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I'm not really sure if it's a bug/glitch or if gamespot decided to change how this works, but the genre classification of every game has become broader. For instance, the Assassin's Creed games are listed as "Action" when before they were "Historic Action Adventure". Forza is now "Driving" when previously it was "GT/Street Racing". When I checked on GameFaqs, they still have their previous classification intact, so I'm not sure if Gamespot intentionally changed this concept or it went away accidently after the redesign of the site.

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It seems now that game pages either have their user ratings back + the reviews, or they don't have neither. It's not always the case, but usually it seems that the newer games have both while much older games still lack a user rating score and now the user reviews have dissappeared as well.

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Getting errors on these gamepages:

Sonic and the Secret Rings


Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars III

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This is probably due to the same issue so I'll post it here. Twilight Princess was getting 404 error too, but not anymore. Before it was fixed, I found my way around to get to the gamespot game guide for LOZ:TP. The video boss fights works now, but one of the issues I'm still having is the images. There is a map I would like to see enlarged that GS made, but it doesn't seem to work when I click on it. Here's the link that has the map I would like to see all of.


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1. Left 4 Dead 2

2. Uncharted 2

3. Dragon Age: Origins

4. Borderlands

5. Batman: Arkham Asylum

6. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

7. White Knight Chronicles: International Edition

8. Bioshock 2


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Ok, so now all the consoles don't switch or mix together. Also, the dates seemed to be the fixed. It's just the games that are out of place now. For example, if I look at the Wii releases 3 weeks ago, It might show me the wii games released 6 weeks ago or going to be released next week, etc. I hope you guys can fix this as fast as possible even though E3 is on.

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I was interested looking at the releases a month ago on the ps2, wii, and ds (I'm behind on some games). Hope it fixes soon before the night ends.

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Same here. I hope you guys can fix this soon.

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Same here! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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I voted for all of them and then somehow it was asking me to vote again a few days later like I have not voted before. So I voted again for several of them on the 2nd try.

The ones I specifically remember voting for:

Best Wii Game - SSBB

Best DS Game - Either TWEWY or Professor Layton

Best Rhythm/Music Game - Rock Band 2

Best RPG


I tended to vote for the games I currently own, so I think I voted for wii and ds games the most if they were nominated for something.

Hope that helps :)

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