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Well, I guess this is it...

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I'm the kind of guy who would run all the way back home just to say goodbye whenever a family member is about to leave for a business trip. I'm the kind of guy who would write letters for his loved one before going off on a camping trip. I'm the kind of guy who would tearfully depart and blow kisses to his friends as the car drives off.

I'm the kind of guy who would formally write his final blog to tie all of the loose ends.


Hello! I'm hazelnutman. I began blogging and actively contributing to the wonderful community here since 2007. Even when I got sidetracked here and there by other web communities and activities, I always found myself gravitating towards the people on GameSpot.

I started writing blogs a few weeks into my membership here. Look back and read them; I dare you. What I got from the blogging experience was something I never expected: feedback. As an audience built up, the motivation and drive to write for the sake of writing built up inside of me. Using language, I was given an opportunity to define myself; the thrill of living a double-life through the internet was new and exhilarating. Continuing to blog meant continuing to improve my writing. I feel blessed to have had such an opportunity.

I found many wonderful people here. You all know who you are, but a few of you have probably moved on to bigger and better things. You guys may never read this, but I'll always cherish the memories we've shared together despite some of us being oceans apart. Thank you all for being a friend to me; you guys were some of the best friends I've ever had in my life.


Hello! I'm Peter. I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was raised here in a family of four. I went to a variety of schools until I eventually found that moving so many times took its toll on my social life, dramatically cutting down my willingness to pursue a social life. I was isolated for a large portion of my Middle School life, and found solace in the world of video games and eventually anime.

With the start of high school, I started my GameSpot account. It was wonderful to meet people from all over the world who shared common interests. My investment in the online community was extensive, and I truly felt at home whenever I got my hands on a computer with internet access to this website.

And then my senior year came. I joined clubs, went to events, and even fell in love. The time left over for my hobbies dwindled into nothingness, and I soon found myself looking at a completely changed person in the mirror. Changed for the better? I don't know that yet. I will be graduating in June so I can start my undergraduate studies for three years, eventually moving onto law school so that I can support a family of my own if the need arises. Yeah - I've planned that far ahead.


I don't know what to say anymore. I do hope that this blog doesn't come off as overly-dramatic; that wasn't my intention. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life, and I may come back to this community one day. I will, however, stay logged into my account and occasionally check my inbox, so feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat.

Thank you, everybody. I love each and every one of you, so please live on to be happy people. :)


"Someday the Dream Will End" - Final Fantasy X OST

Someday the dream will end, but here's to you for being a friend.


Adulthood? Damn.

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Last week, something happened to me which I've been looking forward to since I was that small child with big dreams. Something inevitable yet frighteningly new, it might be an arbitrary and meaningless status in the end, but a lot of responsibilities came packaged with this new development.

I turned 18.

The government of Canada declares that I've somehow gained the maturity to vote in the electoral process as an adult, buy adults-only pornography, and get tried as an adult in the event of a legal trial. An adult? Are you implying that I've magically achieved this status of power and authority overnight?

Of course not, but I would be lying if I told anybody that I didn't feel like a new person from who I was 12 months ago.

  • I've applied for the University of British Columbia, a rather prestigious school in Canada (top 3) and full of great programs for me to continue my education. I'm thinking BA in Computer Sciences until I eventually opt out for law.
  • Still getting straight A's in all of my subjects (8th year in a row, baby!) and have literally the easiest final semester of high school any student could have possibly asked for.
  • I recently registered to become a voter by law. I'd rather not disclose my political party of choice, but let's just say that I'm a guy who's pretty groovy with the way things are now.
  • I've joined quite a few clubs and have branched out to gain new circles of friends on top of my already-amazing ones.
  • I worked for Domino's Pizza for half a year before quitting due to a frustrating schedule. I'm in the process of being referred to many local Starbucks branches - courtesy of a good friend of mine who has a lot of connections in this kind of stuff.
  • Driving. Not the best at it, but I have a grasp of the whole deal now.
  • My. Legs. Are. Ripped. So pulsatingly rock-hard that people call them Energy Legs. Thank you, DDR and Stepmania.
  • Christmas was pretty good; highlight would have to be a new LCD HDTV which is now hanging out in my basement/room.
  • Not much gaming done; been maintaining my BlazBlue game, but that's pretty much it.
  • Watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood along with a few other miscellaneous animes with my brother. Yep.
  • Nicole entered my life, and I'm happier than I've ever been...

