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Top 10 Spookiest Villain Blog Activity

Not a rundown list but a general top 10, I will now admit I don't really play horror games so my choice may be slightly different to other people:

10 Scarecrow (Batman Series)

Johnathan Crane is one messed up individual. When playing you get pumped with fear gas, which messes up what you see being not true. It is truly one of the weirdest parts of the game.

9 Witch (Left 4 Dead)

When I first played this game, I was casually walking around then heard some crying. Upon doing so I thought it was a person in need of help, so I went up to the Witch and shined my torch in her face to see if she need any help. I then was quickly killed in the process, but not before getting scared out of my mind.

8 Beserker (Gears of War)

A blind creature with excellent smell and hearing. It can only be killed in the open with certain weapons.

7 Little Sisters (BioShock)

These seriously creep me out, I played the demo and the only thing I saw was this little girl happily stabbing a corpse.

6 Headcrab (Half-Life)

Taking control of the host, to use against you they always seem to appear when your going around a corner, or in the midst of a dark area. Many times have I jumped out of my skin with them seemingly appearing from nowhere.

5 GLaDOS (Portal)

The voice and the constant talking until the really end really creeps you out.

4 Boo (Super Mario Series)

A ghost that only attacks when you turn your back. If you turn back they hide, until you continue your adventure, slowly getting closer and closer, until the right time they pounce.

3 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

A monster with a hidden face, Pyramid Head lacks a voice. A seriously creepy individual.

2 Evil Otto (Berzerk)

Actually contributed to the death of two teenagers, that's the last thing you want playing a game the risk of dieing in real life.

1 Hitler (Wolfenstein)

Well what is more scary than Hitler in a robot suit.

Eurogamer Expo Schwag

We all know the best thing about Expo's are the games. However the next best thing is the freebies, below is a image of what I managed to pick up, followed by a list of all the stuff. I've included a list on how I also got them.

Modern Warfare 3 poster: Play the game, or pick up on the second day when they were given out.
Keep calm and frag on poster: Play the PC version of Battlefield 3.
Battlefield 3 bag: Play the console version of Battlefield 3.
Battlefield 3 poster: Play the console version of Battlefield 3.
Battlefield 3 lanyard: Play the console version of Battlefield 3.
Ubisoft Postcards: Left near Ubisoft games.
Rift 7 day trial: Play Rift.
Uncharted 3 t-shirt: Scan a QR code outside on a poster, and take the code to a desk.
CS-GO t-shirt: Play the game.
CS-GO beta code: Play the game.
Onlive t-shirt: Just on the stand.
Onlive £1 console: Register to OnLive.
PC Gamer Magazine: Register to OnLive.
Free game: Register to OnLive.
Tank Hunter Game: Play the game
Thank Hunter lanyard: Play the game
Rage Avatar t-shirt: Play the game
Ace Combat Papercraft: Pick up at stand
Assault Horizon Papercraft: Pick up at stand
Zelda Keyring: Given out at the Nintendo Stand at random
Eurogamer lanyard/map: Pick up when going in
Eurogamer wristbands: Given when handing over tickets
Super Mario Energy Drink: Pay £2.50 at a shop (I was weak, and needed it)

I think that about covers it.

Ornament Hunt

Share a couple of items on your Christmas wishlist this year.
A new coat and a couple of games. Nothing much.

What games will you play during the holidays?
Finishing off previously bought Wii games:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boy and his Blob
Metroid: Other M

What are the kinds of food or drinks you must have during the holidays?
Stuffing is a must with all turkey that is consumed.

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History of my gaming background - Then and now

As I have been gaming for a while, lets look at the key historic moments in gaming since I was born, mixed with some personal points during the era of big hair and even bigger clothes the 80's.


Contra released in 1988, was a arcade game in the previous year. However it wasn't until 1990 that we Europeans got the slightly changed from Contra to Probotector, due to the German laws. This changed the people into robots.


Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, who would know where we would be without this man. It was along way off, but the first proposal was made at CERN, in 5 years 10,000 servers were up and running with 10 million users.

The 90's when Doug and the Beats were all the rage "Killer Tofu".


Super Mario Bros. 3 was released, one of the best games ever created which still commands inclusion in lists of greatest games of all time. It also had it's own TV show, "We're the mario brothers, and plumbing's our game, we're not like the others who get all the fame. if your sink is in trouble, you can call us on the double, we're faster than the others, you'll be hooked on the brothers! Uh!"...


Sonic the Hedgehog was released the first game I ever played but not until 1992, it was the high speeds, colours simple controls that made this game great. Although it hasn't been as good in recent years it still holds a special place.


