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Why Twitter and Facebook leave me wanting more

I had a twitter account for three months. I had a facebook account for two years. I deleted both against the trend of the general populous and friends - all because of boredom. While it is interesting to see what people you know and brand you like are saying often what they say is quiet empty. The content is key and more often than not the content I read on social media was "I'm awake now" or "Buy more cola". Writing a fuller set of ideas is more time consuming and requires a reasonable focus which is why it is so frequently not done in 140 characters or on a daily basis - it takes effort. Part of my reason for joining gamespot is the excellent forums and blogs. A good forum post will take effort, as will a good blog post. While there may be some poor content out there, it is this community's culture of writing something worth reading that will keep me here while facebook and twitter disappear from my memory. Where do you stand on the quality of social media posts - is the content of twitter and facebook good enough? heckteur Postscript - I have had similar trouble with reddit, google plus, and digg. Perhaps I've not found my place.

Simple Beginning

I've used gamespot for at least 6 years and have lurked on the forums for almost as long. I'm only creating an account now because I miss the community. A lot of friends have stopped playing games. I myself have moved across the country and am currently without broadband and surviving on a tethered 3G connection, and without my 360 which is back home. Frankly, angry birds on my phone is not the same. My hope is by joining gamespot fully, engaging in the forums, picking up my 360 at Christmas and potentially building a gaming PC* I can regain that sense of community and fun I once had. Wish me luck heckteur *which will be my first, and have many a blog post