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i'm back again

hey guys i'm back on gamespot so let me know if anything changed since ive last been on (my last blog posta)

wats up guys

i haven't been active in along time and that was because of 10th grade anyway its the weekend and there no school all next week so i'm back. hope everyones doing fine :)

ps: the topic was supposes to be i'm back

what t do what to do

my sister just ordered a wii for and its coming on tuesday :)

what am i gonna do

all the games wil start coming on saturday..:(

another blog guys

ive been felling a bit inactive lately in both gamespot and my life

ive just been sleeping on my couch for soe reason :|

the new video i said i post is now up on gamespot so check it out

does anyone think i need to change my profile

my pics seem old to me:roll:

hey guys

i just made a new video but this time its not dragonball z its Samuria X


which game do you think is better

call of duty modern warefare 2 or call of duty modern ware fare 2 hardened edition

finanly its over

i just finished school today now its vacation

also i just got a new phone

palm pixi its so easy to use and so fun

also if you like dragonball z check youtube for

Dragonball z random videos

from 1-14 its so funny

time changing

Thats strange nobody has done a music video for more than a month

to me its ackward because before i always saw new music videos every week

time really is changing....

Games these days

just as the tittle says games these are too easy to beat

i finished Naruto ultimate ninja heroes in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!

what am i going to do i'm so bored