The year I received my first ever console, the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), this was my video gaming adventure began.


Super Mario Kart, was released. Being quite young at the time I was never good at this game when we won a SNES in a raffle, but this wasn't until 1994. This was also the year in which motion control photography in video games was used, in Eagle Eye Mysteries.


My brother received a NES, we only ever had two games for it, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Tom and Jerry. One got played to death the other hardly ever can you guess which one. Also released was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles with a "lock-on" feature it was basically 4 games in one.


GameFAQs was founded. The Playstation was released in 1995 in the EU After Nintendo backed out from working with Sony, it left Sony to create the console by themselves and as they say the rest is history. The first Playstation game I played was Crash Bandicoot, still a personal favourite.


Super Mario 64 was released, we were asked to come for some cake. Yet again Browser had stolen Peach from us denying us that cake. Curse you Browser, curse you! It was one of the first 3D games ever produced, and has left a lasting impression on gamers ever since. Pokemon was also released in Japan but we were safe for 2 more years.


Goldeneye was released and the world stood in awe and still does. With multi-player action meaning a manic dash to the Golden Gun, the victor felt like some kind of God. The others accused them of screen watching, many friends were lost during this time. The Facility level was the level that made the game, hiding in toilets waiting for the right moment to jump down and kill your foe.

Sadly the Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi died.


The short lived Dreamcast was released, but still holds up as a great console that never had the chance. With games such as Sonic Adventure, Power Stone and other arcade titles being the mainstream of games that were released.


Pokemon was finally released in Europe, having the Blue game made you superior knowing that you could catch Pikachu and be just like Ash. Having Red meant nothing, nothing I tell you. This still haunts me, to this very day. Tony Hawk's was also released, receiving an impressive 9.3 from Gamespot.

The Noughties, so we survived the Y2K bug


Nintendo sells its 100,000 Game Boy. The Sims was released for PC, taking on the new meaning of homegrown killer, we all know everyone enjoyed seeing their Sims, drown, burn and starve all in the same day. The recently re-released Perfect Dark had its first run on the N64 10 years ago this year.


Halo: Combat Evolved is released for Xbox, it was at the time one of the few games that had health to recharge instead of the common notion of losing health, and waiting until you find a health pack. This function is used more widely in today's games. This was also the year for the release of GTA 3, allowing the user to decide when they want to play mission and what they do in the world.


The Wind Waker, is released with a vastly different stylised cel shaded Zelda from the N64 versions. Many people deemed it to child like, until upon playing it noticed that it was as great as ever.


The failed N-Gage is released, the last said about this the better. Everyone likes talking into an ear don't they. Also released was the vastly unsold Beyond Good & Evil, it had excellent in game design, and great original characters. If you haven't bought it do so now.


The Playstation Portable was released, this was about the time I was getting bored of games. I usually have times when my gaming becomes less and less. This was until playing Star Wars Battlefront playing multiplayer with my brother for hours on end, and trying to blow Darth Vadar off the edge of a high place to kill him was always a challenge.


The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were announced, showing us a glimpse of the seventh generation of gaming. Oh shiny... it was later released in December of that year.


"Ahh, come on!", Gears of War was released, having a normal gun wasn't good anymore. All guns need chainsaws for that extra bit of awesomeness. This was also the time I entered the seventh generation and Gears of War was the first game to play.


Halo 3 is released and becomes the Xbox 360's biggest selling game, grossing $170 million in 24 hours, not to shabby.


The much anticipated GTA VI was released to high praise, little did we know that Roman would soon become the person you will most want to kill in the game. "Hey, want to go bowling"


2009 saw myself buying a lot of older games, from previous console I had and sold these included, the NES, Mega Drive and Dreamcast.


Who knows what the future will bring...

The goal of interaction design and well designed GUI

This was originally an essay produced by myself, it has had sections removed for ease of reading.


A Graphical User Interface, or GUI for short, allows a person to interact with a program in different ways than typing, and uses images rather than text based commands. The beginnings of the GUI interface began in 1963 by Ivan E. Sutherland "It made fundamental contributions in the area of human computer interaction, being one of the first graphical user interfaces." (Ivan Edward Sutherland 2003) The purpose of a GUI is to allow the user to easily use a product or interface with as little effort as possible. The use of graphics is a way to have a interaction with the interface made easy.

Previous research has explored usability within websites. Jonathan W. Palmer researched "Web Site Usability, Design, and Performance Metrics" (Jonathan W. Palmer 2002, p.156), his research involved identifying key metrics that can be used to identify the likely elements of successful Web site design. He found that "site design, usability, and media richness appear to be closely associated with site success", but also stated that "there is no sense that any of these measures are superior to any other, but that they are all equally valid and useful" (Jonathan W. Palmer 2002, p.156), it shows that every part of a GUI is relevant and needed, to make the other part work.

