight is cheap. The monstrous hippo with crazy powerful attack and auto-defense... Argh! Sick of this game.. I hate this game so much I'm going to try to squeeze all the trophies I can and sell it to the local ps3 community webboard members ASAP. Worst purchase of the year!

Got 100% Trophy Collection for Uncharted 2

Finished the game on both Hard and Crushing difficulty today!!

On these difficulties, Nathan could take much less damage than Normal. On Hard, I estimate about 4-5 bullets meanwhile Crushing allows for only 2-3 bullets and the recovery time takes much longer. These difficulties force the player to keep moving around from cover to cover more often and take out as many enemies as fast as you can which is pretty challenging.

After finished Crushing, I replayed the game AGAIN on easy to complete the trophy collection. I was left with "200 Kills using GAU-19" and "Steel Fist Expert". The first is a feat easy to complete because you can simply purchase the GAU-19 from the "Store" under "Bonus" and fire away. But the second, I didn't know which spot is the best to do it. Thank to Trambient for his suggestion in Uncharted 2 GameSpot forum, the best place to do it is the level "Siege". To be honest, I lost count and I was sure as hell it wasn't my tenth kill using steel fist but I got it unexpectedly anyway.

My final two trophies were the multiplayer ones. I've got the game for nearly 5 days but I have never touched on the Multiplayer mode once. The first experience on the mode was just AWESOME! My first game was a TEAM DEATHMATCH and it was hectic, action-packed and thrilling. There was a lot going on there in just 8 minutes... The objectives was to complete 50 kills! My first multiplayer game wasn't so noobish as expected. Thanks to my Single Player training. (Hell, I played it 6 times). With that said, the Single Player really does prepare the players for fast multiplayer action... The Co-Op modes were really well done as well. I didn't expect it to be that good but there Naughty Dog did it... They put separate dialogs for the mode which make the usual boring straight-to-objective multiplayer modes come to life. Although the essential elements of the stages were inspired from Single Player Campaign, the developer make some changes here and there making the map more challenging.

After completing a Co-op match and a Competitive match, I've got all trophies on Uncharted 2!! Oh yeah, there is a player skin that only unlocked once you've got the Platinum Trophy and it can be used on Multiplayer Mode!!!. It's a present surprise, I couldn't have guessed it. Although, I've completed everything there is to do on Single Player Campaign but I'm sure as hell I'm not quite done with the game yet... This game just keep offering good stuffs!!

This is the type of GREAT game that worth every bucks spent I haven't seen for a long long time!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Completedx2

My second blog this week!! Hi all!

I indeed had a marathon for the game on Normal mode... The fact that this game has almost no loading times makes the experience goes so "smoothly" (except for the dying and replaying parts)... That is why it is so easy to get caught up and keep on playing this game.... Makes you feel like you are watching a really great movie (which the main character, Nathan Drake, die so many ways imaginable)

This game is so great in term of gameplay, graphic and compelling story... Everything sum up so nicely making this game a must buy! It took me nearly 10 hours and 34 minutes to complete my first run with about half of the treasures left undiscovered which guarantee a replay... So I decided to go for another round on Normal to collect all the treasures and easy achievements, etc. Next time gonna start playing Hard mode, I'm sure I'm going to be frustrated to hell reloading checkpoints but it's still fun, nonetheless!

If you own a PS3, you should definitely get this game!

Now Playing: Uncharted 2: Among Theives

Just got myself Uncharted 2!! I've never played the first Uncharted but I've gotta say Uncharted 2 story-telling and cut-scenes are really captivating. It makes you want to keep playing to know what is going on... Already I had to reload checkpoint a few times because the game mechanic is still new to me... I keep missing the ledges because I don't know what should be an appropriate distance to jump and such... I think I'll see Drake dying a few hundred times before I get the hang of it.

Unfortunately, I've been working my arse off today and decided to call it a day... Maybe I'll do a marathon for this game tomorrow!

The game is pretty good and I would say it is worth the time checking this game out!

Roar! Wicked Sick!!!

That's right!... I've just got to Level 30: Wicked Sick!!! It's been a longgggggg time... Feel good to get pass 20's!

"30 kills and no deaths? Wicked sick!!!"
"A 1080 with an indy? Wicked Sick!!!"
"Yeah he was fine but the car and the pillar looked wicked sick!!!."
"His arm was all torn up" - "Wicked sick!!!!"


Batman Arkham Asylum is really AWESOME!!

Last week, I have just completed Batman Arkham Asylum on Normal with every riddles solved. The experience was very enriching and it was really intriguing to learn all about the characters in Batman. Since I am not a Batman fan, I don't know its lore.... The Chronicle of Arkham is a real nice addition with a little twist towards the end, I won't spoil the fun there...

I also have a chance to try Mini Ninjas for a bit. I would say things are certainly looking UP for Eidos this month. Both games are pretty good and innovative on it own rights.... Batman: Arkham Asylum is an instant classic!!