Now, I'm sure I briefly touched upon that last point in my last blog, but I can't stress enough how enlightening this whole experience is for me. Our relationship's been going strong for over a month now, and I've learned so much about living in this short period of time. Not only am I constantly happy, but I've learned so much about responsibility, dealing with family, balancing time, being intimate, making promises, and caring for somebody else more than I can care about myself. It's a whole new world that I'm living in right now, and I really do hope that it never ends.

I feel like I've turned my life around. This isn't to say that my previous life of staying home every day, declining every party invitation, and playing/watching ridiculous amounts of video games/anime was necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like I've grown out of that stage back when introverted stuff like that took priority over the people around me.

Goddammit - but I still absolutely refuse to grow up! :P

But yeah, that's what my life's been like for the past few months in a nutshell. I don't even think I deserve to be called a friend to some of you anymore since I've barely had the time to stick around GameSpot for longer than the time it takes to post some spam on the forums before I leave for my next outing or invitation. Still, I want to remind y'all that I love everybody here, and to enjoy what you do - no matter what.

"Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?" - The Carpenters

Such a sweet song. :)

Welcome to the Family

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Xbox 360, I welcome you with open arms to my family of gaming consoles.

Now shut up and play Ace Combat 6 for me.

Ace Combat 6 - Liberation of Gracemaria

Yes, I got a 360 just to play Ace Combat 6 -- a game from my favorite franchise ever, so whatever. So far, the whole thing is kinda like this song: lots of gradual buildup (some of it seemingly unnecessary) which escalates into an explosive finish.


PS: Halo Reach is great fun.

PPS: DJ Max Portable 3 just came out. It's a good day to be alive.

My Very First Convention: Anime Evolution 2010 (56k Warning)

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I've been waking up at 6:00AM in the morning, every morning for the past three days so I could catch the bus with my friends which would lead me to a train which would then lead me to another long bus trip. Why? Well it was to punctually attend my very first convention, of course!

Anime Evolution is a 3-day convention which takes place on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This year, it happened to take place on a university campus quite a bit away from my small town I call home. However, that didn't stop me from enjoying myself immensely. While the convention name suggests a heavy anime theme, there were (almost) equal proportions of video game-related material as well.

I'll attempt to summarize many of the main events I've experienced at the convention, but there are hundreds of things I'll neglect to mention due to the sheer volume of content packed into each day. Of course, there will be walls of text broken-up by mini-galleries for your viewing pleasure. Now, onto the main event!


The very first thing I noticed was the cosplay, and then the enormous line-ups. There were literally thousands of people lined up (no seriously, there were thousands – they announced it afterwards), and so the lines ranged between 2 to 4 hours of waiting. Fortunately, I had pre-registered beforehand which made the pass process significantly quicker (30 minutes). However, I managed to snap a few photos here and there while waiting underneath the blazing sun.


1. I have no idea who the guy with the beard behind me is. Cute girl though.
2. Girl standing next to toast. lolwut?
3. Companion Cube getting stabbed by an Enginee- er... no I meant Spy!

Even after grabbing my passes, I went around the campus, snapping shots everywhere and watching the chaos unfold.
After a few hours of running around and taking pictures, I was starting to get dizzy from the heat; it happened to be the hottest three days here during summer. I suggested that we go check out the Japanese vendors, and so we took off immediately.


1. The booth full of Gundam models.
2. Haruhi and Charmander shop for manga.

The very first booth I noticed in this maze of crazy shops was a Gundam Model Booth. I had never built a model in my life, but I was planning on always buying the four main characters' mechs from Gundam 00 Season 2. I specifically hunted for the final forms of all of the mechanical beasts, and managed to find three out of four. I actually struck up a nice conversation with the booth owner and so he gave me a killer price of $60 CAD for all three 1/100 High Grade scale models.

I walked around and was surprised to see a lot of pornography in the form of doujinshis being sold. Keeping my poker face, I ran around like an excited child, checking out all of the manga, DVDs, and video games I could get my hands on.

A particular game I found was Super Mario World on the SNES. This was my VERY first game I ever played in my life, and having lost it to my cousin, I was eager to buy it back for a mere $15 bucks. Sold.

I also found the nearly-250 page Phoenix Wright artbook in a bargain bin for $20 – brand new. Seriously, it was so damn beautiful that I had to buy it.

Before leaving the vender building, I realized my grave mistake – I bought way too many things, and I've barely even started the convention yet. Oh crap, oh crap. I hate carrying shopping bags.


