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And So It Begins...

With 2007 being probably the best year for video games in a long time, I see 08 as being even better. Here are my top three most anticipated games. (I've also excluded GTA IV from my list, because frankly, Im getting bored seeing it in everybody's)

3. Afrika

The graphics on this really do make the game what it is. Finally the Blu-Ray capabilities of the PS3 are being used as this seems to look more like the place (Africa) than, well, Africa. Hell its cheaper than a plane ticket there. I also love the Pokemon Snap-esq predicted style of the gameplay to be used, it truly will be an immersive experience.

2. The Getaway (3)

I might of been one of the few people who didn't compare the original Getaway games to Grand Theft Auto, thus making me fall in love with the brilliant proper British grit of the London underworld. I have always seen the story-lines that the Getaway games use as film-worthy, so withhe enhanced graphics and broader gameplay, I am extremely excited about the third installment. And the fact that little information has been released about it, makes all the more exciting.

1. LittleBigPlanet

No matter from what age perspective you look at this from, it looks extremely enjoyable. Being able to build your own funky worlds to run amok in is great in itself, but with the multiplayer and online potential of this gem ensures that it will be a must have in any PS3 collection.

Well there are a good few before I got to my top three, but I feel those are the most important for me.