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Honestly, I can almost guarantee you that those "games you aren't interested in" you'll probably be interested in when you pick them up and play them. Previously, I hated Advance Wars, now I love it. Nintendogs, as weird of a game as it sounds, is very impressive to play and to this date is the game that takes the most advantage of the DS' hardware between the graphics, voice recognition, and touch control. Mario Kart DS is also a MUST HAVE game for any DS owner, New Super Mario Bros. is a nostalgic throw back to the old school days, Yoshi's Island DS is a more challenging rendition of a Mario game, and both of the Castlevania games on the DS are great (by the way, for those that didn't know, another new Castlevania was announced today). Metroid Prime: Hunters is also a great purchase, whether you like Metroid or not.

The DS is a great investment.


Well I don't get my paycheck for another few weeks (I work part-time at EB but the discount doesn't apply to systems). I was always thinking of getting Mario Kart and I was considering Metroid Prime Hunters. I know the other games are really good, but they just don't scream out to me. Oh new question. What the battery life? My friend said a DS is like an iPod in that you should only charge it when it dies or else its charge dies faster.

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I have plenty of cash for one, but since I need it to last a few weeks till my paycheck, I'm going to trade in games and depending on how much I get, I'm getting a DS. Is that a good idea? I'm looking foward to getting Brain Age 2 (I'm getting the new red & black DS bundle), but I'm not sure what other games would appeal to me.

So I need to know two things? Is a DS a good investment? I woud not be traveling around with it. I'd be sitting on my couch playing. And what are your personal favorite games for it? I've checked review scores, but some of the highest rated games aren't games I'm all that interested in. Thanks guys.

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Tomorrow I'll be getting my first paycheck and I was thinking of updating my PS3 library. I have alot of games for my Xbox360 and Wii but only two for my PS3 (Resistance and Need for Speed: Carbon). Since I'll be updating my game library, I figured a headset would be a good investment since playing online is pretty dull without human interaction (in my opinion anyway), and I want a reason to come back to my PS3 since it just sits there collecting dust.

Anyway, my question is where can I find a good quality bluetooth headset thats compatable with the PS3 controller and how much would it cost? I live down the street from a huge four story mall which has EB, Gamestop, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc., so I have alot of choice. Plus, once I have a headset and plug it into my controller, are there any steps to make it work or does it just start working automaticly? I apprecaite any help. Thanks guys.

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It's the lastest spy movie to come out. I've been hearing good things about it but I want some more insight. Is it worth seeing? I have to walk to my mall in 20 degree weather (mom works and she is tired when she gets home), so is it worth the trip?