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Playstation Allstars Battle Royale Vs. Super Smash Brothers Brawl

I can honestly say that Playstation Allstars Battle Royale will be another poor mans version of brawl. Im sure anyone reading this will probably scroll down and say "A Nintendo fanboy that doesnt like a playstation game big surprise. Before you flame me Id like you to know that I have been watching the game closely and I was actually excited about this even thinking about buying a PS3 to play it. But over time I started to notice a problem that the developers hadnt noticed with the new combat system. Smash Brothers is a game about weakening the other players and diving in to the crowd to do a Smash move on the player with the most damage but Playstation Allstars is about earning AP by attacking the other players. This gives a huge advantage to characters such as Colonel Radec and Nathen Drake who can earn AP from almost anywhere in the arena because of long range attacks. Its also safe to say that when Radec or Drake have enough AP for a super theyll want to make that super count by getting as many kills as possible off one super by using it at a time when the other three are close to gather. So not only do Radec and Drake earn AP more easily but their ability to avoid being killed is better because they dont have to get in the crowd to earn AP unlike most of the melee characters that make up most of the roster. Ive only seen two matches with Radec and Drake were they were playing but didnt win. In one Radec never used his special. The other was because most of the players were too dumb not to get out of BigDaddys way allowing BigDaddy to earn all kinds of AP. To be fair Brawl is also very unbalanced but do you want to play a game like Allstars were the best strategy is to avoid charging into a crowd to get that kill.

Resident Evil Revelations

Ive been hooked on the Resident Evil Revelations Demo for the past few days and I have to ask who out their is encouraging these dumb easy to solve puzzles. After killing the first monster in the game my progress is stopped by one of the most easy puzzles Ive ever had to solve. A three by three sliding puzzle that involves putting for donut shaped thing over lights to open a door. It isnt challenging enough to feel rewording so it fails from a game play stands and any rational person should know that real electrical panels dont work that way so it fails from an atmosphere stands as well but these puzzles keep finding their way in to Resident Evil games. I remember watching someone playing Resident Evil 2 asking me for help solving a puzzle involving the value of Jack Queen and King in a deck of cards to solve a puzzle requiring him to light candle fixtures in a certain order and it was in a police station. In Resident Evil 4 I remember having to solve another 3x3 slide puzzle by moving eight plates to make a picture to open a door. Who is asking for these puzzles.

Spike game responds to angry review

Ever sense James Rolf created the Angry Nintendo Nerd the Internet has been hit with a flood of people trying to mimic the popularity of the Angry Nintendo Nerd. One of these people is Noah Antwiler of www.spoonyexperiment.comof recently reviewed the Deadliest Warriors game by Spike games. This is nothing unusually because parody reviewers make their money by reviewing bad games. What is unusually is Spike games themselves actually decided to wasts their time responding to him. Spike games responded with.

Spike: Thanks folks, we know the game is not perfect and are working to fix things in the TU. These kinds of reviews from people that don't really give the game more than a glancing look are discouraging but the feedback on these forums helps us as developers see what real gamers think about the game.In other words they agree with Noah when he said the game is broken and to the point that they are trying to make an update to fix it.

Spike: It was discouraging that nowhere in the review was mentioned the price point, the dodging, stamina or parry systems but oh well… you can't please everybody.

The price of the game was ten dollars. So Spike games is saying that they made a bad game and decided to make up for it by charging ten dollars. Spoony also made a follow-up video in response saying thatthe dodging or parry system that he couldnt get to work had almost no impact on the out come of the fight.

Spike: The fact that DW is even in the same sentence as Tekken, SF, MK is good enough for us.

Spoony compared Deadliest Warriors to the more mainstream one on one fighting games or the alternatives to Deadliest Warriors as most reviewers do. Spike games is being smog whilesaying you consider our game to be the same genre as Tekken Street fighter and Mortel Kombat.

Spike: Even if they are only comparing them to tear the game apart.

Now Spike games is saying how dare you compare our bad game to much better games of the same genre.

Spike: If we had 20 million dollars and two years to build a game I wonder what that would be like?

HereSpike games is saying we dont have to money to compete with other games of the genre and again being smog about it.

Spike: Oh we can dream… When you pay for milk and expect honey you're going to end up with milk and be pissed about it. It's not our fault that you are delusional.

Again Spike games is admitting they made a bad game and decided to charge ten dollars for it but spin doctoring it to say how dear you compare our bad game tobetter games of the same genre.

Spike: I'd love it if someone on this board made a comment on spoony that shed some light on what this game is all about.

Now Spike games isopenly encouraging encouraging their fans to flame Noah on his own website.

Spike: But thanks again for your support! cheers, Spike Games.

Again Spike game is being smog.