1. Gundam models from Gundam 00. All I need to complete the set is 00 Riser with GN Sword.
2. Phoenix Wright artbook.


We decided to take it easy until lunch rolled around by going to the gaming building. That was a really bad idea on my part since they had BlazBlue: Continuum Shift there. For the next few hours, I played some DDR, Rock Band, and a lot of BlazBlue with some really good players. I went undefeated for several matches to a point where they were (literally) revering me as some kind of God. Kinda' creepy, but I guess it was flattering.

Since we were all tired as hell at that point (while the day wasn't even half over), we decided to slink into an artist's panel. Unfortunately, it was a panel in a really soothing room where a lady was painting and taking questions while doing so. No, this was not a speed painting or anything quick, so we all ended up getting some good sleep on the spot while she mumbled away – something to do with brush sizes or something.


1. Yeah, that's Luigi playing BlazBlue.
2. CC begging for hugs!
3. I love Katamari!

After the power-nap, it was almost time for the lesson on how to build Gundams. It was incredibly educational and fun, but the best part was yet to come. In that exact same room was a Gundam model building CONTEST. That's right, we were provided with free models to complete, smoothen, and paint within the time limit. It was actually a ton of fun, and was definitely the highlight of my day.

Soon after getting some pizza to eat, we headed to the video rooms, watched some Spice and Wolf, and took the public transit routes back home.


1. Gundam model building contest. Crazy stuff going on here!
2. Mio cosplay from K-ON!
3. Spice and Wolf being shown in a video room.




This is where things got a little crazy. Right off the bat, we had over seven people in our group. This chaos proved to be… way too much fun.

As soon as we met, my friend (who just came back from Japan) had apparently bought me a really awesome gift. This turned out to be a sealed copy of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Japanese from the 90's – black label and everything. While I can't exactly play it (already have the LE in English anyways), I don't intend on ever taking it out of the shrink wrap for collection purposes. Holy crap, does it ever look sexy.

We immediately headed over to the venders again, and something caught my attention which I didn't notice on the first day: Eternal Darkness on the GameCube for a mere $20 bones. Holy crap, was I dreaming? And it was complete with the manual and even the stupid subscriber sheets which used to come with games? That was an instant-buy; no questions asked.

I also picked up some mini-posters and magazine center folds for a really good price. I gotta admit though – some of them were bought impulsively based on the fact that the anime girls were making me very happy inside.


1. Japanese version of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. Eternal Darkness along with Super Mario World (the latter of which I bought the previous day)
3. Mini-posters and center folds galore.


On the way to the gaming building, I ran into some more amazing cosplays and had to get their pictures.

Of course, the gaming room was as busy as ever. BlazBlue was still there, and I actually got beaten by a crazy-good Bang player. Also, I made a scene (in a good way) playing Rock Band when I decided to play "Welcome Home" on expert difficulty on both vocals AND guitar. That's right, I did both at the same time, and ended up scoring above 90 for both. I didn't notice the massive crowd being formed around me until I finished the song and screamed a manly scream out of manliness to the many eyes behind me.

After working up a good sweat in that not-so-well-ventilated room, we headed for a panel hosted by the voice of Superman in the Mortal Combat Versus DC Universe along with Kittan from Gurren Lagann.

Fun Fact: The guy who provided Kittan's manly voice was supposed to originally provide the voice for the "fabulous" Leeron instead. That's some irony right there.


1. Taking a picture with my lord.
2. Excellent group cosplay of Squad 7 from Valkyria Chronicles.
3. Best Phoenix Wright character ever.


Feeling tired, we skipped the rest of the panel and went to watch some Gundam 00. Now, what could we do after watching Gundam? How about making even more Gundams in another Gundam model building contest? That's exactly what we did; I mean we had more people this time after all.

After almost two hours of laughing at the designs of each others' models, we headed over to watch the panel for Spike Spencer, aka the voice of Shinji from Evangelion along with Arakune from BlazBlue. This guy is comedic gold. He's not only a great guy, but tells the funniest stories of the days when he was Mini-Mouse and Barney for parties and whatnot. What a bro.

Several cosplay pictures later, we headed home exhausted, but with just as much anticipation for the next day as the last.


1. Probably one of my favorite con cosplays. It's a fan-made take on Amaterasu from Okami.
2. Durarara cosplay group. Note the excellent Selty.
3. Spike Spencer telling everybody who's boss.



We headed towards the venders again in the morning (do you see a pattern here?). Feeling bad for my friend who couldn't come due to the fact that he was dragged to China by his mother, I bought him a really awesome Monster Hunter shirt.

