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Moderation - No Chance Given To Present Own Case.

Recently I was moderated for a comment on a News item on Jan 28th I made two months ago, claiming that it was "Flaming". Looking at the comment I made I saw nothing whatsoever in the comment I made that could be considered as "Flaming"...I choose my wording carefully, and ensure I do not offend anyone. The Post read:

"Thankyou Mr F-Wit Atkinson...ruin another game for us. What an uneducated, opinionated, egotistical snob. Bleeding heart liberals...they'll be the death of us." Many members agreed with me, and many otherssaid far worse things about Mr. Atkison. Myclosing comment had nothing at all to do with the Australian Liberal Party (hence the lack of capitals in the post). The term "bleeding heart liberals" is widely used and is directed at no party at all. The only person who would consider this "flaming" is Mr.Atkinson himself, and this is not a political forum for anyone, including moderators.

The response by GS was punitive and non-explanatory. Why are we given no recourse to respond to these decisions? It makes me less likely to comment on any of the News items in future, in case someone finds something offensive, or holds a personal grudge. An explanation would be appreciated for a 50,000+ points loss. I, in fact am offended at the moderation of my harmless comment.

Removal of badges.

Noticed others saying how they've lost they're Gamespot badges (like 2007 Voter), and how they've gotten them nack. I'd like to know how to get mine back, and stop GS from taking them in the first place.

New Releases.

When games were available on 3.5" and 5.25" floppys, the distributors claimed that when new releases were to be shipped they would be lower in price because of less use of plastic in making products (CD's instead). This didn't happen. The packaging was then blamed, so removal of large boxes and manuals would lead to a decrease in cost. This didn't happen. Now we have games, like "C&C 3", "Silent Hunter 4" etc., that have no boxes, come in slim DVD cases and are on one DVD. The cost has...gone up. When, after not even 2 months after release the RRP is dropped by at least (AUS)$20 in a sale, you have to wonder just why the RRP on release is so high. To me it's just a grab for the wallet of the eager PC enthusiast, with our sorrowful addiction to new games, and we are being exploited. It's not the developers' fault...the blame lies squarely with the Distributor, and often the store that releases the game. Not just fuel prices that need the focus of the Industry Watchdog methinks.