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thanks johnxkid

thanks formaking new bannerjohnxkid, id highly recommend you in tha future...id also like to thank futurama and the simpsons for helping me in my times of boredom....bender your my idol!!!!!

Need to get a really good banner!

I really need to get a good banner abd stick with it. Im lookin into gettin one custom made, but if your good with artwork dont hesitate to send a message and give any ideas. And also no one ever comments on my blogs any more so also feel free to sign da guest book or comment on a blog. HM1 out!

a few questions....about graphics and t.v.'s please give comments

uh when im get my xbox 360 iwas wandering......ive got a 26 inchLG lcd screen in my living room (not gloating...no reason its not that big) and was wandering with a game like saints row would it look good and is it like HD sorta.......and would graphics look good in the little tv (not sure what kind but there the ones before plasma, lcd and flat screen) in my room. those r my Q's. P.S. the little tv is a little bigger than a modern computer moniter