Furthermore, I bought myself a nice Vocaloid T-shirt of Rin (because I love her character the most) for a ridiculous price of $9 bucks. Considering it was Japanese imported and it even has a Japanese tag still on it saying that the retail value goes for 3000 yen tells me that I was really lucky to find it when I did.

I also bought a Code Geass "Ashford Academy" tie for the lulz.


1. Rin T-shirt from Vocaloid. Awesome shirt I probably won't ever wear.
2. Love that emblem.

Finding out that none of my friends had seen "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", I took them all to the main theater to see the entire movie with front-row seats. After the show was over, they were all blown away after I explained the true nature of the ending. Talk about an awesome discussion piece – we talked about it for quite a while.

Of course, I took cosplay pics along the way.

The next event was the Charity Auction, which was surprisingly fun despite not really having the balls to participate in any bids. There were some crazy bidding wars – especially for a hand-drawn picture of Wolverine and Ryu (MvC2) fetching donations going to triple digits.


1. Badass BlazBlue cosplays.
2. Snow is a pretty cool guy eh, poses for me and doesn't afraid of anything.
3. IT'S A TRA- er... actually, it isn't this time.

Since Sunday was a rather shortened day, the closing ceremonies were upon us. However, it ended with quite a bang. The finals for "The Gauntlet" were being held live on stage in the form of everybody's favorite Internet flash game: Robot Unicorn Attack.

You have no idea what it feels like to sing that song with a group of hundreds of people while two gamers compete for the top prize. It was craziness. OOOOOH LOOOOVVEEE!!!! I WANNA BEEEE WITH YOUUUU!!!!

Finally, we stumbled across the computer room by accident, and by some freak coincidence, the finals for the 12-hour Starcraft 2 tournament were being held at that moment. It was a best-out-of-three battle, and the winner turned out to be one of the top 20 Starcraft players in North America. Wow, what a way to end the day – especially with such an enthusiastic turnout along with two great MCs.

Eating some burgers at the train station was the last memory I retained before finding myself back home, absolutely exhausted yet wanting to write a blog. So yeah – that's what this was!


1. Some Minecraft right before the Starcraft 2 tournament.
2. Bakemonogatari cosplay.
3. Pyramid Head in all of his pyramidy glory.



It was awesome.




1. Of course I had to take a picture with Miku!
2. Setsuna would be jealous of this guy.
3. Posing for the camera with two friends of mine who actually cosplayed.


1. Megaman Zero cosplay.
2. Large group of Durarara cosplays!
3. Bayonetta with her secret costume.


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Trailer Music

Holy crap, the trailer is awesome and so is the music.

Spirit of Motherwill

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Two blogs from Hazel within the same month? That's messed up, man.

Bears can hit us with sticks now. The human race is over.


Well to start things off, I used the power of heat guns, screwdrivers, and science to fix my PS3's YLOD for a temporary period of time. While it's currently a ticking time bomb, it should give me enough time to play BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for an entire day while I pick up a new Slim PS3 on Thursday. As long as it doesn't die within that time period, I should be good.

But still, screw you, Sony and your cheaply manufactured products. What were you thinking, using crappy solder and terrible cooling gel on the CPU/GPU? Not only that, but your BluRay lens are terrible in duration; they burn out like candles. Don't even get me started with the ass-backwards memory management "security" features in place. Top it all off with one of the worst warranties in the industry, and you have one angry Hazel.

/rant which doesn't matter because I'll be buying another anyways


Me playing Ace Combat 5.


Anyways, this is not really a blog; it's more like a thing I'm doing to cope with the peer pressure of having various people tag me at the same time. That's right - this is a tag blog. I've been tagged, so yeah - here we go.


You've been tagged, here are the rules:

1. Put Your iTunes (or other music player) on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name. (I put it underneath the song title)
5. Tag at least 10 friends.
6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus.


I gotta warn you guys though, pretty much 99.5% of my music is from anime and video game OSTs, and the random results will really reflect upon this fact. Goddammit, why am I doing this? Nobody cares about the musical tastes of others.


1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say
"Unsung Heroes" By Keiki Kobayashi/Ace Combat 5 OST
- Well this one doesn't make sense at all.

2. How would you describe yourself?
"The Fox and the Grapes" by Woody-Rinn/Kanon OST
- Oh you know me; I'm just a foxy and grapy kind of guy.

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
"Gnossiennes Dai 2 Ban" by Erik Satie/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya OST
- Wat the hell does the first word even mean?