Above one of the more successful GUI designs


As much as designing a GUI is using graphical images as a way of communicating, there is also the need to research the background in psychology, ergonomics, and usability. Research expanding on this motion has been done to study how human beings use and comprehend computer software. Designing a GUI takes a simple four step method detailed in (Dan R. Olsen, Jr. 1998, p.26) this involves "Identify user needs or problems, design a solution, prototype the solution and evaluate with real users", the process is basically a infinite loop constantly changing to meet users needs.

This essay will explore the psychological aspect of what makes a well designed GUI and the factors that constitute to a poorly designed GUI, the reason for exploring this is that research into the subject has brought up interesting points regarding the psychological aspect of design and how people interact with the design being a major factor in what is a good or bad design.

GUI design

Human-computer interaction (HCI), is the study of how humans interact with computer systems. It is stated that "Many disciplines contribute to HCI, including computer science, psychology, ergonomics, engineering, and graphic design." (Alan Dix, 2003 p.419) HCI is a broad term that covers all aspects of the way in which people interact with computers. Daily people are coming into contact with computer based technology, be it iPods, computers, touch screens or video game consoles. As we know some systems are easier to use than others through personal experience and some are harder than what we think.

The use of common icons within the GUI design, for example the use of plus and minus icons to replicate a image for a calculator, or a music note to represent a sound based activity (for example the iTunes icon). It is these common preconceptions that we have on picture based icons that we can gather what they may be about. This is based on the human symbolic interactionism, in which "humans act toward people or things on the basis of the meanings they assign to those people or things". (Em Griffin 2006, p.56) This will occur when a person is using a new product which has something they don't know about, when using the product they will then associate certain graphics with certain actions. The user will then have these in there memory of doing a certain action. The use of universal logos throughout products allows the user to quickly and easily move from one product to another. This notion is backed up, by Bonnie A. Nardi who states "all human experience is shaped by the tools and sign system we use."(Bonnie A. Nardi 1995, pg. 10) It is these preconceptions that shape the way that people use a GUI and how it is designed.

The user interface and the ways of interacting with computer based systems are different for each system, touchpads of iPods, keyboards, mouse and a screen for a computer. Depending on the design of the interface, each of these systems will either be usable meaning that it is easy to use or hard meaning it is problematic for the user, but what is good user interface design. Most if not all users hate problematic system, even in extreme cases shooting the system (BBC News, 2003), even as early as the year 2000, computer rage was becoming more common "As the reliance on computers in the workplace continues to grow, people in the UK are resorting to violence when their PCs break down, say researchers" (BBC News, 2000). This shows the importance of what a good GUI can do. This is down to a simply solution make computer systems and GUIs do what users want them to do, which is the need for market research and testing. However this could be down to a less than savy user, than a bad system design.

Interface design is critical to all computer design. Websites are particularly challenging in the design process, from a personal view point, interface design, usability, and the medium in which the interface appears in can help the user with the interface. However if one of these fails they could simply ruin the user experience with the interface causing a lot more trouble than a good design. It is even stated that "interface design success can be captured through measures of frequency of use, likelihood of return, and user satisfaction" (Jonathan W. Palmer 2002 p.162). While there will be continuing evolving of interface design the things that make it successful, will still make it successful.


In conclusion there is always going to be bad interfaces and a good interfaces. However one interface for someone may work brilliantly in what they want it for, however the same design could be of no use to someone else. You can either find a middle ground hoping people will adapt ways in using the program to meet there needs, or specifically target a market which may have a small minority who may actually use it.

Over 400 games

Current stats

Number of Games: 420
Average GameSpot Score: 7.6
Preferred Platform: GC (64)
Estimated Collection Value: $8,395.80

I think my 400th game was part of the job lot of 40 NES games I bought. Also is a good time to plug The Candid Collectors' Union

The least owned games that I own and other members own on Gamespot are:

Kick Off (NES): 9 Users
Rescue Shot (PS): 10
World CIass Leaderboard Golf (GG) 13

420 games on 19 systems average to 32 games per system

Better late than never

Just thought I give my blog a quick update as I am sick of seeing the last post that was done in 2008. Since that blog I have achieved some amazing things: Graduated from University Secured a job as a Graphic Designer Accepted on Master Degree Course I have done alot more than this obviously but these are the three things that stand out the most. I think I might start blogging again, with some work I have done then again I am lazy so I doubt it will happen.