To be honest Im amazed I expect a game company wouldnt want to say their game is bad but they tracked down some who basically makes his money by insulting bad games and movies in a humorous way and left a comment saying "Yeah we made a bad game but we only charged ten dollars for it. We werent trying to compete with the other more expensive games of the same genre and how dare you compare it to them knowing it would make our game look bad." Theytook time from their work toadmite they made a bad game and are blaming someone who makes money by reviewing bad games for saying its bad.

ZELDA the movie

Yes you read this right their exist a Legend of Zelda movie however its a fan made movie not a major movie by a major company. It may not be available for long because the group that made the movie (BMB finishes) was trying to get a theater released and is selling DVDs from their website. If you want to see the movie you can find it on Youtube in ten minute intervals and its titled "The Hero of Time" with no Zelda in the title. I believe this was to avoid copy right infringement even though the end credits say that the movie was based on "Ocarina of Time" again leaving Zelda out of the title the end credits also say that the characters were based on Shigeru Miyamotos designs.

My thoughts on this movie are that it is bad like most commercial movies based on video games it makes huge changes to the series. First Link is a douche the first conversation he has is with Saria and its along the lines of "you cant tell me what to do your not my real mom" and all he cares about is finding out who he really is. After the Deku tree summons him on its dieing minutes to tell Link that he will have to go to Hyrule castle to save Hyrule Links response is close to I dont care about Hyrule but if Ill learn who I am in the process Ill do it. After an attempted robbery by a would be thief our petty Hero leaves him tied and bound despite the thiefs warnings of monsters that come out at night that would kill him in that state our hero still leaves him for dead. The bastardisation of Link doesnt stop there now our hero gets lost in the lost woods which has nothing to do with the story and could have been cut out but he does run into the thief again still tied and doing a caterpillar crawl. Your probably thinking Link would redeem himself a little by offering to help the would be thief in exchange for showing him the way out. Link offers to help him by killing him before the monsters do which the thief declines. At this point theres no redemption for this link as far as Im concerned this isnt a movie based on the Legend of Zelda game series that Nintendo put out anymore but someones misguided attempt to make a movie based on the game series.

Links hijinks dont stop here after he finds his way out of the lost forest and to Hyrule Castle Town he walks in to a table of people playing cards losses his money to a creepy merchant that hassles him in to buying a Bow and is forced to take up some suspicious person offering to let him stay at his hotel under the impression that he might his daughter might like him. Too bad the hotel owner didnt tell his daughter who K.O.s Link with a frying pan. Next Link decides to break into Hyrule Castle and gets caught he decides to upgrade his offense from trespass to assault and attacks the guards who begin beating him in retaliation. Lady Impa tries to stop them until they announce he assaulted them and she tries to join in until she notices the mark of the triforce of courage and the voice of Impa is horrible she tries to do an english accent but its over done and sounds silly. Most all the actors and actresses try to do english accents but most of them sound bad but I waited to talk about Impa first because hers is particularly bad.

Ill try to rap this up now but their are two awesome things in this movie the spirit of fire added some necessary humor and sex appeal to a movie that up till now just felt campy like it was trying to make us cry. Gannondorf was spot on and his voice is actually good like the kind of villain you like to see in a movie or video game but for some reason they felt the need to give him a weasely side kick. The ending is bad after Link and Sheik(Zelda) engage Gannondorf Zelda says their his been to much destruction here and Link leaves for Hyrule field with Gannondorf following leaving Sheik(Zelda) to fend for herself against Gannondorfs soldiers and she gets captured. Link defeats Gannondorf of course but now the man that defeated the dark wizard with the triforce of power is getting beaten by a measly three soldiers holding Sheik(Zelda) captive (because the King ordered them too) why the King is dead theres no point following his orders anymore. Link still manages to defeat the soldiers and Sheik(Zelda) aids the dieing Link to the temple of time to put the Master Sword back.

The problem is that everyone who plays Zelda gets a different Link. Zelda games still rely on text boxes but still Link himself rarely speaks and results in the players imagining Link saying what they would want Link to say and any attempt to portray Link fails for that reason.

The game isnt BAD its just BORING

I was reading some comments on the site and I noticed a number of people were trying to use Killzone 2 as evidence of the PS3's superiority. I decided to give my own analyses of Killzone 2. Killzone 2 is a sequel to the original Killzone on the PS2. Sony tried to promote the game as a competitor the Halo which dominated the Xbox. Killzone was even nicknamed the Halo Killer by some of the promotional staff at Sony. Despite Sonys efforts to promote the game it sold well below one-million units oppose to Halo 2 released the same year that sold over eight-million.

