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My Thoughts on 3DS

I bought Nintendo 3DS handheld near European launch day, I have 7 games for the portable console and after some week of experience I would like to express my opinion.


  • Analog stick is good.
  • Retro-compatibility with DS titles


  • 3D is useless, yes it's interesting, still if you change the angle a bit you lose the effect, obtaining a confused image. For that reason I keep 3D turned off, hoping the system consumes less battery.
  • Volume is positioned in an uncomfortable spot, so it happens, when you push the Left Shoulder Trigger, you may move the volume.
  • Battery lasts few hours. I'm aware 3DS is more powerful of a DS family hardware, still I'm unsatisfied.
  • Overpriced: 3DS has less power of a PSP, that is 6 years old and costs less than half.

In conclusion I'm not sure to suggest this console to everyone. I'm far more exited about the new Sony NGP.

No Nintendo Stars for me

So that's my poor little story:

I bought a present for my cousin because Easter is approaching and I found a used copy of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS. Today she opened the gift and we found an intact Nintendo Club Card with the code still under gray film, so, considering she hasn't a Nintendo Account, we decided to put the stars under my profile; but when I entered the code, the system replied that it was too old, basically expired.

I was sad for several reasons:

  • First because Nintendo already deleted all of my stars because I didn't spend in time my amount. I know it's my fault but there wasn't nothing interesting in the Italian catalog back in the day.
  • Second because I could have bought a new version of the game even for taking the stars, and I would be very disappointed.

I'm confident Nintendo somewhere on the illegible contracts for end user explain that codes are subject to expiration et cetera, still I dislike this modus operandi.

I'm aware that Nintendo Club is a plus for loyal customers but at the same time I dislike what they offer on the catalog (at least in the Italian one) and how they manage it.