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According to Newtype, the long awaited new season of Haruhi Suzumiya is scheduled to premiere in April. I'm so happy. We (the Haruhi fans) had to wait so long for this moment...WTF is the best news I've heard this week. Although it was already quite aware of the second season, was not very clear when. But now seem to be real.

More details on: ANN Sankaku One - Two

Why?? v2

I found this interesting pic. If I do that on CR, the bike will be stolen in the blink of an eye. Why? the people on Japan can do that? Unfair, my country is very dangerous. (look the ps3 on the bike)


I am a Communist ... Are you a communist?


Still sick ^^;


Damn, in less than a year I have had a cold 8 times. Again, on CR is summer, I have to spend most of the time in rooms with air conditioners. When I finish my day at work, the temperature change makes me sick. Today, I had a terrible headache and the throad pain....Sucks....just sucks. When I'm sick, I can't sleep, yesterday I had a nightmare with aliens. Was so stupid. Hmmm Damn aliens leave alone!

Ahemm...take a look at my nurse

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I need advice

A few days ago, I read something interesting on Kotaku. The post was talking about the economic times and the difficulty of buying new video games (for Wii, PS3 or xbox360).

Recently, I bought a PS3 and three games (Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4 (bundle) and Elder Scrolls. The games are expensive right now. I have my PS2 and my PSOne and I still enjoy playing old games (mostly my dears Final Fantasy).

Continuing with the post, the writer explains a few points for consider to buy an old gen console. I'm thinking to buy a Game Cube. I'm not a fan of Nintendo. Hahaha, some time ago, I laughed and made jokes about the Game Cube. Hmm, why? Why do I want to buy a Game Cube?. Well it's no bad idea at all, I feel interested about a few games, and the console cost less than $100 (Example Eternal Darkness).

I like the xbox but this is an other history, to get a new xbox I would to pay about $150 on amazon (is better to buy the xbox360 at $199.99).

Another option is to buy an used system on GameStop (like 30 bucks for a Game Cube). Have you bought something on GameSpot? (a console).

What you think about all this?
What do you recommend me to do?

These are my options:
  1. Buy a new Game Cube.
  2. Buy an used Game Cube (tell me if you had a bad or a good experience).
  3. Buy a new figure to my collection (anime figure).
  4. Save my money.

If you choose 1 or 2, Can you recommend me some awesome games?

Read the post on Kotaku


Today, I had a dream,

I have hopes on Mr. Barack Obama. In my country most think the same thing, if us screw up, we may fall too. Being the president of the USA, can be very dangerous in this mad world.
I found this old pic.

barakpic source


I take this opportunity to give the link to my RSS and bookmark my blog!.

I am trying to do some reviews of anime and I think when you can get other content, just a hobby for me and a test site.

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