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7 ways to earn a Darwin Award in video games. (Part 1)

Let's face it. In video games, you just got to die sometimes. Maybe it's a scripted sequence where you are kill by a dirtbag who killed you after you spent countless of retries trying to secure a god forsaken piece of junk intel files from an anicent computer with primitive downloading speed then you got to run your a** outta there and give it to him just to see him give you a bullet in the stomach and you know it's just not fair because you spent so much time doing that mission and now he's betraying you... sorry, or you just happened to choose Veteran Mode as your difficulty level. What I mean to say is, there're a LOT of ways to die in a video game. And lets face it, the are some ways that are... uh, less noble tthan others. Or even worse, idiotic. I'm here to give you some example of how stupid can we get in video games, so that you may learn to know AND avoid them, so that you won't become a laughing stock like I did. And I swear to god, I didn't know what's a Frag back then...

1: Stick around explosive material during gunfight.

As we all know, explosives are dangerous. That's why we have all those warning sign, big red flame icon pained on each and every fuel barrel and the infamous quote "Don't try this at home.". Explosives are even MORE dangerous when...uh, explodes, because then they release a big BOOM! whith a wave of energy that's powerful enough to kill everybody around it.

And how do we get explosive materials like fuel barrels, cars, mines,etc... to explode in videogames?

We shoot them.

So it might not be the smartest idea to wander around these kind of things, especially when a freakin' huge battle going on and there're a zillion of bullets going towards you with a very high chance of hitting you and everything around , incuding the all time classic fuel barrel.

So if you're think about finding cover during a teamdeathmatch in MW2 next time, try to use the sandbags instead of big red barrel.

Marvel and Disney

4 billion dollars. 5000 characters. I say this is bulls***. There is no way Marvel and Disney characters could get along. I mean, hey, what, Disney characters are for kids, they are nice, sweet, adorable and Marvel characters are big, bad, bloody, monstrous, The combination just doesn't work out! Like what? Incredible Pooh? MickeyRine? SpiderGoof? Kingdom Hearts with the Silver Surfer? Ah-Ah. I don't think so.

What's your opinion?

About the Top 10 list thing!

You know, it quite the long time since my Comeback post... I think it would be easy to makea Top 10 List, but turns out it is really hard... But fortunately, I managed to came up with NO.10. I wanted to have multiple-styled writings, and I wanted to make NO.10 a hilarious one, but the next ones won't be(I think).S, please comment me and share your opinions about my post to help my Top 10 list better and better!

The Top 10 guys you want to have as your bodyguard (Part 1)

NO.10: El Gigante(Resident Evil 4)

You are being followed by mysterious black-suited guys? You're a famous celebirity and you don't like crazy fans coming at you like wild hounds? Or you really hate the guy next door and you want to scare the s**t out of him? Maybe you want a new innovative kind of transportation? Or you just like hunky, bulked-up guys? Than contact ElGigan Corps! Where you are ensured to have the best kind of protection! WE offer you the fast, quick, destructive, impressive, Transformer-liked, brutal kind of protection! Through a special training session including hard exercises, harsh diet and "special medicine", our bodyguards are top-notch personnels that you wished for! So don't hesitate, please call 000-00000001010101010101101011, Mr. Von Klamer san le Osmund Saddler for details! Reasonable prices, "secured" safety anda lot of muscles, ElGigante Corps is for you!

Note: -We do not take any responsibility for any harm to the client due to the boydyguard being in an uncontrollable rage.

-Recommended if the client is Master Plaga injected.

-We do not service anyone who has to deal with Leon Scott Kennedy or Ashley Graham.

My infos:

-This guy is crazy.

-He is one heck of a strong guy.

-He doesn't look so good so watch out celebrities!

-Feed him oftenly. He is a carnivore.

-Note the "special medicine" in the ad.


Tough level: 9.98/10.

Safety level:2.91/10.

Handsome level:God bless me/10.

Money: 9/10.(He's really cheap for hirements, and if you are Master Plaga injected, you literally are his saint).

Overall: 26.21 + God bless me/50.

The goods: Tough. Really tough. Not a traitor. No asking for fancy stuffs.

The bad: Well, you know... read the ad.

I'm back!

So... I haven't been on gamespot for quite a while. Some can say I'm on hiatus, and maybe thay're right.

There're three reasons:

No.1: My computer had some bugs(literally) and I had tobring it away to fix it.

No.2: I'm in a bad mood time these time.

No.3: I've been focusing in Diner Dash 2. That game is a pretty darn fun game. I finished it lall levels expert scores.

(Yay me!)

And to send you a gift, i'll soon make my own top ten lists. You'll have the first one soon: Top 10 guys you want to have as your bodyguard.