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looking to add more friends for Destiny launch. I loved Halo Reach so i'll love this one.

I have Killzone, Need for Speed, and Assassins Creed IV.

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The new ultra slim isn't that bad tbh. I remember when I had my fatty. I thought I would play PS2 games and since then I haven't put one in yet in the past year. Then again, I kind of like the way the new one looks. Either way I would buy one. This gen still has a good 3 years left even if new consoles are released.

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I honestly don't see how this hurts the Jaguars though. He had proved himself to be capable in the past, but he was easily the worst looking QB out of the three in this preseason. He definitely didn't look like the veteran he is, and part of that is due to the O-Line not protecting him.

A poor man's Michael Vick

Should find a starting job somewhere.


Preseason is preseason, doesn't count for anything. When you compare what he and McCown have done in the regular season then Garrard is a better choice hands down. Gabbert doesn't even have any regular season performances to compare with them, and I'd still take him over McCown any day. At least with Garrard playing Gabbert might have had the chance to pick some things up from him, he's not going to get the same benefit of quality starting experience from McCown.

I watched Gabbert play at Mizzou and honestly, I feel like their two different styles of QBs. The experience thing is something I agree with though.
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Well my Rams have the first pick (I don't know whether to be happy or embarrased), I would draft a top player (Suh I guess) but whoever it is, trade them. The Rams have alot and I mean ALOT of problems on offense and I would like them to get a couple of recievers or something anything to help out Jackson.

I just don't think one top player is gonna help the Rams. Add in a nice QB down the line to as well. I think McCoy or Tebow wouldl be good. I think Bradford is gonna get taken up sooner than that before the Rams will get to him so meh

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Its a style and its this that JRPGs have over WRPGs in terms of target audiences. Very rarely do you get a JRPG thats rated over teen, and after playing WKC it feels like even that game could have been rated Everyone. Not everyone can enjoy complex (sometimes even radical)stories that alot of WRPGs contain, that goes for the younger or older crowds alike.

Being linear isn't a bad thing either. Some people love being taken for a ride. The question I ask to people is is it a bad thing? The combat in JRPGs have evolved the turn base system in so many ways everygame that has come out is different. Iteam systems, inventory, etc etc, just like the WRGPs have and will continue.

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they're planning to bring inJerry Seinfeld.

i dont know you guys, i feel horrible for Conan.

he's done SO much to get to where he's at now :/

I do too, Conan is so underrated, hes really funny and hope that where ever he goes, he has a good carreer. I thought Jay Leno was taking his time slot back as well?
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Rookie of the Year hands downCleanPlayer
I think he pretty much sealed it. Especailly if he keeps going for 50, but it was against the Warriors though.
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Its been awhile since Ive played the game, (looking too start a new save soon after school is done)

I think your supposed to target the plants on the sides of the field so they stop him in his tracks or stun him.

Use alot fire element attacks and Yuri's fire arte worked well forme(whatever it was called if you have it)

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STL Cards: well theres always next year

Mizzou (Tigers): Great 4th quater boys /sarcasm

STL Rams: ....... well theres always thenext draft /year (s)

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I'm trying to figure out what Minnesota is doing.LTomlinson21
Build a backcourt. Seriously they could with all the point guards they drafted. Next year will probably be all power forwards and small forwards lol