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UPDATE: 08 November 2012

I have not been paying attention to my GameSpot profile page for some times now. Nowadays, things that I do at GameSpot would be to keep track with the latest Gaming news and skimped through reviews. Unlike in the past, I would have a lot of time to spare watching video reviews and compilations such as The Gun Show etc. etc. (I still miss great stuff like Button Mashing from time to time).

I have recently taking a long hard look at my GS profile because my girlfriend who read through my old blog entries and reviews on GameSpot, thought they were pretty good. She actually encourages me to write more reviews on the game that I have been playing (Thank you, Mel). My last review was all the way back in 2008! I am not even sure I have got the mojo or the motivation anymore. But I decided to write one anyway. The game I chose to write on is Borderlands 2, which turned out to be a pretty awesome game I have played this year. Here is the link to the review:http://us.gamespot.com/borderlands-2/user-reviews/800747/platform/pc/

However, my experience on the site has not been very welcoming at all.

The first thing I noticed is that all my images that I posted in my previous entries are now BROKEN. Uploaded images are still there but their links are broken making the page pretty barren and ugly. So, I removed all the images for the time being. Secondly, the reviews that I wrote for Borderlands 2 seems to be ignoring all the paragraphs I put in them so it turned out to be a big wall of texts. That is pretty discouraging!, GS. I actually wanted to write reviews for a few more games. I hope this get fixed soon!

The game that I'm playing right now is Guild War 2. I'm using a Necromancer and just reach LV. 80 last night. So far, I have a pretty good time playing this game despite the fact that I never liked or spending a lot of time on an MMO. BUT, GW 2 takes the cake.I'm hoping to write a review on Guild War 2 some time in the near future once User Review is fixed. Until then, Ciao!

UPDATE: The issue plaguing User Review regarding paragraphing has been fixed. My Borderlands 2 review has been fixed as well. Good Job, GameSpot.

Random: A longggggg entry in a long longgggg while!!

It's been nearly 7 months since my last entry. Couldn't believe it's been that long since the release of StarCraft 2.

I've moved to UK for Master studies since September last year. It's an awesome country. I've been adjusting ever since.Getting used to the cold weather, the slangs, new environments and making new friends and so on. One of the things I miss about the comfort of my home is CONSOLE GAMING, =D... I miss my console games and the big mutha TV, guitar hero band set... I still rememer the fun playing those games with my younger brother. And, YES, I really miss my family too.With that said, my condolences for Guitar Heroes series, which Activision has recently pulled the plug. Thank for introducing such an enjoyable game but nothing lasts forever.

By November, I couldn't resist the urge to play the latest games like New Vegas (was pretty new back then), and yeah, StarCraft 2, I decided to buy a gaming Laptop, MSI GX660R. Been a happy PC gamer ever since.

I have just finished Dead Space 2 and playing the 2nd round now. It has become pretty much a fast-paced action game by now. It's no longer scary like the first one did. I play it through without much tension. Just kind of wanna play it through til the end, see how the story unfolds. There was seamlessly no load time between chapters so I keep getting hooked into the game and found myself can't stop playing. I started off at Midnight and only managed to put down by 7 AM in the morning!! It's an entertaining game and I have just recently tried out the Multiplayer which is not that impressive.

This has become a very long entry so I guess I will just end it with games I'm looking forward to play this coming March which is Dawn of War 2: Retribution Dragon Age 2, Shogun 2: Total War and Crysis 2 all of which due in March, 4th, 11th, 15th, and 25th respectively. It's going to be a super busy month as I have to prepare for exams by the end of the month as well... BUT, hell yeah!!, there will always be time for gaming. The temptation is high, hopefully, I could manage my time well enough!!

Last but not least, for those who have found the right person in their life.
Happy Valentine!, Cheers!

Leveled Up! and Nostalgia!

It's been a few days since I leveled up to Level 34: Paramecium! Yay!?

