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Here I am as of May 25, 2010:

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I am now done with college and have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, but so far no job. I'm 23, but I still play games like I'm a kid (which I guess I am). Video games will never leave I don't believe, as you can see by my collection, I mainly play PC games but have branched out to the Wii for nostalgic NES stuff and my brother has a 360 so play that some too.

About a year back I started playing LOTRO (lord of the rings online), I never thought I would get so low as to go for an MMO, but hey it was $20 for the game and a month. Well, I ended up playing it for 1400 hours in the span of about 6-7 months (A LOT). I eventually got 2 lvl 60 'toons' and many mid lvl ones. I would do all kinds of instances and crafting and had fun with my guild 'Elronds Elite' :) on 'vent'. (I know anyone who hasn't played an MMO might not know these words).When I graduated college I eventually got a job (not as an engineer) so I quite LOTRO as I had no time. This past January, about a year after I started the whole LOTRO incident (don't get me wrong, LOTRO was tons of fun, just grew out of it) I bought COD6: MW2 and beat that and played about 650 hours of MP until recently it just got boring with all the hacked servers on PC and I suck at 360 controls so yeah...

Now I've gotten Red Dead Redemption and SMG2, I've gotten a little over half way done with RDR and its good fun, if not a bit GTA4 like. Actually just got SMG2 today and didn't get a chance to play it.

Well, thats what I'm doing as far as gaming goes, maybe I'll grow up some day...but I doubt it.