Sony didn't let this get them discouraged and after publishing the flop of Killzone they decided to publishing Killzone 2 by giving the developer studio that made the first Killzone an unlimited budget and five years to make a superior sequel on the soon to be PS3. When the game was finally released the game sold well below three million.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)-5.71million

Metal Gear solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)-4.46million

Resident Evil 5 (PS3)-2.72million

Killzone 2 (PS3)-2.19million

How could such a great game like Killzone sale so badly its not like PS3 owners wouldnt know it exist. Sony had shown a trailer for the game at E3 every year for five years before its release and most major channels were showing a commercial for it every 30 minutes. Its the only M rated game I can remember seeing advertised between Cearbears and Strawberry Shortcake. The truth is its BAD. Every who played it knows why even the people who boast the game admit that its BORING. Let me explain why its bad (ITS BAD BECAUSE ITS BORING).

Its also not up to pair with the games listed above. Killzone 2 is the only game on this list that isnt capable of 1080p resolution.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Resident Evil 5 will also allow multiple people to play on the same console imagine telling your friend how great Killzone 2 is and then asking them to watch you play this boring game. The sales show that most PS3 owners know a bad game when they see one so why are a hand full of gamers torturing themselves with Killzone 2 when they could play a good shooter. I think they gave in to the commercials sonys paid a developer studio that made a bad game to make a bad game with higher graphics and then advertise the hell out of it and hopegamers dont realize its bad but commercials only go so far.

Sony plan for Killzone 2

Step 1: Give a bad developer five years and an unlimited budget to produce a game

Step 2: Advertise the hell out of it they think gamers are stupid and will buy anything advertised

Step 3: (LOSE MONEY) Sony's Playstation division has lost moneysense the PS3 launched not the hardware orsoftware division

Why do we like Zelda so much?

I dont think there is a series I like as much as Zelda. I can find games I like more then Zelda or even a Zelda game that I hate such as I liked Super Metroid more then I liked Zelda: a link to the past and I actually hated Zelda: a link to the past but for some reason years later I find myself missing each and every Zelda game weather I liked or hated it back in the day including Zelda: a link to the past (and Super Metroid).

As for why we like the Zelda series so much is probably because of the brilliant marketing of the Creator of the series. Miyamoto the most popular video game designer ever said that he decided to release the first Zelda as is despite criticism from the game testers who said it was too hard to figure out what you were supposed to do or where to go. He said the reason was because the game wasnt designed with gamers in mind but for people who are more social the idea was that as people get stuck in the game they would talk to other people about what to do and thus making it a completely new type of game. A game that people would talk about. Designing the game the way the game testers wanted would undo Miyamotos original design.

Of course the Zelda series has recently come under a new threat by means of the internet. Typed and video walkthroughs make their way on www.gamefaqs.com and www.yahoo.comjust days after the release of a Zelda game and instead of talking to other people about what to do people instead just log on to the internet for help. Zelda games now have a new method to get people to talk about the game via the Zelda time line. Zelda games have started making references to another hero that came before the Link that the game is staring such as in early zelda games Link would start with a green tunic and pointed hat (stereo tipico of a midevil time Yeomen) but in current Zelda games (that arent direct sequels such as (phantom hour glass) Link receives his tunic and hat later often being told that they were worn by a hero that came before him as if referencing a previous Zelda game. Its worked too Nintendo has continued to say that the Zelda series doesnt have a preset time line but gamers continue to post videos of their own theories of the Zelda time line. Of course the people designing these theories buy every Zelda game to come available because they have to know were the game fits in their time line.

I dont think that Zelda needs a timeline and I couldnt care. What I do know is the games are good and fun and that is all I need to know to continue buying them and Metroid.

The best saling console

It probably would be no surprise to anyone that the Atari 2600 was the best selling console of the early 80's and 70's. The Atari 2600 is commonly referred to as just Atari yes it sold that well 30 million actually and had the longest life span of any console in the history of game consoles.

Of coarse this couldnt last forever and eventually a new company with a new console and a new approach to how video games were designed appeared. Nintendo the company responsible for the best selling game on the Atari 2600 (Donkey Kong) was no longer contempt with just making games and a Nintendo Computer Engineer Miyamoto had some new Ideas for how to design games. While the Atari consoles used controllers that tried to copy the control stick of the coin operated arcade machines the Nintendo also called the famicon in Japan used a controlpad that was capable of changing direction faster. With faster movements in games also came a faster processor the Nintendo used the most powerful home PC processor at the time. Also Miyamoto brought two new video games Mario and Zelda which changed the way video games were made. The original Nintendo sold 61 million its more then twice the number of Atari 2600s sold.

Next Nintendo decided that if they could revolutionize the portable console industry and created the gameboy just as Mario and Zelda lured gamers back to the home consoles the gameboy brought gaming on trips. Despite portables with color or better processors the gameboy won by cost and batter life. As people thought the gameboys legecy was coming to an end it found new life when the gameboy color made its appearance. The gameboy was the best saling console for nearly a decade with about 118 million sold and even the Playstation couldnt match its life time sales.