I haven't been playing much games lately because I have to stay at my parents' place for a while with only a mediocore laptop to play with. With medicore hardwares, there are only so many games you can play around with. However, it was during this time that I am able to fully explore and appreciate my gaming nostalgia.

Though most of the games I play are either RPG or Shooter nowadays, I am a gamer that I am today all because of the Adventure game I grew up with... I fell in love with The Last Express and Grim Fandango even before I learn how to fully read and understand English!! The Last Express was the one that did it for me. I had the chance to try the DEMO from one issue of the PC Gamer... It blew me away with captivate soundtrack, its gameplay, graphical presentation and voice-acting.... It was near-perfect in everyway for a 1997 game.... It even puts some of our modern day games to shame when it comes to high quality production value....

Back to the present 2010, due to the 4th July Sales at Steam, I bought a few games during the sales.
1. Broken Sword Twin Pack
2. Torchlight
3. Borderlands + DLCs
4. Monkey Island 2 LeChunk's Revenge

These sum up a grand total of about 35 USD.... I think that's a pretty good deal! :D

So, have you bought anything over Steam during the 4th July sales? AND
Could you recall some of your "GREATEST" FAVORITE games since you started gaming?

I wish everyone an awesome weekend. Have a good rest and happy gaming!! :lol:

2 hours to wisdom tooth extraction.

I have an appointment with the dentist at 1 PM today! This is my first wisdom tooth operation. It turned out that I have 4 wisdom teeth that need to be extracted. two of which are horizontally impacted which means it's perfected laying 90 degree colliding with the tooth in front of it... :lol:

Some people said it's going to hurt like hell while some people said it's painless. I don't know whether to feel anxious or relaxed right now....Lolx... Just get it over with, Doc!... So, has anyone got their wisdom tooth (teeth) extracted before?

My Top 5 Most Anticipated Games from E3

This year E3 showcase a lot of promising upcoming games.

Here are my Top 5 games I'm looking forward to play:

1. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

2. Starcraft 2

3. Dead Space 2

4. Metal Gear Rising

5. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

I really love the Witcher. After playing the first game I was really hooked into the lore of The Witcher, I've decided to buy the novel, "The Last Wish" and "Blood of Elves". They were all superbly well-written and captivating. Naturally, I'm hooked to the second game for this greatest saga of all time.

I'm not exactly a strategy game genius, but I'm sure wanna know continuation of the story in Starcraft 2. As always, Blizzard did a great job at making awesome cinematic and story-telling which shouldn't disappoint but "1 Game, 3 Boxes" still is not very appealing to my wallet. I'm still playing the BETA of the from time to time.

Dead Space 2. Feel like killin' some Necromorph! The new armor is shining and it looks damn awesome. Hopefully Issac isn't playing dumb and emotionless as the first game.

Metal Gear Rising. Cut Cut Cut Cut! Who wouldn't like that?

Lastly, I was super disappointed with the first Ultimate Ninja Storm. There were very limited choice of characters and only one ultimate jutsu per one character but Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has all the characters pretty much updated and nearly all the latest jutsu are going to be featured in the game and they gonna featured Lars from Tekken 6. This game is going to be a blast!!

Regarding the last blog entry,

I've replaced my 9800 GTX with ATI 5770. It serves me nicely for the time being and performed even better than 9800 GTX!!. I've also replaced my 460 Watt PSU with Seasonic 620 Watt. However, I can't overclock further than my E8200 further than 3.2 GHz. I still don't know what is the limiting factor. So, I would gladly appreciate any help on the matter.

Hope you guys enjoy E3 2010, I certainly did.

I'd also like to know what are your Top 5 anticipated games from E3. Chill out! Wish you have an excellent week ahead!

My 9800 GTX finally broke! Suggestions needed!

Little less than an hour ago, my 9800 GTX just died on me.

I was playing Tales of Monkey Island midway through chapter 3. Lolx suddenly, Boom!, nasty purple-ish colors splashed all over beautiful Elaine or was it Mogan?