4. How do you feel today?
"SELECT? (off vocal)" by Chihara Minori/Yuki Nagato
- This is kinda weird, getting my favorite song like this.

5. What is your life's purpose?
"The Journey Home" by Elizabeth Ladizinski/Ace Combat OST
- That's pretty deep stuff, man.

6. What is your motto?
"After Burner II Melody Remix" by Hiro SEGA/Bayonetta OST

7. What do your friends think of you?
"Little Fragments" by Woody-Rin/Kanon OST
- So I'm just a collection of little fragments? ;___;

8. What do you think of your parents?
"My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America)" by America?
- This makes no sense. They're both Korean-Canadians.

9. What do you think about very often?
"Guren" by Nakagawa Koutarou/Code Geass OST
- Well, they got me there. I'm a mech fan, so I think about 'em all the time.

10. What is 2 + 2?
"Great Fairy Fountain Re-orchestrated" by Zelda Orchestra
- Because the Great Fairy Fountain is always the answer to everything.

11. What do you think of your best friend?
"Battle with Tatami Head" by Rei Kondoh/Okami OST
- Okay, I lol'd.

12. What do you think of the person you like?
"Sora no Yume (Dream of the Sky)" by Yanase Natsumi/Shindo Chihiro
- Beautiful song; too bad I don't really like anyone on a romantic scale.

13. What is your life story?
"One Of A Kind" By "Some crazy Japanese guy with a name in Kanji I can't read"
- Well sure, we're all one of a kind, right?

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Kozuka Onigirisai" by Masami Ueda/Okami OST
- Bwahaha.

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
"Surrounded" by Nobuko Toda, Shuichi Kobori and Kazuma Jinnouchi/MGS4 OST
- Oh wow, this is hilarious.

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
"Prime #5" by Hideki Sakamoto/Echochrome OST
- My wedding will be a confusing mess.

17. What will they play at your funeral?
"A Monster's Presence" by Masami Ueda/Okami OST
- Because monsters will attend my funeral.

18. What is your hobby/interest?
"Venice Escape" by Jesper Kyd/Assassin's Creed 2 OST

19. What is your biggest fear?
"Strange Girl" by Nakagawa Koutarou/Code Geass OST
- Strange girls scare the living **** out of me.

20. What is your biggest secret?
"Prime #7" by Hideki Sakamoto/Echochrome OST
- Thanks to Echochrome's soundtrack's cryptic song-naming conventions, we shall never know.

21. What do you think of your friends?
"Fabula Nova Crystallis" by Hamazu Masashi/FFXIII OST
- Hear that, guys? I think you're all fabulous crystals!

22. What will you put as the title?
"Spirit of Motherwill" by Kota Hoshino/Armored Core: For Answer OST
- Couldn't have asked for a better blog title.


And that's it; I hope you honestly didn't learn anything new about me, because there's nothing here I really wanted to reveal about myself, hehe.


I tag Jesus and Batman. They're both badass enough to handle all 10 tags I have to make.

THIS SONG, DAMN IT (I don't know the title)

"The mere sight of Mobius One's emblem causes allied soldiers to achieve orgasm. Enemy pilots within one hundred kilometers of Mobius One spontaneously combust, while civilians merely go sterile. Women who approach within fifty kilometers of a Mobius One dogfight are instantly impregnated, and nine months later give birth to a totally awesome baby who will, like, go to college and everything."

- Anonymous Ace Combat 04 Fan

YLOD - Right Before BlazBlue

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My PS3 kicks the bucket right before one of my most anticipated games of the year is released.

Upon reflection, this is like how my disc reader broke just as I got FFXIII - my reason for getting a PS3.

I'm going to be sad soon, but allow me to document this here while the irony is still delicious and moist.



A Tale of Memories

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"Hey, remember that Hazel guy who used to post here a lot? Yeah, he was a total dumb ****! He thinks school is a legitimate excuse to slack off and neglect friends. What an ass-face!"

So yeah, I'm back from another high school semester's end of Zerg-rushing assignments and tests. This year was surprisingly easy, I guess. I had a much higher mark in math and biology towards the middle of the semester, but my slacking towards the end of it all dropped me down to the low 90's. But hey, everything's still 90 and over, so I'm cool with it.

