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I finally departed from Gamefaqs forums

IMO, gamefaqs turned really juvenile. The posters always, and I mean always flame each other and argue like teenagers always do; moderators mod whatever post they feel like; the site colors are ugly and unprofessional.

This is why I'm sticking with something decent such as gamespot.

Doom3.......IMO people who appreciate Doom3 are the old school gamers

With all the kids complaining and nitpicking about Doom3 (when released on PC, and now on Xbox), I wonder if these people even know what the Doom games stand for.

I mean play the old Doom games and you'll see what I mean. Doom 3 was meant to be an homage to the old Dooms. Id specifically stated this many times, yet kiddos today seem to be afflicted by some sort of advanced form of ADD.

Just enjoy the game for what it is.