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I Have Dove Into the Past....and it is Good

Sure, I have all the latest systems. I am the proud owner of the Xbox360(fantastic), a Nintendo Wii(more fun than a clown car on fire), and a Playstation3 (meh....its ok). But there are times where you are given an oppurtunity to revisit your childhood and look back at what once was. I was given this chance earlier this week.

My sister called me and stated that while her boyfriend and her were cleaning out their attic, they stumbled upon a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Since they are over a decade old and were just collecting dust, she asked if I wanted them. I couldn't miss this chance to relive my innocent days.

She dropped off both systems in a box with all the wires, controllers, and some games. At first, I was a bit uncertain of what lie in front of me. Dust and lint had collected in every crack these two systems had to offer and the NES had what seemed like candle wax on it. How could they possibly work? They must be ruined by now.

I gave them a quick rub down (that wax is still there), and attempted to plug them in. However, I am only able to plug one or the other into the TV and the power outlet. I decided to try the NES first. It already had Super Mario/Duck Hunt in the drive, so I just booted it up. Amazingly enough, the system started with no trouble at all. I started playing Mario and could not wipe the dumb grin off my face. The next twenty minutes took me back to my childhood where I remember playing on a small TV in my bedroom.

Then I decided to play Duck Hunt (The box also contained the laser gun). However, the game did not function on my TV. Alittle frusturated I attempted to remove the gun controllers wire and plug in the normal controllers wire. However, doing this resulted in the system spazzing out and stopped working. Apparantly pulling out the controllers during gameplay ruins the system. Now I'll never get to see how Excitebike and Bad Dudes are on the NES. :(

Annoyed, but being alot more catious, I plugged in the SNES. It also works just fine. I have Super Mario All-Stars so I can play every original Mario game that was on the SNES and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I have played Mario for the most part because it was one of the few games I owned as a kid and is still an amazing amount of fun all these years later. I never had the chance to play the older Zelda games. The first Zelda game I ever played was the fantadtic and perfect in every way Ocarina of Time. Now I can play one of the first in a great fanchise.

I have all these expensive next gen systems in front of me, but I have not turned them on in days. All I play is the SNES. That just shows how great the system was and how it has a close place in all of our hearts.

RIP NES. I barely knew thy. 

Some Of My All-Time Favorite Movies

I have reviewed some movies in the past and made a few 'Top 10" or "Best Games" lists before. Now, I'm continuing that trend by telling everyone some of my favorite movies. You may not agree with me and you may wonder why I left some better movies out. There is a reason for that. I will only name movies I have seen the whole way though. I will not say how great a movie is if I have yet to see it. Whats the point? These are in no praticular order and cover various genres.


Die Hard

Die Hard was a fantastic action flick back in 1988 and still stands as one of the best. It had a crazy hero, a cunning villian, lots of guns and explosions, and the standard damsel in distress. This is one of Bruce Willis's best films and also caused the uttering of one of the best catch pharses ever. Yippy Kiay Mother F***ker! (I spelled that wrong)

16 Blocks
Since we already started with a Bruce Willis flick, we may as well continue with one. 16 Blocks is one of my favorite films for a couple reason. First off, the actiing, action, and directing is all great. However, another reason I liked this film is because of my father. The main character Jack looks just like my father who passed away in 2004. This is something only I can understand, but evn without that fact, 16 Blocks is still a great thrill ride.


Lets switch over to comedies for a second. Some may think this movie has no place on this list, but the truth is, it was one of the funniest movies I ever saw. Whether it was the goofy characters, the witty dialouge, or the bizzare premise, Accepted had me laughing the whole way though. I saw it twice in theaters. It also made Justin Long (the actor who plays the main charcacter) a common face instead of just "Hey isn't that the guy on the Mac commercials?".

Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey has been in alot of movies that I have greatly enjoyed. However, one of my favorites has to be Bruce Almighty. Having a normal man be given all the powers of God is a ridiculous premise already, but the things that Bruce uses them for are very humorous. It is a great comedy that everyone can, and will love. I look foward to the sequel.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Anyone who doesn't consider this film a masterpiece should have their head examined. WWCF came out 19 years before I was born and when I first saw it at the age of 9, I thought it was stupid. However, as I got older and saw it again, I began to love it and appreciate it. Sure, the remake was good too, but you can never argue with an original. I look foward to showing it to my kids some day.


Out of the chocolate factory and into the torture chamber. Hostel has been called one of the most terrifying and disgusting horror film. I am not a fan off horror movies. I saw it on DVD two years after it was in theaters. Was I scared? Not at all. Was I looking away and then rewinding three times with my mouth egapped? Yes. If you can stomach the violence, you'll enjoy this movie.


Is Tom Crusie and sadistic wacko who forces his beliefs on people? Yes, but you have to admit, he's been in alot of great movies. My favorite of which has to be Collateral. It has stylish action, humorous dialouge between Cruise and Fox and just plain delivers a fantastic action movie.


Who wasn't expecting this movie to be on this list? It's not the best movie ever made, but it is highly entertaining. The action is very well done, visually appealing, and its just plain fun to watch someone stab other guys. It's only been out for a few weeks, but I will always love it.

Assault on Precinct 13

You may have noticed a large amount of action movies on third list. I'm a guy, enough said. This was a great movie because of what it did right. Large gun battles, smart characters, and enough suprises to keep you entertained. I loved this movie, even if every single person who died got shot in the head.

The Matrix

Even if the sequels got worse and worse, the orignal Matrix was one of the best movies ever made. It had some of the best stylish action ever seen and had fantastic acting. Did you know Will Smith was going to be the original Neo? No joke.


One of the best movies ever. It was beautiful, funny, and delivered a great sequel. I can not wait for the next one.



I have made this list alot longer than I originally expected. I would add a few more films, but I think thats enough. Yes, I know there is no Sam Jackson on Denzel Washington material here, but I simply don't have room. They have so many great films that I love. I'll just mention them here. Hope you enjoyed the list. Please comment what your favorite movies are or what you think should have been here.

Trade-Ins and New Games

It has been to long since I blogged. In the past three weeks I have done much to hinder and improve my gaming collection.

First, I traded in all my Xbox games. Thats over 30 games. If you average those at $50 a piece, thats over $1500 in games. I also gave in a few Playstation2 games and all my Gamecube games. On top of that, I traded in my original Xbox and my Gamecube. I did not take the time to do the math, but that has to be over $2500 in games and gaming equipment. I got $170 for all of it! What a rip-off!

Anyway, I traded in all these games for the soul purpose of getting Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox360. I already have it for the Playstation2, but it is such an awesome game that it was totally worth buying again. On top of that, I decided to get DDR Universe. It's fun, but way to hard for someone like me. I can play Guitar Hero on expert, but I can't get better than the basic difficulty on DDR. Atleast it's a good workout.

Luckily, I found a random Circuit City gift card for $30. With this and some cash I had lying around, I got The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for the Wii. I must say, it is a whole lot of fun. You haven't truly lived until you have strangled a shop owner by shaking your Wii contorller wildly.

Thats the update on my gaming life. Lost thousands worth of stuff for three very good games. Yay..... 


Yay Snow Day!!

I wake up at 6am pissed that the weather report has lied to me again. I have 3 tests today so I was really hoping for some snow. I look out the window and, while it is white outside, the roads are completely clear. Alittle upset, I go upstairs to my computer and mess around before I have to shower. I decide to check cancellations.com for fun and it suprisingly says that my school district is closed. Happy, but somewhat confused, I hop into bed and pass out. Now I wake up at 11am. After staring at my ceiling for 20 minutes, I looked out the window. Now, it's pretty clear why they canceled. I hope I don't have to shovel, but I'm thrilled I don't have school. More time to play Rainbow Six and Gears of War. Yay!

