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Skate 3 is epic

2 days ago i pre-ordered skate 3 from my local game store, and once i recivied it, i dropped what ever i had to do and just sat in the couch and played away. (ditched my math tutor) i tell ya its one hell of a game wasted 6 hours so far on it, and im looking foward to more. ive got 20% of the trophys down so far. this game has also put me off mw2 for a while, i managed to reach 1st prestige lvl 48.

New Sig's

internet was capped decided to make a sig of my new favourite band i killed the prom queen, i made 3 different sigs tell me which one you like better, keep in mind i am a begginer at gimp :P

my personal favourite is the first one

let me bring you up to speed - PSP STYLE.....

i know i havnt made a blog in a while.....anyway let me bring you up to speed in the world of hawkboy_4. so i decided to buy a psp, being a cheapskate i though i could buy a broken one and repair it for close to nothing, all i had to do was fix the lcd. so i brought it for $20 and ended up buying a $84 dollar lcd screen and i also need a battery $10, and i installed it and guess what......I GOT SCREWED OVER somethings wrong with the motherboard so theres no display. my brother managed to talk some sense into me by saying if the lcd was broken the buyer would of fixed that, so there i was sitting down staring at my new $104 brick. so i decided to buy a another one, a working one this time another $135 and then i had to buy a memory stick $30. so today i finnaly recived it, now im having more fun that i did with my ipod touch. heres a picture of my psp's

so in total i spent $279. thank god i have a job

new sig, yet agian.

well since it the holdidays, and i had nothing to do, so i decided to make another sig with bayonetta in it.

tell me your thoughs on my sig.

new,proper SIG :)

hey guys, i was bored on the pc so i got my mate for the mass designers lounge to help my use gimp, and after 2 hours i finnaly made my first proper sig. tell me your thoughs

platinumed assasins creed 2

i havnt posted in a while not that anyone cares.......anyway... yeah, i finnaly did it i managed to get 100 feathers which took me 4 hours and i missed 2 so i had to go back and look for them agian. then i finnaly got the sweeper trophy 5 minutes later. heres my trophy card.

666 Devils Post.

WOOOO i finnaly did it, i made it to the post mark of the devil 666. so i dropped what i was doing and i took a screenie.

and i added a picture of one of my favourite metal bands which i edited in ms paint.

New Sig :)

hi every one, i was bored so i spent 30 mins on the net for pictures, then i created my sig.

please comment, and tell me your thoughs.

Finished Prince of Farkin Persia :P

well i did it, i finnaly finished farkin prince of persia, Arhmin was a pain to beat, but i finnaly offed him in 30 mins, (the ending was weird) now all i have to do is go and get the speed runs and ive worked my magic.

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