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Battle field badcompany 2 is Just incredible

For the first time i play abattle field game after bf2 and i was just amazed this game really incredible i cant say nothing bad at this game really exept for one thing it need some optimization from the developers to run smooth than that on pc .

this game i think will be on of the best online games in this year . the second thing that pooped up to my sight is the FANTASTIC SOUND damn dudes this game sound is just impressive iplay it on 5.1 sound system i feel that the rockets just pass next to me .3rd the graphics are awesome and i run this game on medium settings and the game run at 720 p with no problems for at all . if you play this game you will find out that mw2 is just tooooooo easy . I decided to pre order on steam and advice every one should try the beta u will discover an amazing things in this game . peace dudes

So happy

I am so happy to be asubscriber to gamespot

I really wants to buy battle field bad company 2 and splinter cell conviction :)

Ah at last

at last i just finished dragon age origins and this is just afantastic game with no thing bad i can say about it perfect game every one shoul try it

Just bought anew gaming card

As u all know the dead xbox make me very sad so i decided to go ps3 i like this console but not much so i decided to go back to pc gaming so just bought Sapphire HD 4890 OC VERSION VAPOR X and i think this card is too powerful really . any comments

The most games i liked pt1

These games are the most games i liked part 1

1st: F.E.A.R I think this is one of the most games that have the creepiest feel ever

2nd: prince of persia warrior with in dunknow just like it very much exclusive combat ,pumped atmospheric

3rd: Dead space this is game is amaster piece

4th: th c&c series just like it

5th: Forza motorsport2

6th: company of heroes

and the other ones are great but i tell u later

I respect This company

I really noticed that the company that makes aperfect games is ubi soft their teams are making punch of amazing games lately such as assasins creed , dawn of discovery , prince of persia , splinter cell and alot more . the games are creative and always have anew ideas so that makes them having always alot of good score for the games .

I am so happy

I Just buyed a ps3 40 gb and i am so happy with it but i am on its demos now dont have cash right now for games but soon will be .

Good bye my 360

Hey every body last night i was so sad cause my 360 has broke and the error it have cant repaired i owened this one since dec2006 love it very much now it has gone wih no budget to buy anew one . hopefuly buying anew one soooooon .

playing games like crazzzzzy

we all love games but we also have life to live so i suggest every gamer not to play only but also to hanging out have alife people . for me games are another world we all live in it but every one have alife to live with games