My Review for Alien Hominid HD is Up

Instead of my usual page long blogs, I'll give you all a nice short one. I have played and reviewed Alien Hominid on the Xbox360. It's great, but if you want a more in-depth description, follow the link by clicking on the picture below. Enjoy the read! :)

A Happy Accomplishment and a Painful Injury

That title basically describes my week. Since I've been playing Rainbow Six: Vegas to death, I decided to go back to Gears of War and attempt what many viewed as impossilbe when it first came out. I decided to beat the game on insane difficulty. By that I don't mean finding an expert player online who will hold my hand through the whole adventure. I actually decided to attempt and beat the entire game on insane by myself!

As I got into it, I figured I was crazy. It only took an hour before my throat was soar from yelling at my television and no matter what I did, I never seemed to catch a break. After a day of peace and serenity, I went back and figured the two things I was doing wrong.

The first was thinking the game actually gave a damn what I thought. All the AI is trying to do is make you a pile of ham chuncks. Yelling at Loucest to stop being "cheap" doesn't exactly work. Plus, I had almost lost my voice so I had to tone it down. The second issue was that I was playing like I had on casual. In other words, I was very reckless. I stayed out of cover for too long and forgot that enemies were harder to kill.

So after figuring these two things out (took me way too long huh?), I played smart. I took my time, used cover, and tried to not rely on my team as much. Thankfully, after three days of solid playing I made it to General RAAM. Using Gamespot's helpful guide, I figured out the stratagy and only died five times trying to beat him. So, now I have a special gamer picture and another hundred or so achievement points. Yeah.....that was worth it.

However, my joy was very short-lived. My sorrow had nothing to do with gaming. It took place in school. I'm a junior and not exactly the most athletic guy (jeez look at my gamerscore) so I occasionally make a fool of myself. Nothing major, just standard stuff like slipping on the wood floor.

We just started our floor hockey unit. In order to be more useful, I play defense very agressively. I run up to people and try as hard as I can to smack the ball away from them. I wasn't half bad the first day, but today that changed. We had just started. Some jock had the ball with his back to me and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the damn ball. So, I dotted foward to try and grab it under his legs and made contact with his elbow. My head flew back and I knew instantly something was wrong.

However, instead of interrupting the game, I sucked it up and attempted to hide my wound with my upper lip. After three minutes, my team finally scored and I told my teacher I was elbowed. I didn't name anyone since it was an accident. I left gym and went to the nurses office where they had a mirror. I could already feel the damage, but now I could actually see it. The blow from the kid's elbow was so strong, he ripped almost all the skin off my lower lip and caused my teeth to cut the inside of my lower lip. I got to sit in the nurses office for thrity minutes as I waited for my mom. I had told her it wasn't bad enough that I had to leave school, but in order to avoid lawsuits, the school wants a parent to come and make the decision. Needless to say, my lip stings alot. Whats even worse it that I had lunch a period later. Imagine that greezy, salt covered food touching my exposed lip and gringe.

Anyway, that was my week. My lip is destroyed, but it will heal by itself and I beat Gears of War on insane. What a fun, f**king week. :?

Some Quick Picks: Breach and Reno:911!

Since I've seen two movies within days of each other, I don't want to write full reviews for each. Instead, I'll give a brief summary of what I thought and a score.


Breach is an suspenseful, intelligent, and occasionally comical movie about one of the greatest security leaks in US history. It's acting is flawless and has fantastic directing. This is not like the Bourne films as there is very little action to speak of. Instead, it delivers a slow-moving, dialouge geared tale of faith, corruption, and morals. It you're looking for an action packed adeventure with guns blazing and explosions every five minutes, then look somewhere else. This is a smart mans picture.

Rating: A-

Reno 911!:Miami

Everyones favorite dimwitted group of law enforement are on the job in Miami. When a convention they are attending is attacked with a biological agent and traps every other cop in the city, it's up to the guys from Reno to protect Miami and find an antidote to save everyone. What ensues is a wide array of humorous emergencies (crocadile in a pool for example) leading up to the final showdown. This movie will have you cracking up from beginning to end, especially if you're a fan of the TV show. The R rating allows the wild antics from the show to reach new levels and it is all very entertaining. If you need something to laugh at, Reno 911!:Miami is the place to go.