  • Math 11 – 90%
  • Biology 11 – 93%
  • Programming 11 – 94%
  • English 11 – 95%
  • Film 11 – 96%
  • Social Studies 11 – 97%
  • Japanese 11 – 98%
  • IDS: Game Design – 98%
  • Animation 12 – 99%

The one mark I'm really proud of up there is Social Studies. I was at 55% towards the beginning (screwed up a lot of tests) and got myself up to 97%. Can you say 'comeback kid'?

Well anyways, I got a job a few days ago making pizzas at Domino's. It's a pretty demanding job, but the staff is very helpful, and the environment is so casual that I don't mind. I got to hear one of my co-workers summarize the entire Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy to the boss using Elmo's voice amongst other hilarious things.

So yeah, I'm bringing home a paycheck every now and then. I'm thinking about helping my mom out with paying the bills or something since we're in a bit of a financial pickle. And here comes a boring story about myself which I've kept from all of my friends for 2 years now. I've never told any of my school friends, but I feel safer telling you guys now for some reason.

Two years ago, my parents got divorced. It was some sad **** since all of my childhood memories consisted of going out on family picnics and happily celebrating holidays together. I was pretty depressed for a couple of months when I realized that all of my values were shattered in mere seconds. I took my depression to GameSpot in the form of extreme negativity when dealing with people in the forums before deciding to escape reality with anime – starting with a very special one involving a certain brigade which I will for this reason hold dear to my heart forever.

I took care of my entire immediate family from that day forward. I came home early every day to walk the dog, clean the house, cook dinner, wash dishes, do laundry, pack lunches, and do everything I could to make up for the fact that my father was no longer there to take care of us. I distanced myself from my friends as much as possible as they would interfere with the precious few hours I could have to dedicate myself to my studies before having to go back to my responsibilities. It was a hellish few months of absolute self-pity.

Now that I've passed the two-year anniversary of that dreadful day I helped my father move out of the house, I look back and think I've accepted it now. Unfortunately, my father hasn't been very financially supportive of my mother (who took custody of me), and so I might have to direct my financial gains towards her. Not exactly the happiest realization for an irresponsible teenager such as myself who happens to like spending a lot of money on video games and miscellaneous hobbies, but I guess that's just another fun challenge to overcome.

Anyways, that's enough of that sob-story; I'm not good at dealing with drama. The main reason for this blog is to share my completed final project for Programming 11. No, this isn't Sky Driver, but rather a side-project I've been working on called "Totally Original RPG Game".

It's an RPG built from scratch done with a Dark Cloud 2-like over world gameplay and Final Fantasy XIII-like combat. The result is horrifying and kind of fun. It's surprisingly deep – deeper than I thought it was going to be. I was surprised when my friends took my combat engine and found out incredibly mind-blowing strategies and mechanics I never even considered when programming it all such as damage multiplying and HP-budgeting. There's even a sneaking system and elemental damage checker in place, so if you're interested, then I'm offering it up to download here:

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?mnwzmtnmn31

Don't look at me like that; it was a Visual Basic game! Graphical limitations were heavy!

To play the game:

  1. Unzip this file if you haven't already.
  2. Click on the folder "Resources".
  3. Ignore all of the image and music files.
  4. Around the very bottom, you should see "PLAY TOTALLY ORIGINAL RPG GAME - Hazelnutman".
  5. Just double-click on that, and you should be able to play the game.

(Advice: for the love of God, read the instructions at the main menu while you still can to get all of the mechanics down. The game will be impossible without knowing some of the stuff.)

After a few months of procrastinating and sulking around, I got GameSpot's first BlazBlue union up and running. Granted, I haven't done as much work on it as I would have liked yet, but we're barely a month old now (I think?), so drop by if you feel like getting your trigger on.

Oooh, shiny buttons!

Oh right, and in case you haven't seen it yet, here's the first trailer for Sky Driver (posted months ago).


Production is going... well? I dunno. I always seem to run into problems with the software. At this point, I'm thinking about swapping engines.

Anyways, I'm sorry for just dropping a huge load of things and running away again. It feels good to get a lot of this off of my chest though. It's been one hell of a summer so far – not necessarily in a good way, but not so bad either. A girl asked me out a few days ago, but I'm still wondering if I need a girlfriend at this time. I need to make myself lunch tomorrow, but am wondering if I should just get some take-out. I'm going to rule the freaking world, but am wondering if I should dominate the East or West first.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and the blog title is a reference to an anime I'm currently watching called "ef: A Tale of Memories". It's freaking good. Like – really freaking good. The opening to the song is actually this blog's:

Elisa – "Euphoric Field"

It's not the full song (you can find that here), but it works so well with the opening animations that I just had to post it. While I don't always enjoy SHAFT's productions, I always seem to enjoy their opening sequences. This one in particular however threw me completely off guard with its powerful vocals mixed with a very clean-looking visual styIe.