Anyway, I tried several ways to revive my graphic card such as shutting down several times. Letting my PC to cool off for a while, all to no avail. Checking the card with GPU-Z reveals 0 GPU Clock speed etc. It even shows 0 C on temperature sensor. The card is 2 years old... and just my luck, its warranty just expired last month.

So here I'm open to suggestions from you guys, GS friends... What should I do now? Get my 9800 GTX fix? Or replace it with a new card. If so then, what graphic card should I get? Or Should I get a new rig altogether?

Here is my specs:
P35-DS3R (I know it's old.)
Core 2 Duo E8200
G.Skill 4 GB RAM DDR2 4-4-4-12
Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic
Enermax Powersupply 460 watt

I'd really appreciate all your suggestions. Thanks in advance! ^^

Level 33 Goombella & Games I've been playing!

I have just reached level 33 Goombella. No idea what it is but I'm sure gonna miss Snake Eater, Lolx!!

I have been playing Beat Hazard available on Steam now. It's an awesome game for people who love music. I'd really recommend it to anyone especially those who loves METAL genre 8)because the more intense the music, the more powerful your weapon becomes.

Played a little bit of Left 4 Dead 2 as well because I just wanted to see how the characters interact in the new DLC - The Passing... However, I think it's really very way too SHORT for a DLC that has been announced since last year. It is not worth the wait but at least it's free for the PC. So wth.

I've just purchased GTA:EFLC. through Steam as well. I hope it's gonna be as good as GTA IV. For those who have played it, let me know what you think.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading! :D

Level 32: Snake Eater & Heavy Rain Platinum!!

It's been a really long while since my last entry. I have just moved house and it took a really long while to get an internet connection all set up. The good things about the new place is I've got a much BIGGER room and a much better environment than the urban area where I used to live. The bad is that I'm forced to use one of the WORST ISP ever... I've got to contact the Call Center several times A WEEK to troubleshoot my connection AND the ISP's bandwidth is impossible.... I've got 400-500 PING in most servers off-country meaning an official farewell to my good ol' nights with Modern Warfare 2.

Anyway, I've got myself Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain. Pardon me, but I find the Single Player Campaign on Bad Company 2 boring... I still play them whenever I got the mood. I can't really get on the Multiplayer action right now because of the lag. I hope someone or entity set up local servers of some sort soon... I really need to play this!!

Heavy Rain on the other hand, is one hell of a ride. The game or rather the interactive drama is GENIUS! I have never experienced anything like it even in movies. I have also just platinum it a few minutes ago.... It's really difficult moments when you have to watch your favorite characters die to get some endings... I'm through with it... Love every moment that this game offered... It was well worth the price!

Anyway, that's about it for this entry!! I'm really looking forward to God of War III !!

Snake Eater refers to one of many operations that John Doe aka Snake aka Big Boss undertaken when he was much younger. One that had effectively changed him for life when he was forced to kill his commanding officer/trainer, The Boss. He is also one of my favorite character of all time!!

Year's end update!

Argh... I wrote so damn too many paragraphs to rewrite the whole thing again. (accidentally close the TAB) T_T

I played quite a few games during Nov til now.... Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2 Open Beta, Left 4 Dead 2 and Bayonetta TOO.... Lots of sequels these days... Make you think devs are losing their creativity huh... But who can blame them. In this bad times, it is better be safe than sorry by feeding off already established franchise... That probably explain my month and a half absence from blogging... LOLX

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to try out Bad Company 2 Open Beta on the PC.... I hope the graphic should be much better than PS3 which basically look very much like original despite the HD trailer...

I'm deciding whether to import Final Fantasy XIII !! I've no more games to play!... I'm looking at new releases now and there aren't anything exciting in the coming weeks either.... So I would like to hear your opinions if I should import FF XIII and it would be great if you could also recommend me some games to play before titles like Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, etc will be released... Shout out... Thx for reading!