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The NASCAR Racing Union invitations have been sent

I have sent out invitations for you to join my union. I need at least four charter members and four people have already told me they will join but... if you would still like to join I can make you an officer. To join my union you don't have to like NASCAR or know anything at all abnout NASCAR because I am willing to take people that are good sig, tag, banner etc. designers so if you are interested just pm me and ill send you an invite.

NASCAR Busch Series: Martin Truex Jr. couldn't hold on

Well yesterday I was watching the Busch race at Dover and Martin Truex Jr. was the guy to beat for most of the race. Then he thought he had a tire going down and he started dropping back. After a while he crashed and I dopn't know where he finished but he would've won if he wouldnt have crashed:(. I guess we will have to wait till next week to see if he can get a Busch win.

I'm making a new union called The NASCAR Racing Union

hey im making a NASCAR Union thats going to be the most popular NASCAR Union im going to post every day and that is guarenteed so this union will always be up to date with NASCAR news we will have forum games like the NASCAR picture game, the NASCAR last letter game, the NASCAR chain game and more we will have rewards every month for things like the best username, the best sig, the best display pic, the recruit of the month, the officer of the month and more so if u love NASCAR please join my union i am making it today and i have no officers yet but im sure 2 people i know will join so please join my union i really need help with it thanx

NASCAR race - New Hampshire

So Dale Earnhardt Jr. qualifies 13th and Denny Hamlin qualifies 5th im watching the race now and it's just the beginning and Hamlin is 6th and Jr. is 8th. I have noticed that Dale Jr. always has a great car at the begging of the races but then just cant do anything at the end and this has been going on for about a month. I just hope that is done now and he starts doing good the WHOLE race. I would love to see him win the cup this year.


well this week my football team plays against our biggest rivals- the  Keyser Steelers idk if we have a good enough team to win this one but we r gonna try our best im a reciver and a safety and ive got pretty good hands so that will be a factor in this game cuz they dont have good DB's and i hit pretty hard on D so idk but there QB scrambles a lot so our D-line and linebackers r gonna have to turn it up a notch...well i just hope we win this one but its gonna be close

what the heck???

how come nascar06 made half of the people on that game that were unreal?? thats soooo stupid i hate that i mean ive never heard of the WHELEN series and i would like to kno someof the ppl that race in that series man i hate that lol