I'm going to be a father.

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No, not really. I suddenly had the urge to say that for some reason though. One day. One day...

I was going to do a feature or something (as promised over a month ago), but I continued to put that off, so now I feel the need to do an update blog. Here are some updates:

  • Laptop died, so I had to get that fixed at my expense.
  • Haven't really been doing much video gaming or anime watching lately. I usually spend my days sleeping until evening as soon as I come back from school, and then occasionally getting up to go play Stepmania (DDR game) or go to work. Yeah - it's that last stretch before summer vacation where I do absolutely nothing.
  • Going to find another job this summer since my tutees are going on vacation. I'm getting my driving Learners test (a few years too late, but whatever) and a Social Insurance Number card this weekend.
  • I also updated my resume and made a few practice cover letters. Gotta save up some money since I'm going to be kicked out of my house next year and forced to pay for everything myself (which is what I'm pretty much already doing right now).
  • You know how I play BlazBlue? Yeah - that actually came in handy. There was a BlazBlue tourney going on at my school in the annual LAN party, and I got first place without even using Noel. I played a mean rushdown version of Nu and did a lot of melee combos. I won Avatar on Blu-Ray (disappointing movie) and a movie theater thing where I get 2 tickets and some concession stuff. It came down to the last round too - 25% health and all of that dramatic jazz. I made it to the semi-finals in SSFIV too.
  • I'll be starting a BlazBlue union soon.
  • I turned level 40 a few days ago. Yay?

Wow, in hindsight, I didn't do much with myself over the last few weeks. That's why this blog will now magically transform into a Top 10 blog!



Oh hai thar! Taking a page out of Scianix-Black's blog, here's a List of 10 Personal Top 10 Lists. Confused? So am I.



  1. Spicy Chicken
  2. Medium Steak
  3. Baby Back Ribs
  4. Boiled Beef with Kimchi
  5. Ramen
  6. Burgers (either Whopper from BK or mountain burger from anywhere)
  7. Watermelons in a Large Bowl of 7-Up.
  8. Mom's Spaghetti
  9. Ham and Pineapple Pizza
  10. Nachos and Cheese



  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (S1)
  2. Tengenn Toppa Gurren Lagann
  3. Code Geass
  4. Kanon
  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  6. Clannad
  7. Cowboy Bebop
  8. Golden Boy
  9. Darker Than Black
  10. Minami-ke



  1. The Simpsons
  2. Malcolm in the Middle
  3. 24
  4. King of the Hill
  5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas)
  6. Who's Line Is It Anyways?
  7. Mythbusters
  8. Futurama
  9. Friends
  10. Bill Nye the Science Guy



  1. SELECT? Off Vocal - Haruhi Character Song
  2. My Way - Frank Sinatra
  3. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  4. People of the North - Final Fantasy X
  5. Prime 3 - Echochrome
  6. Shoujo no Ori - Kanon
  7. The Journey Home - Ace Combat 5
  8. Nightmare - Code Geass
  9. Tank! - Cowboy Bebop
  10. Astronaut - Just Jack



  1. Yuki Nagato - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  2. Big Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3
  3. Auron - Final Fantasy X
  4. Haruhi Suzumiya - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  5. Jack Bauer - 24
  6. Mai Kawasumi - Kanon
  7. Noel Vermillion - BlazBlue
  8. Captain Quark - Ratchet and Clank
  9. Kintaro Oe - Golden Boy
  10. Jeremiah Gottwald (Orange-kun) - Code Geass



  1. My dog
  2. Snow
  3. Astronomy
  4. Waking up from a nightmare
  5. A really crowded place at night with lots of bright lights
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Naps
  8. Photoshop
  9. Robots
  10. Swing dance



  1. Tobacco
  2. Bugs of every kind
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Ear popping due to high altitudes
  5. Needles
  6. Animal cruelty of any kind
  7. My hands after eating Cheetos chips
  8. Experimental movies
  9. People who do not return high fives ;__;
  10. "Still Alive" from the Portal game. Seriously - it was cute and fun to listen to at first, but now I'm absolutely sick of it playing everywhere I go. No offense to the awesome game though.