The current best saling console is the Playstation 2 which managed to achieve this by means of backward compatibility with the best selling home console of the previous generation and being the least expensive DVD player at the time of its generation. The Playstation 2 is still racking up sales as we speak with over 136 million sold.

However it looks as if Nintendo is determined to make the best saling console again. The DS has recently past the Playstation in consoles sold making it the third best selling console of all time and with the new DSi and sales of over a million it could become the best selling console in as soon as three years currently at 104 million and counting.

Fahrenhiet Playstation3

(This article was made entirely for fun and, is my opinion. Criticism will not be taken seriously.)

It was 1994 two companies Nintendo and Sega dominated the last generation of consoles and with the release of the Sega Saturn everything seemed to be going as planed but, then something called the Playstation designed by a Ken Kutaragi begin to out sell the console titan. How dose Ken Kutaragi get away with this. It helps when you make a console so cheep that other consoles have to drop there prices in order to compete. And if they sale there consoles at a loss to compete in a price war, you can always sale yours for less at a lower loss. Also use large amounts of money to buy out third party franchises. You'll need a lot of money to do this so make sure you have the financial backing of a major company like Sony. Even if game reviews of multi-console games prove yours is the least powerful you can use the money from the major company to fund an advertising campaign thats never been seen in a console war before. It turns out nune of this was a dream its what really happened.

After fooling gamers into believing that the Playstation consoles were the most powerful consoles ever made Ken Kutaragi decided he was done taking advantage of easily deluded gamers and decided to release what is possibly the most expensive console ever made. On the day of its release people fought and, even shot each other to be the first person on there block to get a PS3 but, on December 23, 2006 it was clear the PS3 was stock piling on store shelves and, its long time rival Nintendo had a console that was out selling the PS3 two to one. Ken Kutaragi did what any of us would do in this situation. He retired.

On November 17, 2006 Many people begin camping outside there nearest retail store to be the first in line to get a Playstation 3. Even though the Playstation 3 was selling for $1,500.00 the early adopters to the next generation Playstation soon found that there console was questioned over video game media if it was a failure due to a lack of decent games. Ebay prices dropped to about $400.00. Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Jack Tretton said at E3 2006 that it would be sold out for years but, at E3 2005 he said something different that the PS2 was a powerful console that would last long into the next generation and, the Playstation 3 would get the few gamers that hadnt bought into the playstation brand.

Its some what easy to see why most gamers were no longer buying into the playatation brand. What games did we think of when we thought of playstation (Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid) but, these games werent exclusive to the playstation brand MGS was originally (Metal Gear) a game that that got its start on the Sega Master System the fact that the main character was now making appearances on commercials for the popular Nintendo franchise SSBB was prof enough that Konami wouldn't stay loyal to Sony. Even though the hardware challenged Wii couldn't run the next in the Final Fantasy series Squar-enix already announced two Final Fantasy games to be released on Nintendo Wii and, even announced that due to a lack of PS3 sales the only home console they would announce any games for in the future would be the Nintendo Wii. Other popular franchise sequels such as Re5 and DMC4 simply went multi-platform.

It was easy to see why third party developers were suddenly becoming disloyal to the playstation think about it. $25million could be used to produce a single Playstation 3 game. But, $25million could produce 5 games that could possibly sell more then twice as many copies each as the Playstation 3 game we didn't make.The hardware to blame for this was the 8cellbroadband processor. Sony boasted continuously how powerful it is but, they neglected to mention that with each processing unit adding to the processor makes programing for the console increase exponentially. The playstatoin 3 wasnt the first console to have eight processors it was the Sega Saturn. Think about the Sega Saturn used two 32-bit processors and six secondary processors, game designers never used the secondary processors and the second main processer was added so the Sega Saturn could compete with the new 3-d console PS but, it took the most experienced game designers to get 1.5 times the power of a single processor in the Sega Saturn most Sega Saturn games used one processor. So when game designers had to decide what system to release a game on they chose the console that was easiest to program for another advancement was the disk instead of a cartradge. Cartradges were favored over disk in the video game industry because, a cartradges could hold save data, didnt require load times and, didnt need sometype of special container to hold it because, they didnt move they were also immune to scratching and, didnt make nose while running but, they were ten times as much to produce by the time the N64 was released the PS had nearly one-thousand games priced at $10.00 the N64 release was similar to the Playstation 3 release they both had about ten games priced at $60.00 at least.

Over all the Nintendo Wii proves what the PS proved that the console with the lowest priced hardware and the cheapest development cost will get the most third party support and, thus the most games which will result in more people buying that console and increase the third party support and so on.