Rating: B+

Movie Review: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is another in a long-line of superhero movies from Marvel. It's quick, stupid, but provides enough entertainment to keep you intrigued. It certanly is a fun ride thats easy to enjoy, but even easier to forget.

Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) is a cocky carnival stunt rider who just wants to get away. He makes a plan with his girlfriend Roxanne (Eva Mendes) to run away on his motorcycle and never look back. However, Johnny finds out that his father and role model is dying of cancer. When a mysterious stranger comes and promises to cure his father in exchange for his soul, Johnny signs a contact. Next thing he knows, his father is cured and everything seem fine. The happiness is short-lived however when his father dies the same day preforming a routine stunt. Filled with sorrow and anger, he runs away only to be confronted by the same stranger who turns out to be the devil (shocker). He tells Johnny that his contact is binding and that he will be called upon when he is needed.

Flash forward ten years and Johnny is a famous stuntman preforming impossible jumps to try and prove to himself that he has control of his life. Despite horrible crashes, he always walks away without a stratch on him. He runs into his old girlfriend, now a reporter, and seems to be doing well. However, around this time, the devils son, Blackheart, is planning on finding an old soul contract that will grant him ultimate power. The devil calls upon the unwilling Johnny, turning him into the Ghost Rider, a bounty hunter with a flaming skull that only appears at night, to stop Blackheart and his minions. Another prodictable, but servicable plot that ties everything together to make for a quick, dumb action flick.

Most of the parts are played well. Cage does a great job of creating a humerous, but conflicted Johnny Blaze. All his cheesey one-liners and questionable grammer are all believeable coming out of his motuh.
Peter Fonda plays his part of the devil well and most of the other actors are convining. However, Eva Mendes is the weakest link. She isn't terrible, but she isn't very convining. There are better actresses out there.

If you are ever looking for an example of excessive CGI, look no further than Ghost Rider. There is probably more CGI than actual acting, but thats not really a bad thing. It's pretty hard to make an actor wear an actual flamming skull, so all the action scenes are strictly computer generated. All of it is done well and melds together with the actual preformances. Watching Johnny change the first time is very well done and entertaining.

One major issue I have with the movie is the sloppy way it all seems thrown together. Apart from a few dumb occurances (like why does everyone keep grabbing Johhny after they see he can only kill you when he has you in a grip) the biggest complaint here is some suspious editing. There are parts where characters move from one part of a room to another alittle too quickly and some actions sequences are somewhat jarring to watch. Along with that, some scenes just make no sense. How can a guy with a skull on fire kill a guy in a holding cell, melt the bars of said holding cell, and walk out of a police station without anyone seeing him or trying to stop him? It also doesn't help that there is no one on the streets of a major city. They are almost completely deserted. It's nothing you can't look past, but if you look for it, you'll notice it.

To sum it up, Ghost Rider may not be worth your hard earned $10. It is entertaining, but it doesn't really do the famed comic hero justice. Afterwards, you'll have a great time with your friends laughing about all the dumb one-liners and pointing out the films problems, so I guess it's worth something.

Plot: C-
Acting: C+
Entertainment: C+
One-liner potential: A

Over-all: C

Ahh Valentines Day....

...a holiday made by Hallmark and Hershey in order to sell more chocolates and cards for no good reason. It's an excuse for guys to act nice one day out of the year because they expect sex from girls. :evil:

But thats not the point. Happy Valentines Day everyone. I sit here, alone for yet another year with only my Xbox and the internet....*cough*

Anyway, enjoy your meaningless cards and chocolates fatty.

Friends are Better Than Rental Stores

By this I mean, you can borrow great games for a limited time, but without payment of any kind. Since you have to see that person everyday, you can ask them for advice on tough parts of a game and you discuss your favorite parts. Recently, I found out my friend had God of War. Since it's sequel, God of War II, is right around the corner, I decided I needed to play the original. So, now I am playing God of War. I must say it's awesomeness in disc form.

And for those who haven't seen it, heres the latest trailer for GoW2.