  1. GameSpot ;)
  2. YouTube
  3. isoHunt
  4. Tokyo Toshokan
  5. Kotaku
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Giant Bomb
  8. GameTrailers
  9. eBay
  10. That stupid one I can't stop going to



  1. Playing video games
  2. Watching anime
  3. Playing music (bass guitar and vocals mostly)
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. Taking care of animals
  6. Watching re-runs of 24 and CSI with family
  7. Sports (play Tennis, watch Hockey)
  8. Making films
  9. Hacky-sack
  10. Drawing



  1. Break a leg
  2. Cannibalism
  3. Teach my kid how to ride a bike
  4. Go to Tokyo
  5. Sing in front of a large audience
  6. Make a video game that works
  7. Learn how to speak 5 languages fluently (I'm at 2.5)
  8. Offer a cute girl I don't know an umbrella in the rain
  9. Go to a camping ground I once went to one more time so that I could look at the shooting stars again
  10. Figure out how to live forever


There you go - 10 Top 10 Lists for 10 times the fun! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some sleeping to finally do.


PS: Buy the Limited echochrome Soundtrack Bundle on PSN while you can!

Echochrome - "Prime 61"

One of the tunes from one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time.

I'm tired of GameSpot now; it's about time that I quit.

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Fastpoke is here for April Fools in March.

I was originally going to make a Greatest Characters in Video Games blog, but I felt lazy and decided to just make an update blog instead. So yeah… update blog.

Here's a picture of a muffin I recently ate:



First of all, I won't be here for the next 2-3 days maybe because I'll be taking my vacation at a nice place called Harrison Hot Springs. My family takes a trip up there every year for some relaxation. I'm totally going to pee in the pool.

My dog stares at the mountain of snacks we prepared for the car ride.


When I get back, I'm expecting some Blu-Ray lens at my door so that I can finally repair my freakin' PS3. At last, I can finish Final Fantasy XIII and go for that plat.


You know that 360 I got the raincheck on? Well, it turns out that BestBuy decided to pull a fast one and stop shipments on them until everyone's 30 day rainchecks expired. So yeah; no 360 for me. A $129 sale price is a fair price to play a handful of games, but $200 is when I draw the line at my budget. I'll have to get my Ace Combat 6 fix some other way.

You said it, moe military anime girl.


Play it.


I finished my basement, and now it's a pretty awesome recreation room. I'm going to have a fabulous slumber part- er… manly overnight get-together with a few friends here the day after the hot springs. We're going to do so much freaking DDR, BlazBlue, Poker, Pool, Halo, and DJ Max.

Yep, lots of fun stuff to do. All I need to do now is move my PS3 and HDTV downstairs, and it'll be complete. There's even a mini-fridge in here, so there's pretty much no need for me to ever leave this place... ever.


A kitten followed me home today when I was walking home from tutoring. I sat down on a bench and it even jumped up onto my lap. It's unbelievable how warm they are, and the purring sounds they make are adorable.

So I just sat there, chillin' with a cat that just happened to follow me out of nowhere. Eventually, I had to continue on home and constantly turn around to tell Mr. Kitty not to follow me anymore. It was like something straight out of a drama or something.

Heart = broken.


Progress is good on my game, but I'm in the process of pretty much re-doing most of the characters' torsos because the previous designs induced vomiting to me. They look a lot more badass now, although I have to redo all of the bones.

I made a few more bosses and enemies, so I'm pretty much ready to start programming stuff and making something playable. That's right: it's almost demo time.


While I'm on Spring Break right now, I'm dreading going back. School's kinda' just a bore now.

  • I got 97% on my Socials Provincial Exam, which boosted my provincial standard enough so that I can apply for this scholarship thing.
  • I also handed in an English paper where I ranted and dropped F-bombs every chance I could for lulz. Apparently, that counted as "creative writing styIe" and got me a juicy A+.
  • Did a bonus assignment for programming cIass so that should give me 5% extra credit.
  • Drank juice and had a nap during IDS cIass Good times.
  • Almost kissed a guy shooting a "bromance" film in film cIass That was unpleasantly hilarious.


Egh, nothing really new since my PS3's dead and I won't be picking up that 360. I'm playing Ocarina of Time again for nostalgia, and it's as great as I remember it being.

Never gets old.

As for anime, I'm considering watching Code Geass a third time (it's just that good) and have started Durarara!! along with Eureka Seven.

Pretty much Code Geass in a nutshell.

Finished Sora no Woto recently. DAT SPIDER MECH SCENE; THAT **** WAS SO CASH.


Weather Network - "Song Number 1"

Vancouver's Local Weather Channel music > your crappy music

This is a fact.