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Pre-Ordered to sell on Ebay and finance my new PC WOOT!

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5/11, modern art is a joke, seriously people

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5/11, modern art is a joke, seriously people

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Thanks all, and yeah this was a quick mash of parts that seemed good bang for the buck, but I haven't been following hardware since my last build. Looks like I'll be going with a 280X and possibly just get 8GB if the 16 won't really matter much. As for the hard drive, I already have 2.5TB in use, I probably don't even need to get one, but we'll see.

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Breaking Bad was awesome, also I have to throw House in there, don't know if it qualifies but I loved that show.

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I was/am in the same boat. Although as others have said, yes you are getting older/growing up, but I am 27 and although I have hardly no time to play games, I do what I can, I am totally investing in the industry and love everything about games. I just got The Last Of Us and this game in particular has given me more enjoyment in gaming since HL2. I don't think it will ever be the same as pre-graduating college (or I'll probably never get married) but there will always be a spot for gaming :)

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So I will be making a new PC soon hopefully (between now and the end of the year) and I have my components picked out that comes to 1100 approx. Just curious what would be the best sacrifice to see the least amount of performance change? I would like to get the price under $1000 if not $900 (I am planning on reusing my case and PSU which is 610W) Also, if this matters, I maybe be hooking up to my 32" TV. Thanks for any suggestions!

Also, I know I can get that particular CPU for 50 dollars less elsewhere, just have the list on newegg.












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Ill throw Back to the Future Part II in the mix.

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The Godfather 2 wins for sequels imo, but as a stand alone acting performance from Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight is an awesome movie.

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Anyone seriously thinking about this? Seems sketchy, they mention a 7000 series but not which GPU and although it is upgradable, can you get the components from any manufacturer, or just Xi3? Either way I am not interested, just curious